stay away!!! ……Thahaan (Two shot) Part 1

Hi friends. Its been a long time. So, how are u guyzz, I know all thahaan fans are quite disappointed with the current track. Can’t say, May be some of them are enjoying too, our bihaan as angry young man. I don’t know why writers don’t get inspired with beautiful & interesting ff of this page. … … well, leave it.
It is a small two shot or may be three shot(haven’t decided till now) written after the navratri pooja episode. I hope my friends will like it and will give their response too.
Here it goes!!!

Her steps Stumbled and vision got blurred. Her legs felt weak and off course it is her fault she shouldn’t have drunk that wine while claiming it to be some kind of kadha. What else she could do?? He was irritating her so much he knew how much she hates drink as well as the people who drink that too in her room. How dare he!!! But she was no less she made him believe that it was tulsi kadha and how innocent he is!! He believed it. But the most ridiculous thing was that she drunk it foolishly Very well knowing that she can’t take its after effect. Her mind was running with image of his anger boiled face, his frustrated eyes. They way he said “humse door raha karo tum” His anger, his frustration, his pain clearly reflected in his eyes. She was Hurt she doesn’t know why??? Did he really asked her to stay away??? Was she so bad!!!
Her legs moved to and fro. Her hands tried to get hold of something to keep herself steady but failed to do so.

she slipped, and closed her eyes in fear to meet the hard floor.
Suddenly she felt a strong grip on her upper arm. She looked up in haze at the persons face. Struggling hard to focus on the features. She felt her legs going up in air. But when she realized she was already in his arms being carried away to her bedroom. She Was too tired to ask or say something.
She opened her eyes when she felt soft bed under herself. SPLASH!!! She jumped in shock Cold water ran down her cheeks. Soon her vision cleared and she met with a pair of red furious eyes glaring down at her. It was the most beautiful eyes. It was BIHAAN.
Guyzz let me know if I should continue or not. And I would love to hear my friends comments again. I really missed u guyzz.

stay away!!! ……Thahaan (Two shot) Part 1


stay away!!! ……Thahaan (Two shot) Part 1


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