kuch iss tarah (Episode 51) (5 years later)

kuch iss tarah (Episode 51) (5 years later)

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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap : Swara saved by sanskar… vivek n arnav arrested… n sanskar declared dead



Dream villa is beautifully decorated… the bustle can be seen from the entrance of colony… n indeed it shld be seen afteral itz the b’day of the little prince of maheshwari family… the son of swara n sanskar… everyone was marching hither n thither for the arrangements.. everyone was happy but swara was lost in her deep thoughts… having unshed tears in her eyes… she came back in senses listening a sweet voice “mumma help me in getting ready”
Swra: (smiles) u need my help… hmm smthng is fishy .. where is ur partner..

Before he could say anything sujata came” there u r.. haan first drink this milk..”

“No way dadi.. i will not” he resist
“Beta plz itz chocolate milk…plZ na.. ” sujata requested
“NOPES” Again a strtaight answer

Swra: mom give it to me i will make him drink…
Suj:(relieved) ah! Thankyou beta.. only u can handel him aftetal he is sanskar maheshwari’s son..

N they started running… swara n her son .. another tom n jerry… everyone recalls the way swara use to ran behind sanskar n today she is running behind his son…
“Partner save me” he ran towards a man
“Ahh who is troubling my buddy” he questioned
“Mumma” innocent reply
Swra: achha ji.. partner ke aate he mumma ki complaint..
“Are why r u shouting on him” he takes his
Swra: cz he is not drinking milk
“Are y would he drink this.. milk is a man’s drink n he is still a baby boy” he said in a teasing tone
” noo m a man… mumma give that to me” take glass n drink in a go

Everyone laughs at his this gesture … he is xerox copy of his father ..

Ap: swara atlest look at u kya haal bana rakha hai.. go n get ready.

She nodded yes n went..


She came out of washroom wearing blouse n skirt… n shouts “what the hell u will never change…. get out”
.”nopes … princess” he reply with naughty smile..

She hugged him”i luv u sanskar… i luv u”

Yes the person is sanskar

San:(reciprocate hug even tighter) i luv u too princess..
Now let me help u in wearing saree(winks)

She blushed … n he makes her wear saree… n again with his every touch she feels butterflies… then he makes her wear mangalsutra n vermillion … a tear shed frm her eyes…

San: swara … u r still thinking about that incident… forget that itz been 5 years now…
Swra: hw could i… it was death shocking for me when that idiot doctor declare u dead…

Doc:(sad) m… m sry mrs. Maheshwari…. we can’t save him…

Swara sat on chair with a thud…after listening to his sry…lyk a lyfless body

Then a nurse came running
“Doctor he is alive.. his heart beats are very low bt he… he isnt dead.. or we can say he had skipped his heart beat literally”

Abhay has been to meet some senior doc… n when he listen the doc’s sry n then nurse comming he becomes furious”what r u doing… u shld hv cheked him first…. who has given u degree… hw can u declare anyone dead… his wife is pregnent do u hv any idea hw it would affect her health…

Doc: m sry dr.abhay..

Atlast everyone makes him clam
After 2 hours..

Doc: congratz mrs. Maheshwari… he is out of danger now…

When he gains
His sense…

Swra:(cryng) u idiot… u duffer… u non sense creature… u bl**dy (interpts)”ya i luv u too swara… bt i must say very innovative way to say i luv u”

Swra: i was about to die u idiot… i hv asked u nt to put ur nose in bt no.. u r the sanskar maheshwari…. sry sry… the stubborn sanskar maheshwari… u … aaaahhhh!!!

San:(worried) relax my lady gabbar … relax…

She stares at him angrily..

San: are no no… m nt saying this… our baby is saying this..

Swra: never do this again.. i will die otherwise..
San: never my princess..


they both were lost in eachother… suddenly ragini enters…”swara vo” (turns face)”sry for disturbing… u guyx carry on”

SwaSan were again cherry red…

San: i hv a gift for u princess..
Swra: what…
He took out a pair of bangles from his pocket n makes her wear that…
Swra:(with gleaming eyes) woww !! Thankuuu… itz best gift.
Sanskar again pulls her in hug…”bt nt more than better gift wich u gave me inform of my son”
Swra:(teary eyes) nopes sanskar… u gave me best gift by christened our son on bhai’s name…



Sanskar was marching… in the corridore .. he was very restless… bt his restlessness flew away listening an angelic voice… the first voice of a new life…. the new lyf.. their baby is telling everyone about its arrival…

Alia:congratz sanskar… u r now a proud father of a baby boy..n ya swara is too fine
San:(hugged alia in exitement) omg !!! Thnku
Realises…” m.. m sry vo”
Alia: itz ok….(smile)u can meet them after an hour..

San:(kissed lucky) uummmaahh … yeahh… lucky m so happy…
Lak:(scared n wierd look) ya.. u r a father now then y r u kissing me bhai… kiss bhabhi na.. u always play with my dignity..
Sanskar hits his head playfully’achha bachhu’

@Swara’s ward

Everyone was bzy in arguing about the name of the new family menber

Utt: no.. no.. ansh..is bst.
Lucky:no.. itz old.. vihaan is best
Uttra: u keep vihaan as ur son’s name.. ragini bhabhi has twins na.. one will be boy atlest..
Lak: then u keep ansh ur son-s name after ur marriage…

San:(in a higher n firm tone) bass… stop it guyz… i hv decided his name…

LakUttra: what ??
San:(smiles) aditya
Swra:(overwhelmed) sanskarr.
San: ha princess…he is our aditya..


SwaSan goes down for cake cutting. after cake cutting…
Aditya(swasan’s son): prtnr u hv promised me u will give me what i want on my bday..
San:ha partner tell me what u want..?
Aditya: a lilttle sister
Swra was damn red …
san: then ask ur mumma for a sister if she agrees then i dont hv any problem..(winks)
Swra rolls her eyes on him
Aditya:mumma promise me u will bring a sister for me na..
Swra: beta but…
Ayan(pari’s son), vihaan n rehaan (ragLak’s twins) aditya:(in unasion): pleaseee naaa…. we all want a little sis

Elders too join them

Suj: ya beta … atleasr there shld be a girl in this generation too…
Ap: hmm… i agree with sujata.. now fulfill my grandson’s wish soon

Swara was cherry red she cant control herself n left making an excuse” i hv some work”
Sanskar too follw her


San:(hugged her frm back) so tell me mrs maheshwari… when will u fullfill his wish..

Swra:(blushing) soch lo… u hv to bear my tourchers again…
San: m ready… princess..
Swra: u r seriously shameless

To be continued..

Precap: last episode…..

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kuch iss tarah (Episode 51) (5 years later)


kuch iss tarah (Episode 51) (5 years later)

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