In the episodes swara is slapped by sanskar….this is not fair how can he also swara??inspite of.. if any problem between them ..sanskar says swara my princess….swara my darling..etc etc…he says swara is my life…swara is heart beat…I can’t think a life without her…without her my life is incomplete…for most of all swara is sanskars wife how can he slap her???….swara loves him sooo much he also knows … appa enna problem va irundalum he must have not beaten her…. (what problem it be ..he must have now beaten her sorry mother tongue came inside)infact when I first saw that video I actually can’t believe it…I repeatedly watched two or three times then only I could beleive sis said sanskar mistakenly slapped her…but that also I could not beleive it… swara loves sanskar sooo much..and sanskar tooo loves swara sooo much ..then why this scene…in that video sanskar bet swara and next second he cupped her face saying sorry while ragini came running and holded swara by shoulders and asked sanskar what is this?? And sujatha also hugged swara actually she dragged…and shouted over sanskar for beating her and reported this incident to Rp and he also scolded sanskar. this I founded comments below like why ragini came inside this…ragini is swara s sis and she she has soo much care and love for swara absolutely I would have been there I would do that I am sure…moreover it’s the strength over joint families …now adays not seen in India…
Sorry guys …I am sorry for wasting your Time I do not know whether swara is sad over this…but I am very much dispointed over this..and found this is the way of relaxation….and writers pls do not show like this again…I am heart broken?..

Cracy swasan fan…
#actually cracyness over loaded…
Share your thoughts ..
With love …
Sorry guys I was writing a fan fic on dahleez…I could not continue it beacause while dancing Bharathanatiyam I slipped and fell and fractured my right hand…doc said one month i should be completely in test ..really boring u knoe I am sorry for that….
And you all come up with a question I know hyped this then? This is typed by my bro my darling….fate he too should watch swaravini with me…i was soo upset over sanskar and he helped me to relax by typing this …he is not interested to give his name for credit ..anyways thank u bro…. love u guys bye….take care..





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