kuch iss tarah (Episode 52) (last update)

kuch iss tarah (Episode 52) (last update)

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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap : SwaSan light moments… aditya’s bday celeberation


An year later…

Swara just step out of her room then she listen an angry voice” where are you going mrs maheshwari”

A man in formals said that then another sweet n angry voice said”exactly u r not allowed to go anywhere…(to man) “ryt partner”

Man gave a hifi to the boy “ryt partner”

Swra:(irritated) huh… both father n son are alike…
San:(came to her n holds her shoulder n take her in) whatever u wanna say u can princess… bt i cant take risk with ur n my small princess’s health

He made her sit on bed….n adjust pillow behind her back…

Adi: papa… m going to manvi fi’s home..
San: aree wait champ let me drop u…
Adi: no dad m going with lucky chachu… byee papa… bye mumma…(kissed her baby bump) byee chhotiii..

San:(pouts) achha ji.. kiss only for u chhotii.. not for partner.. very bad

Adi: oh hoo.. papa wait..(kissed his cheak too)

Swra:or (before she could say anything he kissed her cheak too)

SwaSan smiles at his gesture…

San:(hugs her from side) hmm.. so whoz my little princess

San:(worried) what happened?
Swra:(smiles ) ur princess is saying hi to u…
San: hmm.. papa’s girl
Swra: sanskaar
San; hmmm
Swra: tell me one thing
San: what?
Swra: what if we hv a boy this time too?
San:(kissed her nape) so what… u r here m here … we can try next tym (winks)
Swra:(Hides herself in his chest due to shyness) u r really shameless na… u r gonna be a father again in 2 mnths n still..
San: aree m just answering u …
Swra:(hits him playfully) r u too much…. (again feels the kick) aahhh!!
San:(tensed) u r fyn na ?? Wait let me call doc… no no.. oh god what to do..
Swea :(gigglea) rexlax sanskar… u r srsly too much… u r behaving as if itz ur first tym… it happend at the tym of adi too na…
San:(smiles) ya but i can’t see u in pain na…

Both were bzy in hugging each other n then agin they got disturbed
“Ahem.. ahemm.. can we come in”

SwaSan (happy): abhayy !! Piaa !!! Wow come in na….
Swra: hwz u both…
Abh:(teasingly) sanskar u n swara r too fast… nai pia(winks)
Pia: (teases too) ya u r correct abhay…
SwaSan:(confused) mtlb??
Abh:aree mtlb… our first one is in waiting n u guyz are ready with second..
SwaSan:(blushes) shut up u both…

Ap enters” aree swara where u hv kept that packet.. shagun wala??”

Swra: badi ma that’s in uttra’s cupbord… wait let me bring that..
Ap: no no no… u just stay here n keep resting… vese b u r taking too much stress in this condition…
Uttra:(enters) bhabhiii look at this … what ragini bhabhi has done to my hair…
Swra: aree itz looking good..
Uttra: bhabhi… today is my wedding… i can’t roam around with this look..(pouts)
Rag:(enters) aree itz good uttra… this bun is looking good…
Ap: ya beta rags is correct ..
San:(teases) u can make any hairstlye..still u will look lyk a monkey..
Uttra:(criesss) bhabhiii… look at ur husband..
Swra: sanskar stop teasing her… n uttra u r looking good…
Uttra: bhabhi can u help me in gettingvready?
Ap: no swara u just sit here… uttra ragini will help u
Swra: dont worry i will ready u for ur wedding..
Uttra:(happy) woww!! Thnku bhabhi… bt will u be able to do this in such condition…
San:exactly swara…
Swra:(smiles)aree yr y u guyz r taking too much stress… i can do this ..let me do something in my only nanand’s marriage..
San: huh… i hv told everyone nt to schedule her marriage before ur delivery.. but no one listens to me (pouts)
Swra:(pulls his cheak)awwww u r so cute….with these expressions…
Ap:(sad) beta what to do.. vikram has to go to abroad nxt month… n everyone wants that uttra too go with him so we hv no option..
Swra:(holds ap’s hand) badi ma.. dont be sad… itz ok.. ye sadu to hai he esa…
San: m sadu !!
Swra: any doubt ?(laughs)

Ap: achha now u take rest… we are going.

Everyone left except SwaSan

Swra:(again feels kick) aaahhh !!
San:(worried) again she kicked..
Swra nodded yes…

San:(puts his hand on baby bump) seems u r exited for ur bua’s marriage..
Swra: aawwooo!!

This time he too can feel the kick..
San:(exited) omg !! Swara she kicked.. omg !! She kicked..
Swra:(smiles) haan mr maheshwari…



Uttra:bhabhi i hv changed na.. now will u please..
Swra:(smiles) ha ha come..

