Roses and thorns (chapter 10)

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part 10

laksh got the letter. He was shocked to see it. He was soo happy smiling like an idiot. Bt wat he can do na letter tha hi itna special
Hey!!!! I am ragini actually i wanted to meet u will u?? Its ok if u r busy bt if u r ready than plz meet me at xyz place at 8 pm
He was literally jumping in excitement.

in school

After swara left. Sanskar saw her leaving and thought to propose her.

@unknown place
Man1- get him anyhow in my farmhouse. And this tym no any mistake is allowed
All men nods nd leaves the place.
Anirudh- dad why u want to kidnap him?? Jst kill him directly.
Man- no ani i wanted to see him and appreciate him in my style.

@swara apartment
Samar came to her to take her wid him to dinner.
She got ready and both left for hotel.
Snky was following them due to day dreaming ? bechara sanky uff yeh pyar

They had their dinner and some casual talks after that they left for walk….
During walk
Samar kneels down on his knees and
Sam- swara i dont know how to say bt i love u will always love u. Will u be mine forever???
Swara was totally shocked she ws not knowing wat to do as she always thought of him as friend bt……
On the other side
Sanky was totally heartbroken to see this so feels as someone snatches his soul from his body. More them anyone he was w8ing for swara’s reply.
swara- sry samar i never felt for u and never thought of u in this way. I really respect u and also i dont want to hurt u bt i am not ready for any relations. I hope u will understand.
Sanky’s eyes were sparkling at this tym bt was also sad bcz she said she is nt ready for any relation……

But on the other side samar was totally heartbroken. He ws not knowing the dream which he had seen will be shattered like this. It was paining deep inside his heart but he planted a smile on his face and he starighten himself and said
Sam- oh come on swara no need to feel sorry i was jst joking wss trying to see if u are same or u have changed. Lets leave all this. Chal lets go bck to home

Swara was happy listening this as a joke
Swara- u know samar u have seriously given me a heartattack. I thought that i lost a friend like u
Sam- oh plz mam itni asani se main tumhara peecha nhi chodunga. Chl chale
They left the place and have gone back to their houses.

Sanky thought sanskar beta u have to do something to make her fall for u. Yeh schul wale toh tym hi nhi dete. Toh soch……..and ya idea. I am proud of u. Lucky’s company is helping me first tym bt if she rejects me as samr…… Nooooooo stop day dreaming mr. Maheshwari…….

Simultaneously on the other side

Laksh reached to xyz place to meet ragini. When he reached their nothing was present just the darkness all around.

Laksh(in mind) aur kar beta pyar tera popat bna dia isne……w8 i have seen in movies now the lights will get on and beautiful decoration and all. Wow lucky man ?
And as lucky thought the lights get switched on bt instead of beautiful decorations the place was all still not even roses. Lucky ws disappointed a little suddenly his eyes fell on a beautiful and large (very large haan bigger than lucky) and he became extremely happy…..

He runs towards the gift and unwraps hardly unwraps it as it was very big…

After unwrapping their he saw his angle sitting on a chair. She ws looking soo beautiful in blue colour floor length gown. He was just staring her blanky
Bt inside the gift box this ws not only present this is lucky that he is not able to.see anything else then her but let me complety give the view for u.
This was the beautiful as in fairy tales. This was like a small room made up of glass walls in which a round table along wid two cjairs were of the chair was occupied by her angel. No ceiling. Glass wall was decorated wid roses, ballons etc etc. On the table a beautiful candle stand was present.

He ws jst staring her till now. Ragini came forward and kneels down in front of him and said
Ragini- i love u soo much the first tym u saw u i fell in love wid u. I dont know u love me or not bt still will u be my bf..

Laksh was soo happy if wud have not been present here then he must have shouted and danced like a maniac bt somehow he control himself nd said
Laksh – NO……..

Ragini ws totally shocked her eyes were welled up wid tears. She stood up and started moving back bt laksh hold her from her shoulders and said i Will not be ur bf bt ur husband…. Now he kneels down on his knees and said
I love u too ragini.. Bt will u marry me????
Ragini was on cloud 9 she immediately hugged him and said yes….. Bt for this u have to ask my parents. They hugged for long tym and then
Laksh- ragini are u not forgetting smthng
Ragini- wat( total confused)
Laksh-smiles naughtily- actually before marrying na u shud know my name so that u can print it on our wedding card…..
Ragini realises and said u can tell me
Laksh- laksh bt for closed ones its lucky…..

Ragini- ohk……
And again they hugged and stand in same posture.
After sometym tey walk towards the table had their dinner feeding eo and continously staring eo and then he left her to her home and he get back to his apartment smiling…….

@swara’s house

She was lying on the floor and crying
Swara- how cud i do this??? How cud i lost that letter??? If someone gets it no no this cant happen no one will get it. I have to find it. I think i lost it in school. I shud go to school early and find it out……

Precap- kidnapping and letter mystery…..

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Roses and thorns (chapter 10)


Roses and thorns (chapter 10)


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