If destiny wants we will meet….few shots..3

First of all I want to thnk u all whoever read my story. Thnx fr the precious tym u gav me n ofcourse ur cmnts. Many of u wanted me to add swasan n raglaks scences bt guys m sry I cant add swasan now cz they r nt united yet bt yes I can add raglak. Plz cooperate n keep reading. N 1 mr thing I had said that it will b 3 shots bt I dnt think I ll be able to complete it by 3 shots so I hav decided to make it little long. If u ppl say I ll end it soon. As everything m doing is to entertain u all. Heres the link of my previous episode : http://www.writtenepisodes.com/destiny-wants-will-meet-shots-2/
Without wasting much tym lets start.
RECAP: kunj accptd that he loves twinkle bt later refused to get into relationship wid her.(reason is unknwn till nw). Twinkle cries a lot n so does kunj. Ragini cms with her to her home to console her. Twinkle decides to talk to kunj directly.

Ragini asked twinkle to sleep today n nt stress herself mr n consoled her saying that everything will b fyn. While returning she saw laksh standing at a distance n waiting fr her. She sadly went n asked wat he was doing there at that tym.
L: hey r u nt happy seeing me here ?
R: no…I mean…yes m happy bt …
L: I knw u r sad fr twinkle bt dnt wry everything will b fyn..btw howz she ?
R: she is nt fyn fr nw I made her sleep. N yeah she has decided to talk to kunj tmrw
L: ya even I ws thinking the same she shud…. cz I hav nvr seen both them so helpless I knw smthng is cooking in kunjs mind dnt knw wat…she is such a strong minded girl n nw aftr seeing her lyk this I cant believe its she.
R: m really feeling vry sad fr her cz m nt able to help her in her stage. She was the 1 who united us n swara n rohan too. She did so much fr all us dnt knw y god is doing this wid her (she burts into tears)
L: (cups her face) plz dnt cry like this u knw I cnt see u like this. I promise u I ll set evrythng fr u nly. (clears her tears). Well U knw u hav forgot me in this these things u r nt spending tym with me.(teasingly)
R: do u really feel this..ohh no m sry I didn’t meant to..(laksh holds her by the waist so rags stops speaking ) L: wat happened say….r u afraid of me ?
R: dnt think so..m nt afraid..btw we r in the road so leave me I hav nt gone to house aftr clg so I need to go…(laksh didn’t leave her n made faces )
Rags thot of an idea n leaned to kiss him on the cheeks laksh got hapy n closed his eyes. As he did that rags removed his hand n ran away pushing him.laksh was confused n then understood her plan n showed fake anger. Ragini shouted “I ll talk to u in the nyt byeee”. Both bade gud bye to each other.
Kunjs room: he was sitting on his bed thinking abt the day.
POV: I rejected her cz she doesn’t knw how strict my family is( bt actually twinkle knew n was ready to do all sorts of sacrifice fr him ). If they will cm to knw abt this they will jus kill me. I knw how she will b feeling nw bt its all good fr her nly. She will stay away frm me then she cn frgt me. Being a modern girl will she b able to understand my situation. Which family nowadays is this much strict towards a boy I dnt understand myself how will she understand??? bt if she really loves me truly may b she will. I think I shud talk to rohan he will b the best 1 to giv me proper advice. See he had to remain absent today nly. I ll talk to him tmrw. Then I ll talk to twinkle. Yes that’s best.

Next day, as usual the boys roamed infrnt the girls’ classroom jus hav a glance of them.
T: see rags how shameless kunj is yestrdy he did so much to me n nw how he has cm here n luking at me
R: ohh come on twinkle may b he has to say smthng.. u love him try to understand his gestures. Talk to him in the lunch break.
Lunch break twinj came to garden area. No one was there. Rags was standing at distance waiting fr laksh n also twinkle. She feared if smthng wrng wud happen.
Twinkle to kunj : wat r u trying to do since yesterday ?
K: wat did I do ?
T: r u trying to test my patience ? then let u knw I hav a lot. If I can leave without confessing my love fr u fr such a long tym then u shud knw that I hav a lot of patience bt m nt in a mood to drag the topic.
K: ohhoo u r quite straight fwd.
T: that’s nt the topic…..tell me ur answer fr once n ever. Mr kunj sarna do u love me ?
B4 kunj cud say smthng he was dragged by sm1. He was rohan taking huge breaths as if he has cm running to tell smthng urgent. R: twinkle wud u mind if I take him aside fr a few mins ?
Bt b4 she gives the permssn he had already taken kunj
K: wat happened bro ?is everything alright ?
Then they talked which was muted it looked as if they were arguing over sm topic. Twinkle noticed this bt ignored. bt as the break was going to over twinkle asked rohan to make it fast.
Kunj came with a sad expression. T: so can we continue ? wud mind giving the answer to my quesn ?
K: I dnt love u. n that’s final…..n then his vision was blurred his eyes were filled with tears. Yes he said this by keeping a stone in his heart he shut his eyes n turned to leave
T: our discussion isn’t over mr kunj sarna. U cant leave like this…..kunj turned bt didn’t make ny eye contact to hers to hide his tears. T: y cant u look into my eyes n say that ?
Nw kunj shut his eyes took all his tears inside n looked at her. Her eyes had turned blood red out of anger. Tears were nt stopping. T: then answer me y did u do all that gestures ? y did u said a yes yesterday ? y do u still roam arnd my class n look into it.?