Swara gets up n starts combing her hair… sanskar enters
“Shona hv ur medecines”
Gives her medecines….

Swara was facing problem in standing without support… so sanskar holds her from back..n she give a smile
To him…

Uttra: ahem ahem… bhai bhabhi… focus on me..

SwaSan blushes…

Swara at last ready uttra fir her wedding…n uttra left…

San: now hv some rest then i will help u in getting ready…
Swara: u will never leave a chance to romance..


San:wear this shona…
Swra: no i will wear this one..
San: nopes u r going to wear this sute only …
Swra: no way i will wear this saree only nt suite..
San:(irritated bt controls) shoonaaa wear this suite.. plzz
Swra:(angry )nooo means noo
Swra: noo
San:(looses control n shouts) m saying this for ur sake only..
Swra:(angry) what u wanna say … i wear this suite in wedding… no way
San: no.. u r nt gonna wear saree or anything else only suite n thats final
Swra:(cries) u r very bad… u always do this to me…
San:(frustated.. n throw that dress) wear whatever u want to …. n nxt tym dont bother me by saying u r nt feeling good..

N he left…

Swara took the suite n wears that.. she was getting ready bt she was upset with sanskar’s behaviour..

She was going out bt she face black outs… n she sat on bed..
Adi:(enters) mumma r u fyn ??
Swra: ha beta… m…. m (n she fainted only on bed)

Aditya panics n gets scared seeing fainted swra n shouts” papaa… !! Dadi !!! Maasi !!! Look what happen to mumma”

Everyone rush to the room listeng his shout… n were shocked to see fainted swara..
Sanskar immediately took her in his embrace n calls abhay..


Sandkar was still holding her hand… while scared aditya is in lucky’s arms…

Abh: seems she is lil Stressed! Hv u guyz fought?

San:(guilty) sort of… i blur my frustation on her…
Abh: u shld b carefull na …
San; m sry
Abh: dont be i kno there must be something which irritates u or else u wont behave lyk this..
San: ya work load..
Abh:itz kk.. take care… m going downstairs

Swara gains her senses n saw sanskar sitting besides her holding her hand tightly n cryng

Swra:(in a week voice) sanskaar… m fyn
San:(cryng) m sry princess… i over reacted…
Swra: itz ok.. now lets go.. barat aane wali hogi..
San: hmm..

He helps her n takes her down…
The marriage rituals were going on… n with each n every ritual swara n sanskar recalls their journey..
***sanskar’s pov***
” when i frst met u i was so angry on u… then u fall ill… i hv taken u home… i hv seen a new n bold swara in college… then we became frnds… n u hv done a magic on me… bt then that sudden cutting of ties… then meeting u in jaipur… ur beauty ur innocense makes me crazy… ahhh ! Hw could i forget a new business woman swara… i was shocked to see u that way n at the same tym i was proud of u… then ur breakdown seeing that accident… then my accident n ur helping me in comng out of my past n my worst mistake… i slapped u.. itz been 6 yrs bt still i cant forgive myself… i rember the way u mend out two families… then u lost ur voice n i lost my lyf.. u r an angel for me… then everything happens so fast…our confssion… our seperation which was my plan… then engagement.
Marriage… n the happiest part our first child… only i kno that hw much i was scared when u were nt gaing senses…. then ur kidnapping i was cursing myself for nt protecting u… but atlast everything was perfect… our small family…n our baby girl… m sure it will be a girl…u r my princess …i luv u swara”

**Swra pov**

When i met u i didnt lyk u cz u hv shouted on me.. then our late night chat at kavita’s home.. i feel u r a nyc guy… then we became frnds.. i luv ur company.. then bhai’s death breaks me… our meeting in neha’s wedding.. my mumbai visit our first kiss… ur protective nature for me.. u always fullfill my nonsense demands… oh god ur accident my worst nightmare… i came to kno abt swati… then ur slap ahh! I kno u r still cursing urself bt i hv forgiven u long back… our kolkata trip ? our confession.. n ur plan to unite me n baba … i was scared as if i will die nxt moment.. then our marriage n ur romantic side… or baby ur care for me during those days n my kidnapping… n my prince saved me.;-) bt i was nearly dead when that stupid declare u dead… ur choosing aditya as our son’s name.. n now this our second child.. i luv u sanskar u r my life


So guyz here is the last part of kuch iss tarah… n today i want u all to comment… n silent readers plz u too comment on this…. i want to kno hw many of u hv read this ff n wether u lyk it or not….

Link to epi 1 of new ff http://www.writtenepisodes.com/swasan-revenge-smile-stolen-heart-episode-1/

kuch iss tarah (Episode 52) (last update)


kuch iss tarah (Episode 52) (last update)

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