Sacred Bonding (Episode 21)

Sacred Bonding (Episode 21)

Episode 21:

The episode starts with Suhana revealing the past of their dad to Shwetha n Jay.

Suhana: Shwetha, u r mistaken. U didn’t know the facts. Actually ur mom is my dad’s cousin. She loved him but dad didn’t. One day, in some family function, someone spiked the drinks of dad n ur mom. They got intimated. Knowing this dad thought to convince mom n marry ur mom. But as ur mom didn’t want to create misunderstandings in family, she left. Dad searched for her but didn’t find. As ur mom wrote in the letter before she left that he shouldn’t reveal anything to mom, he didn’t reveal this. Aft 8 years, when u r born, ur mom returned n asked dad to accept u as his child. He agreed n thought to say to mom. But by that time my grandma(dad’s mom) who saw ur mom with dad polluted mom’s mind by saying ur mom seduced him. Mom angrily went n scolded ur mom n blamed her character. Aft that she went off again. Aft 2 days dad read that she committed suicide. Dad told everything to mom n mom realised her mistake. Both met the police who dealt with the case of ur mom’s suicide. They asked abt u but police answered they didn’t find child in the spot. They searched for u but failed. I saw mom n dad feeling sad manytimes remembering this. They really love u Shwetha.Situations made people misunderstan one another but truly no one did any mistake. But I know how bad u felt being alone and how the life will b of a lonely girl. If u still want revenge from us I am ready to take responsibility for the mistake happened by my parents.

Suhana asked Jay to untie Shwetha. Suhana gave pistol to her saying to shoot her. Everyone are tensed seeing this act of Suhana. Shwetha took the pistol n aimed at Suhana.

Jay: Shwetha pls don’t do anything to didi. If u want to kill, then kill me

Shwetha turned pistol towards Jay n then to Suhana. Her hands are shivering n eyes filled with tears remembering her mom, prblms she faced n then how Jay n Suhana stood for her in every prblm from the moment she met them. She dropped the pistol n sat on her knees n apologised to Suhana n Jay.

Shwetha: I can’t shoot u. I love u both. I can’t shoot. I am sorry di for joining hands with the criminals. I am really sorry.

Suhana went to her n made her to stand n hugged her.

Suhana: I know u can’t kill a person bcoz u r my sister. U can nvr do it. Now tell me the truth why u told u shooted Kiran? I know u didn’t shoot. I still remember someone shooting Kiran covering face with mask but I am sure its not my sis.

Shwetha: I didn’t shoot Kiran. But I know whr he is.

Jay: Is he alive?

Shwetha: Yes but bullet went into his brain n coz of that he lost his memory. He didn’t recognise us now. I will take u to him.

Jay, Shwetha n Suhana met Kiran. Shwetha said him that Suhana is his wife but he is unable to recognise her. As its not good for his health, they didn’t force him to recall n went from there as he is already psychiatric medication hoping soon he will remember the past.

Vidya was discharged from hospital. Suhana told everything to Vidya abt Shwetha. She met her brother Kiran though he didn’t recognise her too. It has been one week but Jay is not talking to her. He is going out before Vidya wakes up n coming home very late as he wants her to sleep. Vidya is missing him very badly. He didn’t even respond to her calls. Finally she decided to talk to him directly and she is awake waiting for him. Jay reached home at 1 am. He came to room n saw her awake n tried to go but Vidya caught his hand n stopped him.

Vidya: Jay, I know u r very angry on me but pls forgive me. I can’t leave u with u. If u are angry atleast vent ur anger by shouting on me. I am ready to bare ur anger but pls talk to him. Ur silence is killing me. Pls Jay

Jay freed his hand and went off from there. Vidya followed him but he didn’t even look at her and started his car and went off. Vidya didn’t understand wat to do. She sat on floor n cried a lot n felt asleep on floor. She woke up in the mrng and found herself on bed and covered with blanket and saw Jay getting ready. She understood that he made her to sleep on bed. Jay is abt to go and saw Vidya woke up. He looked her seriously.

