#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 12

#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 12

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This episode start with
Nahma and Haider
Haider in his room dreaming and seeing Nahma every where
Nahma: Haider
Haider: Nahma you here
Nahma: you call me here
Haider: I didn’t call you Nahma: you’re thinking about me right!
Haider: yes but i don’t understand why I am thinking about you. Every second minutes day it like a new addition
Nahma: listen to your heart
Haider turn and face the war

Nahma’s room
Nahma on her bed: oh God I feel lots things for Haider it mixed love care joy sometime angry but i always want him to care for me and to look always beautiful oh God what am I saying if bhai learns this oh God my heart beats each time I see him she smiles.and holes strongly her pilot
Haider’s room
Haider turns to face the imaginary Nahma but she fed away
Haider: oh God this can’t happen to me I’m going crazy. i have to concentrate on my mission here and not fall for a little girl . I have to stay away from her.
He received a call at the same time nahma was walking out of her room they bomb into each other and share some romantic moment. Haider release himself and compose
Haider :(shouting ) can you are where you are going are you blind God you’re so childish
this hurts Nahma and she leaves with tearful eye
Haider (thinking ):oh God what came over me

Sid’s house
They house was decorated with roses on ayan’s orders.
Ayan: it is my engagement and I want all to be perfect
Badi ami see this
Badi: Ayan are you sure of this
Ayan: yes gran ma
Badi: what about Zoya
Ayan: she will always be an important woman in my life and my sister-in-law and my first love but now Humera is my life I had seen so much love within this month and feel a lot of love. Grand ma I love her very much and want to keep her happy
Badi:if that what you feel then it OK
Ayan: don’t worry my mom won’t be able to control me if I marry Humera she and I made a deal that no family member intervent in our marriage
Badi: be care of Razia
Ayan: I don’t too much like her so I will
Miami location
Asad and Zoya where at a shop for shopping. When Asad and Zoya where leaving
Seller: your card Mr asad Ahmed Khan
This full name shocks Zoya
Zoya: (thinking)Asad Ahmed Khan this not possible I thought the Khan was the only similarity but the arrange is exactly like ayan’s
Asad: Mrs Khan any problem
Zoya: no just a question do you have other brothers and sisters a part from Nahma
Asad: yes! Nitkat Ahmed Khan, nutza Ahmed Khan and my only brother
Zoya: (thinking )let him not say Ayan please
Asad: Ayan Ahmed Khan
This tense Zoya and shocks her that she fell unconscious. Asad took her to the hospital and doctor took care of her
Doctor: your wife is perfectly fine you van take her home
Asad: thanks doctor
Asad takes Zoya to the hotel

Sid’s house
All the invitees where arrive including Nitkat and her family. The engagement start Ayan place the ring in humera’s finger and Humera do same
Resane: Sheren you are so lucky to have a daughter in law with sure beautiful colour but I was very unlucky
To have a black coloured daughter in law
This enragage Ayan and rashid but equally Imran but brings no different to Farah. Ayan expectated Farah to defend her but insist it was Imran
Imran:I think you we’re more than lucky because her beautiful is in her soul and heart but relaxs more outside cause her colour is unique
This words frustrates resena and tense Farah but makes Ayan and his family happy
Farah:mom Imran is right my wife Is special in all terms
Nitkat (thinking ):my husband defended me it means he cares but Imran defended me first oh God
Sheren goes to Nitkat
Sheren: I can see your husband loves you
Nitkat get shy
Resena (thinking ):smile now Nitkat you humiliated me today in front of people and turned by son again me just as t wait and see
Miami location
Asad brought a romantic breakfast for Zoya with a word
Zoya: oh Mr Khan I don’t deserve it
Asad: you deserve more
He had two babies dolls and start with the pink one
Asad: we can call this doll Zoya or Dil
Zoya: I think this doll should be Dil
Asad: OK Dil then
But the blue one can be called
Zoya: Asad is cool
Asad: or Ayan like my brother
Zoya gets tense
Zoya: Mr Khan what all this I thought I was the one with a childish mental age it happens you too (laughing )
Asad: very funny it is the 11th reason
Zoya: I thought you would tell me just ten
Asad: well I was given the 11th
Zoya: oh really surprise me
Asad: I love you for this wonderful gift you are about to give me
Zoya: which gift Mr Khan I don’t have a gift for you (she touches his head to get his temperature )oh I see high temperature you delirious
Asad: no Mrs Khan I love you for the baby you are about to give me
Doctor; congratulations Mr your wife is pregnant
Flashback ends

