manik malhotra_its my love story (part-56)

Manik malhotra_its my love story

Late night they reached Mumbai.
Druv and cabir went on their bike, navya’s parents came to pick her .
Nandini is left Manik took her laguage and kept in his car “come on let’s go”
“Appa may come”
“I called him and said that I will drop you”
“What? Appa didn’t even inform me”
“It’s ok come let’s go”
Nandini sat in passengers seat.
Manik is silently driving the car

“It’s better if I would have gone in taxi” Nandini said in sad voice
“Why?” Manik asked with surprise and stopped the car
“Yes! If I come in taxi the driver may at least talk to me or keep music but here the great silence its haunting”
“Is it? Iam sorry” Manik sincearly said with regret
” you know what’s your problem?”
“You accept others words easily”
“No! I accept your words easily”
“O! Actually why don’t you fight with me?”
“Why should I fight? Is there any hard and fast rule?”
“No but usually all lovers fight for silly things and they compromise which makes them understand eachother and get more close”
“No not every time we understand eachother very well. Then why should we fight? Who said only fighting makes you love more? You cuteness, smile, way of understanding without asking questions, all, I mean one and all makes me to love you” Manik in flow said
Manik realized what he just said Nandini is staring at him with surprise
“I mean..” Manik want to convince his answer but looking at nandini he forgot what to say
“Manik! Shall I ask you one thing”
“Yes!” Manik slowly started driving
“What happened? Why are you staying away from me? Though I lost bet till now you didnot ask me to express why? I thought I will be silent but the pain iam seeing in your eyes is unbearable for me.”

Manik stiffened his grip on sterring trying to control his anger in himself
Manik started to drive fast
Nandini understood he is not going to say
Nandini’s eyes filled with tears
Manik looked at her he stopped car a side got down opened nandini’s door and took her hand made her come out of car closed door and pinned her to car and kept his both hands on her hands
“Nandini why don’t you understand that your tears will make me mad, want to burn whole world to stop them, look don’t instigate me. Why? Why? Everytime I hurt you to keep you away from pain?” Manik in anger kicked a tree which is standing there again and again. Nandini came in front of him and closed her eyes kept her hands infront of her face, Manik in anger want to beat the tree once again found nandini there standing. He stopped his hand half the way, looking at her.
Nandini took her hands down checked Manik, his anger is still in Everest. She didnot find any way to cool him. With lots of fear “Manik iam scared please calm down”
Manik took her with her shoulders in his hands “you should! This eyes should never get any tears. Did you get it?” Nandini is starring at him
“Did you get it?” Shouted Manik
“Yes” Nandini spoke in fear
Manik hugged her. This time tears are flowing in his eyes. Nandini knew it she too got tears but wiped them broke the hug “shall we go Manik?”
They drove home Nandini waved bye and went in Manik reached home and went to shaver his heart and brain are boiling like oven.

Guys this story is about lots of pain and pain which is part of love.
Manik and Nandini will unite and he praposes almost at the end of my story it’s about his love, his problems, how he will overcome that problem and win Nandini back. Sorry guys but you have to bear with story line I don’t have option
In up coming episode you will get romance but pain will dominant at one point you have just tragedy then you find happy ending so if you guys don’t want to read please feel free to express I will not change story line but I can stop writting. Sorry if hurt your feelings guys love you lot

manik malhotra_its my love story (part-56)


manik malhotra_its my love story (part-56)


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