Vidya: I am sorry Jay. pls forgive me n talk to me pls

Jay: Take tablets and rest Vidya. Yesterday I found u on floor shivering. I think u got fever. Tc of urselves. Don’t spoil ur health thinking that I will forgive u or will care for u. Its all over. I nvr forgive u in my life. So stop troubling me n urselves too. Lets lead our life separately as u want. Bcoz by not listening to me, u made clear that u won’t love n respect me n u wants to do watever u want. So now u r free do wat u want except bothering me n trying to come into my life.

Till now Vidya desperately waited for him to talk but now his words made her to feel as if someone stabbed into her heart. Vidya woke up from bed n sat on knees before Jay.

Vidya(in tears): Jay I know I hurted u a lot but pls forgive me once. I nvr argue with u n will do watever u say. Pls excuse me once. I can’t live without u. I can’t even imagine my life without u.

Jay(shouting): Enough Vidya. Stop the drama now. You have done enough which made me clear how important I am to u.

Vidya: Pls Jay….

Jay: First get up

Vidya stood and looking him

Jay: I will ask u few questions. Answer me

Vidya: ok

Jay: Do u know how happy I am when I came to know u r conceived?

Vidya: Yes I know

Jay: Did I warn u not to take any risk n go to Delhi for the safety of ur’s n child?

Vidya: Yes

Jay: Did u remember u saying to me that u will go to Delhi?

Vidya: Yes

Jay: Then y didn’t u go there n cheated me?

Vidya: No Jay. I didn’t cheat u. Aft going inside the airport I got call from my frnd. She is a junior scientist who is researching on cloning. She said her senior came to city n I need to come immediately. I came out n searched for u but u left from there. So I went alone

Jay: Did u have mobile? Can’t u call me?

Vidya: I am in hurry n I didn’t get that idea

Jay: Leave it. Did u know ur life n baby’s life will be in risk if u go to prove abt Kiran?

Vidya: Yes

Jay: Do u know if anything happens to u or our child I can’t bare?

Vidya: Yes

Jay: U didn’t care for my hpyness, my words, my sorrow. Now tell me y should I forgive u? Tell me atleast one reason to forgive u. If we love a person, we will care for their hpyness n sorrow, we respect their words n understand their feelings, we will keep up our words which we said to them. You didn’t do any of these. Now tell me y should I trust u?

Vidya didn’t understand how to answer him.She can clearly see the pain in his eyes n not anger.

Vidya: I accept my mistake. Give me any punishment. But pls don’t avoid me. Pls Jay

Jay abt to go without answering her but Vidya hugged him from behind. Jay immediately broke the hug n turned towards her n caught her very tightly by waist n pulled her towards him.

Vidya: Jay, its paining.

Jay: Really? U want me to b close to u, right? Then bare it swt hrt. U want me to punish u but not to avoid u. Then silently bare the torture which is ur punishment forever for killing our child.

He tightened his grip n Vidya screamed.

Jay: Now tell me do u want me to leave u or to punish u without leaving u?

Vidya is unable to talk as he hold her very tight n its paining for her a lot. Her eyes filled with tears

Jay(shouted): Answer me

Vidya: Don’t… leave…. me

Jay: So u r ready for the torture.

Jay pulled her more closer n kissed her on lips n bit her on lower lip. Vidya screamed m he left her. Vidya found her lip bleeding. She is so scared n tried to go from there to get ready.

Jay: Wait swt hrt. I didn’t ask u to go

Saying this he is coming near to her n locked her to the wall with his hands.

Jay: From now u r not free to do anything u want. Now let me show u how hard its to bare wen our loved ones hurt us.

Vidya bent her eyes not to look him as she is so scared.

Jay: Look at me Vidya

Vidya looked him n her eyes are filled with tears.

Jay: From today u should nvr cry before me. If u cry I won’t come to home anymore. Decide urselves.

Vidya immediately wiped her tears.