Zoya with lots of emotion; really Mr Khan woooow (she jumps on him )
Asad; Mrs Khan be care my baby
Zoya; oh just your baby what about me
Asad: jelouse
Zoya: jelouse my foot
Asad: OK then let me take care of my baby
Zoya: to take of her you have to take care of me
Asad: her no him
Zoya: what!no no her I won’t take another Asad
Zoya: you think I will also be able to take another Zoya no way it a boy
Zoya: girl
Asad: boy
Zoya; girl
Asad: boy
Zoya: girl
Asad: boy
Asad: girl (Asad release )no no you cheated
Zoya: what I won great a gift err l I will teach her how to eat pizza
Asad: no way OK OK if it girl I will do what you want till she is 2 year and if a boy you do OK
Zoya: deal
Ice creams stop
Haider: Nahma wait
Nahma: what do you want to hurt me more Haider: that wasn’t my intension I just over reacted
Nahma: oh really that give you the right to hurt me
Nahma try to go out from the back but confuse the back door with the cold home door. She enters and Haider follows her
Haider: Nahma listen
Nahma: leave me a lone (tries to leave but press a bottom on the wall which block them inside
Haider: no no no we are locked her
Nahma: no in some hours we will lack air
Haider: oh God network here
Nahma: we are going to die (crying )
Haider: come down Nahma
Nahma; there no air here we will
Haider: no we won’t
Nahma: How do you know that
haider :because I won’t let it
Nahma: let go off me
Haider: no
Nahma(shouting ): why
Haider: (shouting ) because I love you I love you Nahma I really do
Nahma: you do (crying )hugs him
Haider: I love you Nahma
Nahma; I love you too

They hugs. Haider gives her His jecket and holes her due to too much cool. An hour later the server came to collect something from there but found them unconscious, brought them to the hospital. At hospital Nahma and Haider regain consciousness sound and well
Dil comes with Tanu
Dil: my tomato are you OK
Nahma: much better now (thinking )now I know Haider loves me

At farah’s house
Imran went to the kitchen and found Nitkat there
Imran: I have to talk to you
Nitkat; I don’t want please
Imran: I have to tell you something
Nitkat: please I begg you stay away from me this is wrong
Imran; what is wrong talking to you
This tense Nitkat . She tries to leave but imran pull her back
Imran; I dream of you since I celebrated my 17th year for 8 years now I see you every every
Nitkat: what wrong with you are you mad
Imran: I’m telling you what is happening to me
Nitkat: stay away from me this serious
Imran: don’t ask me that because I can’t I am attracted to you like a magnet it more stronger err than me. I always want to protect you
Nitkat; you have lost it I’m your brother’s wife you release that
Imran: yes I do that why I don’t tell you all what is in my heart
Nitkat leaves goes to her room (thinking ) what’s this I too started dreaming of him since I’m 17years
This is impossible I dream of him every night. I had to stay away for farah’s sake cause he loves me. I should love him I have to learn. No way can’t let Imran more entering
In kitchen
Imran; (thinking)I won’t stay away because I know I have to save you I don’t from what or who

Next day
Sid’s house
It Humera and ayan’s wedding
Ayan in his room opposite to the mirror saying good bye Zoya I loved you but now I love Humera. I will always be greatfull
That you taught me how to love thanks so much
Humera’s room
Humera: dream come through I will get married to the man I love
Razia comes in
Razia: my daughter is the most beautiful bride in the world but be care and make Ayan to do anything you want
Humera: no mom Ayan loves me and I too
Razia: do as I say
Humera: no and now I have to dress please left
Badi see this, later comes to Humera
Badi :Humera dear welcome to our family (caresses her hairs )

