Scene 1
Randhir says have you gone mad. You cant live in PG. Its not at all famous. We are all contributing. You can give back, sanyu says there are a lot of girls living in PG. I will come back to hostel. Randhir says I will check the condition of PG only then I will allow you.
Parth and Vidushi are in canteen. varun comes. he says I know why have you called me vidushi I have no problem. Vidushi must have told you about me. I am sure you wanna know what kind of guy I am. Whether she deserves me or not. She mus5t have told you why we got divorced. parth says I am not talking about you past. He says I will talk about future. I will keep her happy. I did wrong, just give me one last chance. Look at this book we made It together. It has all our photos. He gets a call. He says guys I have to answer this call. He leaves. Parth leaves in anger. Varun comes back. He says where is he gone? vidushi syas he had some urgent work. varun says vidushi I have to leave dad just called me. next time I will spend full day with you and go where we used to. Parth is looking at them.
Sanyu and Randhir reach a PG. sanyu asks a man, I called you for PG? He says yes yes. He asks is he with you? sanyu says yes, why? He says nothing come in. The interviewer asks why don’t you live in you hostel? she says I can’t pay the fees there. He says how will you pay our fees? sanyu says I have money. The man says no non-veg, no party, no loud music. sanyu says you wont have any complains. He asks is he your bf? Sanyu says I am educated and from a good family. what problem you have? the man says he will keep coming to meet you. sanyu says he wont come here. the man sys you don’t contact your family, you are thrown out of college hostel and you are here with a bf. how can we trust you? we cant give you this PG? Sanyu and randhir leave.
Sanyu says to agent they didn’t even talk to me? He says don’t worry we will find a another. sanyu says to randhir go back college they wont give me house. Randhir says I am n ot leaving you alone. Call says she is with me don’t worry. I will get her a PG. She is safe with me. If you will be with her the society incharges will doubt. sanyu says don’t worry. randhir hugs her and says call me if anything is wrong. Randhir leaves.
Sadda Haq 19th November 2014 Written Update
Scene 2
Sanyu gives interview for anither. He syas alone girls spoil the environment of society. sanyu says you can throw me out if you have any complain., the owner syas rules are rules. We cant give you room. Sanyu says what wrong in being a single girl and having a bf? where will single girls live? on footpath. Calls says lets go. They have rules. sanyu syas I don’t care about their rules. Call says to sanyu outside why did you scol at them? sanyu says I cant get a house because I am girl. I will do my arrangement myself.
Sanyu is alone on the road at night. She calls randhir but his phone isn’t reachable. Sanyu goes to TCC and asks the watchman to open the gate. She goes in. randhir calls her and asks did you get a place? she says yeah just for tonight. I am staying at Priyali’s house. Randhir says couldn’t you get a pg? She says no. randhir syas you could have looked to a lodge. I don’t know what you are doing. he says I am coming there. Sanyu says its her house don’t worry. We will talk tomorrow. Sanyu sleeps on the floor. She syas now I know how difficult It is to prosper without family support buts its my life, my choice. everything will be okay.
Scene 4
next morning, priyali comes and sees sanyu. she says are you okay? sanyu says I am really sorry. she says no I am fine. Priyali says you can share with me if there is something wrong.
Maya has put a notice on board that says classes are mandatory. Randhir says I have to tell sanyu. Sanyu tells priyali everything. She says I know an agent he can help you with PG. she gives his number to sanyu. Randhir calls sanyu. He says why didn’t you pick my call? sanyu says I was sleep. He says you have to attend all the lecture or there will be strict action against you. He says tell mje her address. I am coming there to pick you. Sanyu says no I am coming myself. Sanyu says to priyali text me when my class comes. She leave for college.
PKC comes in class and says the dean’s notice has worked. Randhir is waiting fir sanyu. PKC says finlly you are all serious about classes. if there is some still left 10 marks will be deducted from you final marks. Randhir syas sir I am so restless. I need your help. pkc says let me take attendance. Sanyu comes in the class. randhir says why you have to give last moment entry. where she lives? sanyu says a bit far from here. randhir was there any problem> sanyu says let me focus on lecture
Arman calls vikram and says we saw a video. it was of a girl. she was teaching so effectively that I feared if more videos like those come out coachings will be useless. Vikram says shut up. Sanyu gets a text vikram want to meet you immediately.
Precap- sanyu says to the pg owner you have to chage your mindset. the man says she isn’t giving her parents’ contact and she is arguing. sanyu says I told you, you wont have any complains.
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