Gia replacing Devoleena- How do you all feel? And what is your predictions about the story lines?

From various sources, it is believed that Devoleena is not happy aging after a leap- show makers are wanting to bring back Gia to the show. I am quite happy that Gia might return, although there are several reasons why it might be unusual-
Gia played the shy and sweet Gopi, whilst Devoleena played a brave and fearless Gopi. Will Gia be able to play that kind of Gopi?
It is going to be weird seeing Gia with Meera Vidya and her grandchildren. When Gia left, Meera was not even born.
Seeing Gia without Rucha is also weird.
My main worry is if Gia will be able to play a powerful Gopi when it comes to vamps? Gia never confronted any vamps except Rashi.

On the other hand, I just wish there is no separation leap. After the leap, we should be introduced to grandmother Gopi playing with her grandchildren and teaching them about Krishna.
We need fresh and new vamps. Vamps with motives for revenge is getting boring- we have had Radha and Gaura- who have both been on SNS for almost 2 years equally. We need vamps that want power and wealth- a vamp who is interested in ruling the Modis.
This is a possibility and a idea but I think they should kill off Kokila because Gopi needs to become independent and needs to stop relying on her. Kokila has always been the root of all the problems for the Modis-
Kokila never controlled Kinjal- which led to Umaang.
If Kokila was such a brilliant detective, why didn’t she stop Rashi and Urmila by tricking Jigar and getting married?
Kokila wanted to make Gopi just like her- which has brought disputes between Gohem. Ahem always said Gopi likes to be mahaan.
Kokila was always overprotective over Gopi, hence why Madhu got jealous. Kokila tried to be her mother.
Kokila was strict upon Radha, hence why Radha got irritated by Gopi and that is how Radha became negative.
Kokila thought Gopi killed her own daughter- how could she believe that?
Kokila let Radha live in her mansion for 8 years?
Kokila told Gopi to be strict upon Rashi after Radha track- I believe it is Kokila’s fault Rashi died because if Rashi never became irritated by Gopi, Rashi would of saved Gopi earlier and she would be still alive.
Kokila was so dumb when she did not realise that Radha was Roopmati- did she not even try to investigate?
Kokila made Gopi into a monster, hence why Gopi killed Radha.
Kokila was strict with Meera, hence why Meera became rebellious
Kokila’s stupid detective instincts caused her to think Karunesh was misbehaving with Jigna- it is all Kokila’s fault that Karunesh died- because of Kokila, the Modis have to suffer.

Kokila is the main vamp in the show and has to leave. Overall, Hetal should become the new Baa. Vidya should be just like Gopi and Meera should be like Rashi in their own household. Sona and Tolu should be seen with their own children, alongside Naiya and Molu. Gopi should become the new Kokila.

Any opinions or suggestions guys?

What is your opinions?

Gia replacing Devoleena- How do you all feel? And what is your predictions about the story lines?


Gia replacing Devoleena- How do you all feel? And what is your predictions about the story lines?


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