hi guys thanks for ur comment and one more thing in my ff i already said that ragini is the lead . dp and ragini will share a very good bond . u will know y dp is supporting ragini in today’s episode. abhi i saw ur comment yesturday hw is ur health now . if ur not don’t comment dear take rest

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so lets begin

ragini:he is happy laksh
laksh:ragini do u know something be carefully with my father
laksh:he hate all mondern dress and he is the head of maheswari house
ragini:i don’t thing so
laksh:ragini ur married so take leave na for five days holidays
ragini:oh mr devil will torchure me
ragini:do u sanskar pet name is devil nice na
laksh:ur mean ragini he my brother
laksh:bye sarabee

ragini leave

laksh:i can’t believe her at all . she is so cofusing

ragini is walking on the road . she saw girl beging
the girl comes and begs to ragini
girl:i did not eat at can give u some money
ragini:wat is ur name
ragini:nice name . where is ur mother
purvi:she died when i was small didi
purvi:he left me when my mom died
ragini:come with
ragini takes purvi and dress for her and purvi were’s it
ragini then takes purvi to hotel
ragini:purvi wat do u want
purvi and ragini eats
ragini takes purvi to happy home (which i said u in 2 episode)
purvi:didi where v are going
ragini:come with me we are going to happy home u can read there u will get many friends there
ragini:rosey anuty
rosey:ragini beta u are here
ragini:actually rosey anuty this is purvi i want join purvi here
rosey:offcourse ragini . infact am so happy because ur givving ur half of ur salary here na i will take care. and thank u ragini because of u only sanskar did not take this place
ragini:purvi i will come and meet when ever i get free time so u go na
purvi:didi am scared
ragini:purvi u will get many friends here . i will surely come and meet u
purvi accepts . ragini leaves her there and goes

ragini goes to mm

it is lunch time

ragini goes in
sujatha:ragini if u want to eat u can eat dpji is inside only we will all wait for him
ragini:no need ate outside. by the where is dp uncle i want to meet him
ap:ragini u can go but be carefull . if he gets angry he will scold u

ragini:i know anuty
ragini goes to dp’s room
ragini:uncle can i come in
dp:offcourse beta
ragini:uncle i have a bad habit . if any question comes in mind i will surely aske it i will see who it is and all so can ask u one question
dp:offcourse beta
ragini:y is everyone scared on u . plz uncle tell me .
dp:actually ragini don’t tell it to anyone.
dp:actually i hate these ritualls and this culture also u know that
dp:s ragini . in my house i never said to wait for me and all they followed like that so i have no option am continueing it . do u laksh used to call me hitler sometimes . even i also like moderen days outfit and all . do u know my biggest dream is to shout in cinema theters and dance for folk songs and the last but not the least i want to wear jeans and t shirt . they said i don’t like these things and and they are making me follow these things . i even love to eat . but ap said dp will follow certain time tables so u should also do that only . ragini when i saw for the first time i understood that u are like me . who likes to do whatever by urself i liked ur character . do u know my favourite actoress is deepika padukone

precap:dp and ragini funny things in the house




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