Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 15)

InThe morning….
Ishani is slowing opening her eyelids after a Comfortable sleep. His king was laying beside her keeping his hand on her Belly. Sleeping Beautifully!! Ishani moved to the washroom, Took a bath and Wore a Beautiful Pinkish Blue Lehanga. Her milky skin was visible through her Saree’s paloo. Her lips were shining because of the droplets of water on them. He came to room where his king was mesmerized by her beauty (sitting on the bed taking rest on the bed Backside)
Ranveer(smile): Good Morning My Lady!
Ishani : (Giving Cute look) : Good Morning my Man !
Ranveer taking the towel Get into the washroom but
Ranveer (in thoughts): Ohh My Princess…. My Queen! U r only mine… And im only Urs…. Now u are going to bestow me with a Cute Baby… Im very thankful to you… I cannot leave my eyes staring you…. When u go…. The world stops to see you…!! I love u My Beauty Queen!
Ranveer goes to washroom … Just then there was a shriek !!!
Ranveer : ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh !
Ishani was Doing the bed. She was tensed
Ishani (tense): Wht happened ranveer?
Ranveer : Ishani!!! Cockroachhhh cockkkk roachhhhhh!
Ishani (chukles): Ranveer… Hahahahaa girls are afraid of themm …. Hahaha not a Good man like you…. This is Hilarious…. Ahahahahah
Ranveer : ishaniii come innn … Plzzzzz…. Spray ittt plzzzz
Ishani : ok baba… Im coming (after thinkng and realizing that he may be naked) no im nt coming
Ranveer : No ishaniii plzzz im ur husband plzzz atleast come and spary and get out from here plzzz
Ishani comes into the washroom she keeps her eyes close and said ranveer take me to the cockroach ok? No need to be afraid …
Ranveer smirks… And said ok ok

He grabs ishani and Took her under the shower…. Pshhhhhhh (water’s voice)
Ishani opens her eyes. He saw ranveer smirking…. His eyessss had naughtiness…. It seems that He was Hungry for her… And he is wanting her very Hungrily….
Ishani : Ranveer … U r a liar … Im going plz leave me
RAnveer : Noo my dear … U said na no need to afraid… But u need to afraid of me… But Im ur husband fell free… Ishani (he says in a husky Romantic voice)
Ishani : Raaa…nn….vvee….rrrrrr
Ranveer : yeah baby!?
Ishani : Leave me plx if someone will come
Ranveer (romanticaly) no one will come ishani’s body was visible from her clothes. She was shivering like anything. Ranveer was enjoying. He was grabing her with full force . He want her … but something stopped him . Her PREGNANCY!… RANVEER … WAS STARING HER…. He kissed her on her forehead and Baby bump . And hugged her tightly. They both exchange a smile . Sonia was listening them both she was feeling vry much jealous. He breaks the nearby pot so that there attention can Divert. Ishveer separated themselves. Ishani was Blushing . Her fave was red. But she didnt see him . Coz he was having shower ranveer Wore a towel and pulled ishani in hus arms. He comes to bed laid her down smirks and changes his clothes. Shano closes her eyes.
Ishani change her clothes in washroom and the duo… Goes downstairs Blushing. Sonia was planing heavily … She got a plan and she grins …. They ate breakfast and ishani see off ranveer and When she was going back to room
Just then Sonia hit shano hard on her head and just to show off she runs and holds her and said : ishaniiii whttt happpened ??? Areee u ok?? Plzzz telll mee wait i will call ambulance
Just then ishani Faints . She laughz and said Just wait and Watch ravoo will come to me. He calls ranveer (to gain sympathy):
Hello. Ranveer???
Ranveer : For whch shit R U calling me? Sonia : Ranveer ishani had fainted plzzz come ranveeerrr
Ranveer : wht???? The morning incident came in his mind….. He started to cry and Opens the car and left for home