Vidya: No I won’t cry.

Jay: Good. Second thing u should do watever I say without arguing. Third, Never go out without my permission. Fourth give me credit n atm card. U r not allowed even to spend a single penny without my acceptance. If u didn’t follow any of these I will b avoiding u permanently.

Vidya nodded

Jay: One more thing u must answer me with words n not by nodding. This is also of the rule u need to follow.

Vidya: Ok

Jay: Handover ur mobile too. If u didn’t get idea to use it when required, I don’t think u need it.

Vidya: Ok

Vidya handovered her cards n mobile to him.

Jay: Now get ready n bring me coffee

Vidya left to get ready n Jay remembered his behaviour with her n tears appeared in his eyes.

Jay(inner voice): As u didn’t care for my feelings, from today I am not going to care for ur feelings too. I will show u how painful it is wen the one whom we loved won’t care for us. I hate u Vidya. I hate u

Vidya(inner voice): I am sorry Jay. I can understand ur pain. Ur behaviour towards me n words telling me how much I hurted u. But I know u still love me n I will get ur love back. I will bare everything to get ur love back. I love u. I love u so much.

Vidya got ready n brought coffee for him. Jay sipped it n threw it on floor.

Jay: Is this coffee? The worst coffee I have ever drank. Get lost out of my sight.

Vidya eyes got moisten but she controlled herself remembering his conditions n went from there. Aft sometime Jay came downstairs n is leaving.

Vidya: Jay, brk fst

Jay: Did u prepare it?

Vidya: Yes

Jay: But I am not going to eat it.

Vidya: Y r u showing angry on food. pls have it

Jay: Don’t argue with me

Vidya: I am not arguing. I am just requesting u.

Jay: I am not having it bcoz I want u to wait for me without eating till I eat aft returning home. I want to see how much u love me.

Vidya: Ok. I won’t have anything till u return home.

Jay: Good. I will see

He left. Vidya is waiting for him but he didn’t come. Its again 1 am n unknowingly she fell asleep. Jay reached home n saw her. By seeing her face he understood she is weak n remembered his words in the mrng. He checked the dishes n found she didn’t had anything. He forgot his words with work but now seeing her so weak remembered hus words. He woke her up.

Jay: Vidya pls wake up

Vidya: U came

Vidya sat n looking him

Vidya: I slept just now waiting for u.

Jay: R u mad? I just said u to wait for me without having food in anger. Atleast u should have called me to remind me to return home sooner. Anyways first have this

Vidya: Did u have food?

Jay: No. first u eat n I will have.

Vidya: Shall we have together pls

Jay: ok

Both had food n Jay is starring at her scolding himself for hurting her so much but wen Vidya looks him, he behaved as if he didn’t even care for her. Vidya is sleeping aft having food

Jay: Should I remind u everyday to take tablets?

Vidya remembered him msging her everyday from time to time to take tablets even though he didn’t talk with her. Vidya smiled.

Jay: Stop smiling n take tablets.

Vidya took tablets.

Jay came near to her n cupped her face n again kissing her lips but Vidya didn’t respond n frightened remembering mrng how he bite her lip. Jay acted as if he is going to bite her lip again. But he left her.

Jay: Sorry for behaving stupidly in the mrng. I lost myself and became a bit wild in temper. I really didn’t want to behave like dat with u. But surely I didn’t love u.

Jay saw Vidya n found her sleeping. He caressed her hairs n kissed her softly not to disturb her sleep n covered her with blanket.

Jay(inner voice): I don’t like hurting u. But y did u kill our baby. Y didn’t u care for my feelings. I love u so much n u didn’t love me. I want to love u, care for u n keep u hpy every second. But now bcoz of u I am hurting u. I will make u realise ur mistake by being rude to u. I do not care even if it hurts u.

He is abt to get out of bed but Vidya hold his hand. He turned n saw her. He tired to free his hand but she is sleeping peacefully holding his hand n Jay lied beside her without disturbing her. In sleep she hugged him n is murmuring

Vidya: I am sorry Jay. I really care for u n ur feelings. I love u so much. Pls forgive me. Pls don’t b angry on me. Don’t leave me pls.

