Twinj- journey from revenge to love (Epi-5)

Recap:- twinj friendship

twinkle is still in kunj’s arm…..both come in senses by hearing the voices of students…..kunj make twinkle stand……both r feeling awkward…..when twinkle break it by her voice

twinkle:- thhnkss for saving me
kunj:- no sry nd no thanks u in friendship miss.??
twinkle:- oh ha I forgot to introduce name is twinkle taneja…miss Amritsar…..nd a perfect example of beauty with brains?
kunk(laughs):- ok miss beauty with brain….I m kunj sarna..Mr. Amritsar ?……nd perfect example of body with brains?

Both twinj laughs listening each other intro……

days r passing by nd as the day is passing twinj r understanding each other more….they have started to fall for each other…..they know about their feelings about r scared to tell to their respective partners……as they r scared they may lose their friendship too

one day in college…..early morning

kunj come running to twinkle nd is sweating…..(shouts):- twinkle…..

precap:- surprise

Credit to: Anu

Twinj- journey from revenge to love (Epi-5)


Twinj- journey from revenge to love (Epi-5)


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