Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic (Chapter 8)

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Chapter : 8

~~Blue Suits You ♥♥ ~~

Swara’s pov~~

I eyed the dress in front of me for the hundredth time, as it hung loosely on the hanger. Ragini held it a little higher, so that I could take a proper look at it. Her eyes expecting me to say a ‘yes’. But the dress was ugly, and there was no way, that I was gonna wear it for the cocktail party.

“I’m not wearing this.” I stated. There were less than twenty four hours to go for the party, and I, the one for whom this party was organized, had nothing to wear.

“But Swara, its lovely! You’ll look stunning in this.” Ragini, the tomboy whined. I eyed the dress again from top to bottom.

A dark purple coloured off shoulder dress with a thin black leather belt at the waist. There was no way I was going to wear that. Never in a million years. I may not be a fashion diva, but the dress in front of me was totally unattractive.

“No, Ragini! Firstly, I hate this color. Second, it’s too short. And third, I’m gonna look like BRINJAL in this.” I said, walking over to the wardrobe as she followed me.

(A/N My tongue is allergic to Brinjals)

“Okay fine! But what are you gonna do now? The party is tomorrow and you’ve nothing to wear.” Ragini huffed behind me. I looked through all my clothes. The wardrobe was a mess.

I snickered after looking through half of them, and turned around to face my frowning sister.

“I guess we need to shop. . .” I said.


Oh how I hated shopping! I waited outside with Ragini and Shaurya. Laksh was yet to arrive, and how could I possibly forget Sanskar? Those two late comers were definitely going to have it from me for getting us so late.

Apparently, when I told Shaurya about the plan to shop, he immediately jumped in to join us. But then again, he had to call Laksh; who had to call Sanskar.

“Where are the two divas, Sanskar and Laksh?” I muttered angrily, staring at my watch. Just as I was about to call Laksh, he emerged from the door, followed by Sanskar.

The two of them approached us, and Laksh directly hopped in the car, completely ignoring us. I was about to get inside beside him, when somebody’s phone ring. It was Shaurya’s.

“Hello? Hi, yeah. No, I’m on a leave. No, I won’t be working for a few days. Yes, but I can’t handle this deal now. You should’ve told me in advance, Mr. Singhania!” He literally yelled into that phone. However, I could hear only one side of the conversation which told me that something was wrong.

Shaurya paced angrily, back and forth, while I worriedly looked at him. He was pissed off.

“Fine. I’m gonna handle this deal. But I won’t be working after that. I’m on a leave for half a month, and I don’t want any calls related to work after this.” He said and hung up furiously.

“Hey, all okay?” I asked, placing a hand on his shoulder. He cursed something under his breath, trying to calm himself down.

“Yeah. Well, its these clients from Bangalore. There’s an important deal that I’ve been trying to crack since months. We have a chance now, but the client is saying that he won’t give me the deal unless I talk to him personally.” He said, running a hand through his hair, messing it up completely.

“What are you waiting for? Talk to him and get the deal.” I suggested.

“No, Swara. I’m on a leave. I’ve taken this leave for you; for us, because we’re getting married. I’ve to spend time with you. Deals like this come and go.” He said. There was a sad, but genuine smile on his face. I could see that he wasn’t happy.

“Shaurya, its okay. If you were after this deal since so many days, then you shouldn’t let it go. Besides, I’ll be fine for just a few hours. In the end, we have a whole lifetime to spend with together.” I consoled.

“Are you sure? Swara, I can come if you want me to –” He started, but I cut him off.

“No, you’ve to go and get the deal.” I smiled at him. He smiled back, and wrapped me in his arms.

I had totally forgotten, that we weren’t alone. I was startled when Laksh knocked on the window of the car. He gestured me to get in the car, while Ragini sitting beside Laksh, adored us. Sanskar to my surprise was already in the driver’s seat not bothering to look behind.

I quickly pulled away, tucking the loose strands of my hair behind my ear. “Bye then.” I said.

“Alright, have fun and miss me.” Shaurya replied in his usual cheesy tone and walked back inside. I hopped in beside Sanskar.

“What’s up with him? Why is he not coming?” Laksh questioned, once I was seated.

“Something came up.” I replied.

Sanskar sighed. More like an exhausted sigh. Something was definitely going on in that stupid head of his. Quietly, he started the engine as we drove to the nearest shopping mall.


Sanskar’s pov ~~

I know its rude of me to think so, but knowing that fact that Shaurya wasn’t going to accompany us to the mall, made me happy. I had no grudge against him. He was a good man. But well, why wouldn’t I want to spend some time alone with my ex-girlfriend before she got married to someone else, especially when I love her so much?

I had no clue as to why Laksh had pulled me into this. The girls eyed every single store in the way, while we aimlessly followed them.

