RAGINI: The brightest star (chapter 7) INTRODUCTION

Thanks for ur comment….here is a quick introduction of the band member.Hope u like it
SANSKAAR:Male lead vocalist in thunderz..Hot,dashing ,naughty.He is rude from inside but is very helping and caring.Loves his elder brother a lot.He is a mystery for others
LAKSH:Elder bro of sanskaar,playback singer of thunderz.He is also very handsome but is quite responsible and mature unlike sansskaar.He is a true gentlemen
KAVITA:A rich arrogant girl,drum player in thunderz.She loves Sanskaar and wants to get him by hook or crook
KAVYA:very shy girl but she have a crush on laksh.She is the flute player
YUVI:A dashing boy,plays guitar in thunderz.He is a quite stubborn boy and have a habit of having things which he likes by hook or crook
NIKHIL:he is a guitar player.He has a sense of humour and keeps flirting but is very cute and helping

I will reveal the pairs in the next episode.Hope u all likethe characters .Pls comment and tell me ur reviews
PRECAP:Swaragini and sanlak 1st meeting

RAGINI: The brightest star (chapter 7) INTRODUCTION


RAGINI: The brightest star (chapter 7) INTRODUCTION


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