Old brick new house DYM FF, [Introduction]

Old brick new house DYM FF, [Introduction]

Hello.. I love manmarziyan but honestly it was not up to my expectation. I thought it will be different but somewhere it went derailed according to me… the writers really tried to fix it but the glory was not there according to me. Sorry if I hurt you. Actually I expect too much. So I thought to rewrite story according to me.
List of my disappointment by the original series.
1. Cracks in Sam and Radhika’s friendship.
2. Lack of birdsong scene
3. Force entry of Nandini tract, which was not needed. [how a dead Nandini got back to take revenge?]
4. Marriage of Ardhika without being in love before.
5. Interaction of SamArj before Ardhika when Ardhika was supposed to be end game.
6. Ardhika’s love life based on sam’s heart break.
7. Sam turning b***cy and acting immensely immature
8. Sam turning negative
9. Lack of family sketch for neil [I mean he should had a life other than sam like everybody does]
10. Neil always helping Sam but Sam never returning it. [Every relation should be on the basis of more or less equivalent exchange.]
11. Lack in Arjun and Neil’s bonding.
12. Radhika being flawless [She is a human, she should have been in the fault at least once in life]

Ok this was just a short list … I can’t remember all.. I will try to redeem it if possible. And I will try to update it once a week cause I am really busy.


Dosti …. It’s a very lovely word. Friendship…. While walking on road we become friends of numerous people. But very less people keep and maintain that friendship they are our … Yaar.. life is incomplete without their yaarian… but only yaarian cannot itself complete a person as whole… life is then complete when heart listen to its manmarziyan. … yes it’s desires…because desire lead our pathway to success …
These three words … dosti, yaarian and manmarziyan … tangled four life in such a way that they made a new legend out of them. Four of them are not as they look, each one of them are different from what they appear.

Radhika- from outside, she is a sweet docile girl. Have a very loving family, mom, dad, brother, sister, and grandfather. She is loved by everyone. She has all love in the world but no dream. She is not allowed to dream… well, if we see clearly she have the biggest dream in life, to do something, to be someone in life but she thinks she doesn’t have that bravery to go against her family to dream… she cannot go against her family’s expectation …. But is it not necessarily true… bravery and courage lies in everyone. We just need to find it to fight for our dreams and desires.
Samaira- fierce, feisty, career dependent girl she is… she has every opportunity to live her dream… To be establish in life… but she doesn’t have love… well, she has family just there is no love there for her… from outside she is very strong but inside she is a broken doll.

Arjun- handsome, ruthless, fierce guy… people stand and sit on his command…. Manipulative much… but not only love but lack in family too.. His heart is dark. Filled with wrath, envy and vengeances. People say he got no heart at all… but is it true? Can anybody be born without heart…? No… it’s just covered with a dark veil of sins… it’s just need to be unwrap.

Neil- he can be defined by a one liner ‘mom taught me how to shave’. Yes right his mother is his mother as well as father. She did everything which his father was supposed to do. …Neil has only one aim in life… to see everyone happy around him…. He shares happiness with world but sometime forget to keep little happiness for himself… The smiling joker is not always happy.

Old brick new house DYM FF, [Introduction]


Old brick new house DYM FF, [Introduction]

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