How good is Ikrs?

Guys a big hello!!!!!!!!!!!
Well as you know our color’s channel is not promoting our IKRS god knows for what reasons. But today i want to show our haters and all other fans what is good in our wonderful show. So hop on!!!! ?

1. Leads chemistry: Guys our leads have amazing they share a relation of trust and friendship still exists, Our hero is Viplav Tripathi (Mishal Raheja) and our heroine Dhaani Viplav Tripathi (Eisha Singh). The hero being a naughty boy and being quite carefree and a very good caring protective husband. Our dhaani is a innocent and sweet dutiful wife. The balance is just perfect.

2. Good plot: The story revolved around the tough life of widows and also how the society treats them even when they get remarried. They are a lot of twists and turns and good hold of the story, many plots are to be revealed………

3. Amazing cast : The cast list ( and in many interviews the stars have told about the good cast and crew and also amazing villains and hero’s. Both supporting the roles of each character……….

4.Fans: What a major fan following Ikrs has let it be Facebook or twitter ya telly updates the fans support the show even when there are many haters the fans seem to defend it in every walk of the show…………..

These are my four points that I feel makes ikrs my fav show….. Tell me in the comments if i missed something……..
And most important point though it has no retelecast or proper time slot it is evergreen in our hearts…….
Hope you guys like it…… ?

How good is Ikrs?


How good is Ikrs?


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