“Oh, Swara! Lets get into that one!” Ragini squealed like a child, pulling Laksh and me along with Swara.

Ragini was being so… well ‘Ragini’. Instead of looking something for her sister, she had started picking up stuff for herself. Laksh was with her in the perfume section, while Swara was having a hard time choosing one dress.

She stood in front of a whole section of dresses of various colors. Each one was different and elegant in its own way. There was blue, black, red, yellow, and many shades of pink which sort of looked disgusting to me.

“Which one is better?” Swara asked, suddenly turning around to bump into my chest. She was holding up two dresses, out of which one dress was a light shade of red, and the other one was navy blue.

I don’t think she expected me to be there, since her eyes widened with my presence.

“Are you stalking me?” She asked furrowing her eyebrows.

“No. Well, erm… I was… I was looking for something.” I blurted out nervously.

“And what were you exactly looking for, in the ladies’ dress section?” I remained quiet.

She groaned and was about to keep the dresses back, but I spoke up,
“You should go for the blue one. Suits you.” I said. I could imagine her rolling her eyes at me.

Just like I had expected, she kept the navy blue one aside in front of me, and carried the red one inside that trial room. I chuckled at her stubbornness and started looking for something for myself, in the men’s section, this time.

After a few minutes, I had successfully found three shirts to go with the suit I was going to wear for the party next night. I carried them inside the trial room. Swara came out of the other one at the same time.

As I had put on one shirt after the other, I started hearing shuffling from the other end. I ignored it thinking it might be someone. But then, I heard a little knock on the door, which was common to both the rooms.

“Sanskar? You still there?” It was Swara.

“Uh. Yeah.” I replied in an uncomfortable position as the shirt got stuck in my arms while coming out.

“I uh.. I need help.” She said in a barely audible voice.

“What happened? Size theek nahi hai kya?” I asked, taking off the shirt and putting on the last one.

“No. No, it’s um… Its the dress. I’m not able to zip it up.” She said hesitantly.

“Oh. So you want me to do it?” I asked awkwardly.

“Yes, please.” She said after moments of silence.

I quickly buttoned up the shirt and walked out. She was in the trial room which was right beside mine. I knocked on the door once. Some shuffling was heard, before she finally opened up a little.

Hesitantly, I walked inside. I peeked in only to be welcomed by the most beautiful site ever.

She stood with her back facing me. Her hair was tied up in a loose bun. The dress hugged her figure perfectly, highlighting her curves. I couldn’t help but smile at how she was wearing the same navy dress which I had picked out. It looked like the knee length one piece was made for her. But what caught my attention first, was her back. The zip of her dress was open, revealing the entire view of her back.

My heart was beating at an abnormal rate. My hands were ice cold and shivering. I couldn’t breathe properly, and I could hardly make any move. I was pretty sure, that her condition was not any different.

I took a deep breath and walked close to her. With great courage, I steadied myself, as my hands made their way to her back, zipping up the dress.

My job there was done. I should’ve gone back. But I don’t know what made me stay there. Surprisingly, she didn’t say me anything either.

I rested my hands on her shoulders. She was still a stone. I could hear my loudly heating heart. I could only think of how much I had missed this girl in front of me.

I missed her voice, her touch, her laughter, her love… And being so close to her, was bringing back all the memories we had together.

She turned around, meeting my gaze. She was doing it to me again. She was making me fall in love with her every time I looked into her eyes.

“So beautiful.” I said, pressing my palm against her cheek.

“S-Sanskar. Please don’t…” Swara stuttered. Her hand rested on my chest, while mine cupped her face. Her touch made my heart race, but I didn’t want it to stop. I bet she also felt that.

“Don’t what?” I asked.

“Don’t touch me like that. Don’t look at me like that.” She whispered, inches away from me.

“Why?” I asked. I wanted to know. I knew, that I affected her the way, she affected me. Then why was this distance? Couldn’t we make things right even if it was too late to do so?

“B-Because I -” She was cut off with a knock on the door. She gasped, pushing me away gently.

“Swara? Are you done?” Ragini called out from the other side.

“Y-Yeah. I’m coming.” Swara said, quickly grabbing the other dresses. Ragini was gone by then. Swara stole am awkward glance at me, before straightening up.

“You go first. Make sure nobody sees you.” She said. I let out a defeated sigh and walked out, making sure I wasn’t seen.

After the uncomfortable meeting in the trial room, we proceeded to pay for almost the whole store we bought. Yes, Swara took the navy blue dress. I smirked at her, as she passed it on to the counter.

“Told you. Blue suits you.” I winked.

To that, she just rolled her eyes. . .

Next part : The Cocktail Party♥♥

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Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic (Chapter 8)


Fixing Broken Souls : A Swasan Fanfic (Chapter 8)


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