HURDLES a way to love – a new start episode 1

JAF–Guys I mam really srry. I know I have disappointed you all. But I could not help myself. I felt like selfish. Shree you are correct I did the same mistake you did on limitless love & pls don’t say that you are selfish. You are correct sissy we should not search for comments instead we should write it just for our satisfaction. And a true writer always does that. Srry guys I really hope u’ll forgive me & so I am gonna start hurdles again. I hope u’ll like it. I wantd to say something to my friends “THOSE WHO READ MY PIECE OF SILENCE PLS FORGIVE ME IF U CAN. IT WAS MY 1st FF. OBVIOUSLY I AM MORE ATTACHED TO IT BUT I CANNOT HELP MYSELF FOR WRITING IT AGAIN. I HAVE CERTAIN PERSONAL PROBLEMS SO I HOPE U’LL UNDERSTAND. SO I HOPE U ALL WILL UNDESRSTAND. SO FROM NOW ON I WILL FOCUS ON HURDLES SO I HOPE U ALL WILL LYK IT. I WILL ALSO CONTINUE “I AM WEAK COZ OF LOVE” FROM TOMORROW. I WILL START TO WRITE HURDLES FROM TONIGHT. HOPE U WILL CONSIDER ME & PLS DON’T BASH ME!!!!”
SO srry guys I wont write piece of silence again. I am very much displease with myself as I didn’t writ piece of silence properly. Certain things wernt going proper so I hope u all will not ask me for that. My mom always shouts on me for writing coz I have my exams ahead. So pls try to understand!!!

Swara looks at Sanskar with her hazel doe eyes. She was happy somewhere that she has a lover to love her lyk a mad. She was happy she had a soulmate lyk him to follow her & walk beside her, hold her, comfort her. She was sur now whatever happens she wont leave him till her last breathe. She was extremely happy! Happy & more than that may be! She alwys wanted a happy lyf. She was adorned by her parents, her sister lyk frnd, ragini, her grandparents. But he is different. The feeling of being his is different.
Swara’s POV
Is this man mad? He has been scrounching for me since last 2yrs lyk a mad. If ragini & Laksh wouldn’t have informed about I would have just thought of him as my man! It doesn’t mean he isn’t my man! He definitely is!! He is my MAN ofcouse! But he had a respect in my lyf now. Which he didn’t have a minute ago. He earned it! Yeah! MY MAN EARNED IT!!!!!!!
Sanskar’s POV
Ragini & Laksh after having so many discussions, finally left. After such a long day I wanted to take a nap. She turned towards me. I looked onto her but to my shock she didn’t speak nor did she scold. She just placed her lips on mine! Oh! Ah! That feeling was so different. We had kisses often but this was different. Different from others. What has happened?? She was still kissing and I am enjoying every movement of hers. I picked her up in my arms & headed towards our room. I unbuttoned her shirt & put it out. Her hot body was visible to me now. I met with her eyes. We kissed again. This tym more deeply. I sucked her lips out & god knows what happened to her? She pushed me out.
“What the hell??”
“what happened? All of a sudden?”, I asked as she enterd the washroom once again. She was puking.
I brought her out & made her drink water. “I don’t know whats happening? Its happening since 3days. I think my stomach is upset.”
She layed down to my shoulder. I caressed her head.” Its ok swara we will consult a doctor. Come!”
“Nah! I feel lyk having something spicy!!”
“spicy???? But ur stomach is upset na?”
“yeah! But I wanna have something spicy! Pls bring na?”
“no! its my tym of romance I think ur doing this to escape it swara! But u cant do that u know na?”
“sanskar pls I wanna have spicy food yaar!”
“ok but not know its too late1 we wont get any shop!”
“nah! I want it! Pls pls! pls”, she says with puppydog eyes.
“ok! Ok! But what u wanna have?”
“pani puri!”
“ok I’ll make it ok? U sit here.”, she nodded & he left.
He came in with a plate of pani puri.
“swara lo tumhara pani puri!”
“pani puri? Huh? Nahi shahiye mujhe!”
“what wat???? R u saying? U only said that u want na?”
“ya but I want to have ice cream now!”
“swara don’t test my patience ! I will not do anything as such!”, he turned his face in anger.
Swara started crying. He again turned towards her & started kissing her.
Swara- “Ahhh! Sanskar its paining”, she cried holding her stomach.
“drama queen will u stop it now!”, sanskar said unbothered.
But he froze when he saw tears in her eyes. She fell unconscious in his arms.
He grabbed her & placed her on the bed. He was nervous & was continuously trying to wake her up but in vain. He tried calling the doctor. But he wasnt responding. He was sitting in the same position for half an hour. He was crying hard. He was like his life was snatched away from him. He was sobbing when he heard a feeble voice.
“Baby are you ok???? “, sanskar asked caressing her hairs.
Sanskar hugged her tight in the fear of loosing her & both of them dozzed of in each others arms.

Dont be so eager! It may not be the same as it was on the last part! Guess what happened to swara……

HURDLES a way to love – a new start episode 1


HURDLES a way to love – a new start episode 1


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