Twinj: A Never Ending Love story: Intro

Hi…..I was a silent reader but I got inspiration from many fan fictions and I thought why don’t I start an FF by my my own.

So my characters are:


Twinkle Taneja:a bubly and sweet punjabi girl.

Mahi Taneja:younger sister of twinkle.

Leela Taneja: Twinkle’s and Mahi’s mother.

RT: Twinkle’s and Mahi’s father.


Kunj Sarna: A handsome and kindhearted personality.
Usha Sarna: Kunj’s mother.

Manohar Sarna: Kunj’s father.


Yuvraj Luthra: Kunj’s best friend.

Anita Luthra: UV’s mother.

Chinki: Twinkle’s friend

Other characters will be introduced according to the story.

What the FF is about:

anita,leela and usha are chilhood friends so as manohar and RT.

twinkle,mahi,chinki,uv and kunj is in the same college.kunj and uv are twinkle and kunj will meet eachother without knowing their parents are childhood friend. they will fall in love with eachother but they are not ready to accept it.

To Be Countinued

Twinj: A Never Ending Love story: Intro


Twinj: A Never Ending Love story: Intro


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