Ranveer : Soniaa…. Soniaaaa…. Where is ishani???!!!
Sonia : she is ok! The doctor treated her she is sleeping …
Ranveer rushes upstairs and he saw ishani :
“Ishaniiiii !!! Plzzzzz get up baby!! Plz dont leave me… I will die… Plzzzz ishani… I love you… Plzzzz…. God plz give her life… I beg u ishani plz come to me…. He kissed her … Like the sleeping beauty… After a minute… She woke up… Rav cannot control his tears … He hugged her hard … And advised her to sleep . She slept .
Ranveer calls Puneet (Office worker):
Puneet : Hello Sir!
Ranveer : Puneet… Is there any wrk today ?
Puneet : No sir… There is no work till the day after Yesterday… On that day there is a conference sir!
Ranveer : Ok i will be 3 Days absent. So plz guide all of People abt work k?
Puneet : G sir!
Call ended .

Ravoo spent whole day caring for her.
Ranveer was thinking hard that how there is a wound on ishani’s Head.
Then he remebered that There is no one in the house expect of Sonia . He comes to gallery . He found a bl**dy stick. He knows all the situation! He comes to ishani . She was awake
Ishani: (keeping hand on head)Ranveer y are u not in the office?
Ranveer: I will not go to office till u r perfect
Ishani : Ranveerrr im per…fec….t… Ouchhhhhhh (there is a pain in her head)
Ranveer: I have seen how much perfect are u and he laughs
She also laughs
They Talk abt many things. Ishani is well now….
Ranveer aks her: Ishani ..

Do u know wht happened…?
Ishani: Ranveer actually … I was cming to my room… After u have gone office …. Just then i felt my Head paining hardly….. And i fainted!
Ranveer: (imaptiently): Ishani it was sonia!!!
Ishani : sonia? No ranveer…. She is such a Nice and caring girl!
Ranveer (bit angry): No…. It was her!! Im damn sure….. !!! Plzzzz try to understand …
Ishani : Noooo ranveer…. She cant be yar… Cool down
Ranveer (smashed a lamp): No it was Her!!! U dnt trust me naww?? I will not leave herrr!!!!!!!!! ( he was heading towards her room )
Ishani (with tears ): No ranveer…… Ouchhhhh (she felt pain in her baby bump ouchhhhhh its hurting
Ranveer turned …he conciously moves towards her and saiddd…. Wht happened ishani??
Ishani : Ouchhhh ouchhhh baby…. Plzzzzzzzzzzz
Ranveer (wid tears ) sorryyyyy ishani… Sorry ishani… For giving u stresss…. U dont deserve mee…
Ishani : No ranveer… Shut up… We both Deserve each other!! Plzzzz oychhhhh
Ranver cries and calls the doctor. He comes and gives her pills and said
Doc (he): Mrs Vaghela… Ur Baby started kicking and he smiled
Ranveer : Wht??? Really!!! Sir r u serious???
He twirls the doc .

Ranveer : oppssss doc sryyy!! ??
He stares at ishani wid love and affection!!
He see offs the doc comes to room and sit near ishani
Ranveer : Thankyou for giving me such happiness…. I love u shanoooo…. But im soooo greedy… Im giving u pain for my happiness (sad face)
Ishani (smiles ): nooo ranveer…Im enjoying Being a mother …
Ranveer : Baby… If u dnt mind… Can i feel The kick of my swere baby ..?
Ishani (smiles ) yeah sure Dear PAPA…
Ranveer places hand on her belly and feels the kick
When the baby kicks …
Ranveer : Ishaniiiii baby kicked… I love u both .. my sweet family .. he kissed her forehead … Sorryyyy ishaniiii…. I was being sooo rudee to you … U can give me penalty!!
Ishani : No … Ranveer…. It was Ur angry avatar… But now u r in which avatr?,
Ranveer (winks ): romantic avatar !! ?
Ishani shyes away… He comes close to her and said
Do u know….!! Which medicine cured u ?
Ishani (childish look) : No
Ranveer : MY kiss … I kissed u when u were fainted … And he smirks
Ishani : (shy look) : Leave me…. Ranveerrr chodooo mujheee….
Ranveer: No nooo my baby…. U keep our baby near u naw? So keep me also …
Hows this guyz??? I used words to describe the all situation?
Can i write like this ?? ????

Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 15)


Ishveer The LoveBirds ..(Episode 15)


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