Sasural Simar Ka 19th November 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Prem sys in heart these women with veil look like vikrant and simar. He says how can I ask them to take the veil off. he calls Vikrant’s number. its rings in bag of the veiled woman. prem says what is this phone doing with you? take the veil off. When they take off the veil its some ladies. prem syas this is virant’s phone. how you have it? are you with him. where is siamr/ inspector syas tell us. She says I don’t know. A man gave me this phone. prem shows him Vikrant’s photo? she syas yes. She says he gave me the phone and gave me 10 k. prem says tell us the truth. was there some lady with him? sid says prem we don’t have time lets go. Inspector takes the phone from prem.
prem gets a call. its vikrant. He says you wanna meet me so bad. you will never catch me. I am really sorry for that. Vikrant syas my only plan ws to get you all busy and run from Dehli with simar. Me and simar and have left dehli. I am near n y destination and stop tracing my phone its useless. You will never know whre I am. I am at a police even cops cant reach. Its my land and I am the God of this place. He laughs. He says yes, I wont call you anymore. Foregt simar she is all mine now. I am at a place where people are ready to die for me. Ravan will win here. I am he ravan and this is my land. He solitary confinement. Prem recalls his words.
A bride is in the jungle. some men are chasing her. Vikrant watches them. they grasps the woman. they say where were you running?
Sasural simar ka 19th November 2014 Written Update
Scene 2
Sujata is in temple. she says what mistake we made? why are we punishing like ths? why are you angry with us. Sid says don’t give up. We will find him. Roli says he consider himself ravan he will have to lose. prem says he has a lot of people in Mumbai. inspector says we should chechk UP and hariyana too. Sid says we are leaving for Mumbai. roli says I will come with you. He says I know your sentiments but trust me we will bring her back. mata ji needs you here. They all do.
Prem and sid sit with mata ji. prem says we will bring her. promise us you will take care of yourself? this will hurt simar as well. sid says please eat for simar. mata ji syas I am doing this all for him. mata ji says I wont eat until she Is back. Mata ji says go. May God bless you.
Roli says I feel like didi is going away from me. I have to find her. pleas let me go. sujat syas they have all gone. Roli says I wanna go to Ahmedabad. I think they are there. I know some popel there. they might help me. She says he said people consider him god there. It could only be Ahmedabad. Its his hometown. Sujata says sid and prem wll go there. you don’t have to go. Mausi ji says we cant lose you. roli says please try to understand. I have been to Ahmedabad I can find her there. Mata ji says we all know your relation with simar is never ending. If you wanna go there you can. Your are bound by heart. Go and bring her back. How can I stop you? you are the closest to simar?
Precap-roli is in Ahmedabad. she finds simar’s scarf there.
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