Jay looked at her n found she is crying in sleep too. Jay’s anger at once went off seeing her in that stage n took her close n made her to sleep on his chest n hold her tightly. He caressing her hairs n whispered in her ears. Coz of his hug, Vidya woke up n looked him

Jay: I won’t b angry on u. I won’t leave u too. pls sleep peaceful. I am here with u n will b with u forever.

Vidya hugged him n started crying.

Jay: Don’t cry. Sleep now

Vidya slept n Jay too slept. Morning Jay woke up n saw Vidya arranging his clothes. He woke up n got ready. He is observing her but didn’t show her that he is seeing her. Vidya gave coffee to him n he had it calmly but neither complemented nor scolded her. Vidya called him for brk fst n is going n Jay followed her. Suddenly she fainted. Jay caught her n called doctor. Doctor treated her.

Doc: Mr. Jay, she is so weak coz of internal bleeding caused at the time of miscarriage. She should b happy n tension free. Worrying n tensions makes her health worst. It may even put her life into danger too. pls tc. One more thing, as a woman, I can say how much stressed she is aft abortion. She is totally shattered. Give her a hope n reason to live. Otherwise at any time she may lose hope n her life too. If anything can make her normal, its only ur love. Give her ur love n she will recover soon.

Doctor left n Jay sat beside her n remembered how badly he treated her without understanding her pain.

Jay(inner voice): Sorry Vidya. I didn’t understand ur situation n hurted u a lot. I am really sorry. U r more important to me than our baby. I won’t put ur life in risk. I love u n will love u forever.

Tears rolled in his eyes n fallen on her face as he made her to sleep in his lap. Vidya opened her eyes.

Vidya: Y r u crying?

Jay: Nothing. hw r u?

Vidya: I am fine just weak dats it

Jay: ok take rest

Jay is abt to leave

Vidya: Pls stay with me for some time. pls Jay

Jay: I am going to bring food for both of us. Lets have it first n then I will b with u whole day. Don’t worry swt hrt

Jay made her to eat n he too had food n then whole day he spent with her chit chatting. Vidya felt relaxed as Jay didn’t show anger on her n he made her to feel his love.

Vidya: Jay, shall I ask u one thing

Jay: Yes

Vidya: U said I killed our child. But do u know I saved many lives. Is this nation India and Indians more important than us n our hpyness

Jay looked her with her straight question.

Jay: I didn’t get u

Vidya: By sending that clone as District Collector they planned a blasting on Independence Day as no one checks a collector. Thats the reason I risked my life. I felt I can sacrifice my life if I can save lives of many ppl. Now tell me am I wrong in risking my life? We r sad for losing our child but we must b happy for saving our nation.

Jay looked her surprisingly as he nvr saw this version of Vidya till now. He remembered his sister’s words who said nothing is more important than India n we can sacrifice anything for the sake of our nation.

Jay kissed her on forehead

Jay: I am sorry Vidya for misunderstanding u. You are right. Nothing is wrong if it is to protect our nation. I am proud of u.

Vidya: I need to discuss this with Suhana bhabhi. Bcoz I think they won’t b idle. We flapped their plan but they may plan something else. We should find out n reach the one who is helping them in our nation.

Jay: But for that we need ur parents to come into conscious. Shwetha revealed few persons names but before we reach there, they are shot dead.

Precap: Kiran remembering the past. Suhana and Kiran sacrificing their life for protecting nation from bomb blast. Jay trying to know the original culprit behind the plan of blasting.

Hi frnds..just 4 more episodes n then story comes to an end. I know its sad to kill the unborn child n another cute couple Suhana n Kiran but my plot is to show nothing is important than our nation. I don’t know whether u love it or not. Pls tell me ur opinion on the story.

Sacred Bonding (Episode 21)


Sacred Bonding (Episode 21)

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