He was speechless fr a while as if he is finding his answers.
K: I didn’t do ny kind of gestures. If ever I hav done such then m sry to give u wrng signs ( he lied wid grt difficulty ) I roam arnd ur class jus to accompany my frnz. N yesterday I was nt in my senses I jus said that as laksh was forcing me. N yeah sanky too expected a yes I cud nt break his expectation at that instant. If u r having problem then I promise I wud nvr roam arnd ur class frm today.
T: (she wanted to argue mr bt ended up saying..) I hope u ll stick to ur promise. Lets see fr how long…..nw the bell rang fr the nxt class lunch break was over so was their relation b4 it cud start it had ended…kunj turnd to leave wiping his tears. Twinkle too
Twinkle told everything to laksh n ragini. L: see dnt wry I ll talk to him m sure he loves u bt smthng is preventing him to say so. I ll find out the reason n btw wat was rohan doing there ?
T: Idk he took kunj frm there as he had smthng imp to speak. He came when I asked kunj if he loves me. He listened it n took him fr a while….. saying this she jus went away quietly crying. Bt laksh looked suspicious. Ragini asked : laksh wat happened ?
L: Idk I feel theres smthng else happening wid kunj aprt frm his family….smthng is missing we dnt knw… I hav an idea (n says smthng wich is muted)…now u go to her she needs u.
Swara n ragini were busy consoling twinkle fr the nxt two classes. T: swara I want ur help fr the last tym I ll try to find out his problem
S: m always there fr u tell wat shall I do ?
T: u jus hav to ask rohan y is kunj denying that he loves me when he does. I saw him crying when he talked to me. I knw rohan must b knwing as he is his best frnd n he shares everything wid him.plz this will b my last try. S: ok I ll do it. Rags u take her to washroom to clear her face.
R: come twinki

T: plz m nt in a mood to get up….bt on forcing she gets up…she was still in anger. On her way she saw kunj standing outside his class nw her anger reached its peak. Laksh came towards twinkle n said “umm..twinkle…I wanna talk…” twinkle shouted at the top of her voice…”y u guys r behind me. Y don’t u leave me alone…plz stay away” saying this she rushed to the washroom n banged the door loud enough to b heared by the corridor. Kunj was nw frightened. Raglak gave a thumbs up to each other. Ragini came to twinkle n said “ I knw u r angry at him so u go by the other way (which was nt thru kunjs class) u ll nt see him there “ twinkle agreed n took the ground floor route to reach her class suddenly in the middle she felt sm1 staring at her she stopped there n lukd upwards thru corridor grills towards kunjs class. She guessed it ryt he was staring at her. Bt wait wat is rags doing there n talking to him ??
T: I knw this rags is doing smthng messy so she sent me this way…saying this she rushed to her. N stood at a distance to hear wat was she saying. Then in the nxt moment she was stunned n said to herself y is rags doing this I shud stop her ryt now. She went near n grabbed rags hand. Ragini was shocked to see her there.


I knw u guys r gonna kill me fr separating twinj. Plz spare me I hav thought to write smthng different cz unison to sab mein hota hai. N sry fr such along update I cud nt stop in the middle. Aftr reading this episode I knw u all will want to throw tomatoes n eggs at me. Plz m sry again fr separating them. I knw cmnts r gonna dec in this episode bt I dnt want that plz plz plz whoever is reading this plz comment….

If destiny wants we will meet….few shots..3


If destiny wants we will meet….few shots..3


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