An hour later
The marriage start
They priest ask Ayan: do you take Humera siddique as your wife
Ayan (remembers his moments with Zoya )but finally say I do
At same time Zoya and Asad landed at airport and Zoya felt a feeling if reliefness and lost
Priest: Humera do you take Ayan Ahmed Khan as your husband
Humera: I do
They all claps for them
At Asad’s house
Dil :Nahma prepare everything welcome of Asad and Zoya
Nahma: OK ami
The door bell rings and Nahma
But unfortunately it was Amira
Nahma: Amira
Amira: oh I’m happy to see you
Nahma: come in
Amira come in
Nahma: mom it Amira
Dil: welcome dear
Amira: welcome party for me
Nahma: it for bhai and sister in law
AMira: I see
The bell rings and it Asad and Zoya
Haider: chuckyyyyyyy
All are happy to see them
Dil: my daughter is back
Asad: hey I’m your son
Dil: yeah yeah. Darling tell me all what’s new
Zoya smile and get get sky
Haider: no no my chuckkkyyyy you don’t mean it
Zoya: yes I mean it (they hug )
Nahma: mean what
Zoya goes to dil
Zoya: actually we taught of telling you tomorrow but now you guys are insisting (she holds Asad )we are going to be parents and you mom grand ma
Nahma: I aunty
Haider: don’t forget me I’m going to be uncle
Nahma; I can’t forget you even if I wanted
They share some looks that Zoya notice
Dil; it time to celebrate
The all go to the dinning table this new brings rage to Amira and Tanu
Amira: oh this now no problem just enjoy till you can
Tanu: I have to turn Asad against Zoya fast
Amira: I have to get Tanu out of my way
All of a suddenly the bell rings again
asad :Expecting someone
Nahma opens the door and it Badi ami
Nahma: Badi amiii
Dil: mom come in
Asad: a plate for gran ma
Badi: it OK Asad I eat at ayan’s wedding
Asad: Ayan got married
This news shocks Zoya and makes Amira uncomfortable
Dil: bit to who did he get married
Badi; Humera siddique
this puts Haider in rage and he violently leaves the table
Badi: i don’t know
Nahma: I will check
Zoya: no Nahma let me check
She goes upstairs and knocks on haider’s door bit he doesn’t respond

Asad: my brother is a big boy
Badi: yah sure he is
Nahma: they are only good news today
Badi: what’s the other
Asad: grand ma I am going to be a dad
Badi: congratulations son where Zoya let me bless her
Zoya: here I am
She blesses Zoya

Badi: no evil see cast on you
Tanu and Amira smile evilly
Asad: when Ayan comes back I want to see him
Zoya get tense
Badi: they are coming back in 2 day
Asad: great I will meet him son by the way how is Nitkat and nutza doing
Badi:well Nitkat is married and nutza is doing well too
Asad: that great my sister is married I promise I will meet them all at the same time
Badi; OK
Asad: it should be a surprise
Zoya is more tense
Badi: sure now we just have to find a finance for Nahma
Nahma gets tense
Zoya: sure it would be great
Dil: OK we have to start working on it
Nahma get even more tensed and leave the table
Zoya: Nahma (but she doesn’t not respond )
Badi ami leaves and everyone hugs
Nahma’s room
Nahma (oh God what is this I can’t get married to someone else then Haider
Episode ends
RECAP: Ayan and Humera in Dubai, Zoya gets tense of the idea of Ayan and Asad meeting, Zoya tries to tell Asad the truth but he does not listen, Amira trip is revealed, rashid try to talk to Dil, Imran and Nitkat share some eye looks, Haider promise Nahma marriage, Amira opens the truth to Asad, Asad in rage,
I will be introducing a new character he is
Ayaz: a gently medical doctor who was friend with Asad and hates him for taking the love of his late wife, falls in love with Zoya, caring and manipulating, depressional and crazy, responsible for Amira pregnancy ,make a deal with Tanu
Enjoy this new twist it going to outstanding
What will Ayan and Zoya do, can Asad forgive Zoya, what is Amira plan, Tanu will also be sent out……..
Thanks for your comments

#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 12


#quboolhai(i do forever) episode 12

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