manik malhotra_its my love story (part-53)

Manik Malhotra_its my love story

Manik and nandini parted. Both came out of the room.
“I don’t believe that such a beautiful potrait. In believable, amazing. I have no words to express.” Nandini’s eyes are filled with enter all happiness and surprise
“You are beautiful and amazing” Manik said in sweet voice which made nandini giggle. She got goose bumps.
“I just tried to show what I always stare at”

“Can I have that?”
“Some more finishing works are there then I will”
“You have so many talents you sing, play guitar, artist, good at studies, iam impressed”
“Wow ! Even iam good at ….” Manik looked around and murmured slowly in her ears “kiss”
Nandini blushed a lot she started to run away Manik held her hand and stopped her Nandini didnot turn back. Manik came near her and said “don’t I deserve an appriciation?” Nandini got his intentions and smiled

“I had to go”
Manik left her. She ran away
“What are you doing Manik? Don’t listen to your heart it carry away you. Don’t forget your dads promise to Khanna” Manik mind warned him strictly. Manik became harsh and angry.

All went for sight seeing again girl went for shopping boys followed them as they don’t want them to be alone and get into trouble.
All the way cabir and navya fighting for one or the other thing
Druv is just watching hot girls
Aliya is dragging him from them

Mukhti is watching a bike which is parked at a mall. She liked it a lot. It’s totally a racing bike. She love racing.
“Hello beautiful! I think it’s not your piece of meal. Can you excuse me I need to take my bike” a stranger
“Not my piece of my meal means?”mukhti spoke harshly
“O oo cool it’s my bike” with a cool smile the stranger
“Iam just checking out”
“You know bike riding?”
“Iam a racer”

“What do you mean by?”
“You are so sensitive and just like a piece of art”
“Mukhti!” Called Manik
Manik saw both he asked mukhti in suspending manner “what hpnd?”
“This chuchandar thinks iam not a racer, a piece of art”
Manik smiled mukhti joined him
“Ok nice meeting you chuchandari bye” said stranger smiling
“Shut up now when you hurt my ego let’s have race” mukhti said
“Sorry I won’t race with small cute flowers”
Mukhti got irritated she love bikes and racing is her weakness as now the stranger is instigating she can’t resist she catches his collar

Manik tried to stop mukhti, he knows how wild she will react when it comes to bikes
“Look you looser if you can’t do close your mouth and walk away understand”
The stranger got on his ego ” if you insist let’s race if you loose say a perfect sorry and spend a day with me”
” done! If you loose you have to pay all the day bills of mine and my friends shopping and food”
“Mukhti! Are you mad? Stop nonsense” Manik warned
“Wait Manik I had to teach him a lesson. All came to mukhti and Manik.
Mukhti rented a bike. Everyone are in tension

Race started all are eagerly waiting for the race to complete
The race was for three rounds.
Frist round mukhti completed fast
Second round the stranger did it faster
Third round started mukhti raised the exalator fast suddenly she saw the strangers bike got breakdown in fast running point she just took her bike near his and asked him to jump on her bike. He was in shock. She gave hand and try to help him
He took her hand and sat back of her she slow down her bike and took it to a side. Within fraction of second the strangers bike fell down with great sound all came runing.
“Are you both ok?”
Both got down of bike
“Ya man are you mad if you had lost balance you would have broked your nuts! Why did you pick me it’s fine if I had some breakages in my bones”
“What?” Shouted mukhti

“Yes! The speed and your weight can’t carry me all of sudden if anything happens to you?”
“O God! I helped you instead of thanking me you are shouting at me?”
“That doesn’t mean that you take risk”
“Hello stop over reacting” mukhti removed her helmet. The stranger hugged her tight
All shocked. Manik gave him a hard punch
The stranger got angry and took his hand was about to bounce back Manik came near his face but controlled
“Look mukhti! I don’t know anything about you but you are as me, at frist round of our race I fell for you is this an attraction or love I don’t know but it’s so strong that I can get hurt but can’t see you in pain.”
“What this all means?”

“I love you daffer” the stranger again hugged her
All started laughing including Manik
“Arey yaar iam serious”
Cabir patted on his shoulder Druv is laughing like hell Aliya said”chuuuuuchuuuu”
Manik said “my condolence”
Navya and nandini are just watching this strange behaviour of fab4
Mukhti is just walking away
The stranger followed her
“Say me”
“That you too love me”

“Just walk away don’t irritate”
“Wait wait a moment! I will say it properly iam Abhimanyu Sinha. Sinha music company legal heir. Studying my mba. I stay in Mumbai iam only child of my parents I love bike racing and I love you.”
Mukhti punched him hard his nose started bleeding, she was about to punch again cabir, Manik and druv dragged her back
“Are fool she is mukhti she will kill you go from here” Aliya shouted
” let her guys! You all saw harshness of her but I saw the baby soft corner of her, mukhti iam not just saying really I feel it”
“Look what ever you are I hate guys saying such nonsense to me sorry I don’t”
“Ok fine let’s do one thing spend a day with me then decide”
“Iam on tour with my friends so sorry I can’t”
Abhimanyu felt sad
Cabir came to him “we too stay at Mumbai let’s have a task if you both Meer again in Mumbai you can try to convince her”
“You guys are from Mumbai”
“Yes” Manik said giving his hand
Abhimanyu happily shake his hand and hugged him

“Iam Druv, he is cabir, this is Manik, she is Aliya we all are friends along with mukhti”
Abhimanyu greeted all
After a small talk he went away
“Cabir what was that? Why did you say him that he can convince me?”
“Because I saw mukhti just punched she didnot took out his brains accept the truth”
“Shut up yaar I can’t be same this Aliya girlish type my arrogance is unbearable leave it”
“Mukhti your like a coconut harsh outside and very tender outside which he recognised I think you can give him a chance” Druv said
“Guys frist let us find about him. Cabir block all mukhti’s social media site so that he can’t catch mukhti easily. Then we will think. We can’t risk mukhti’s feelings”
Manik said
“Ok! I will spy on him from today” Druv said
Aliya said “I will join you”
“Stop guys no we will wait for him”

Manik said
All discussed about ifs and buts and reached room
Nandini is observing Manik, how tenderly and sensitively he is handi long things made her surprised and the punch she scared.
“What happened nandu what are you thinking?”
“These guys na they are amazing”
“Yes I too feel same they are awesome”

“Navya shall I ask you one thing?”
“When you love cabir why do fight with him?”
“Nandu! It’s not fighting it’s all which gives us great memories Choti Choti nok ghok will spice up relations that will show how much we really care each other see iam ziddi I will demand things cabir is also ziddi he stand on his own decision we get into fighting after that we both start compromising sometimes he sometimes me, which shows that self preference is less important than relation. We this happens we love eachother more”
“But I and Manik never fight? We don’t argue? So we don’t love each other?”
“Plagal! No not like that some have other type of bondage that’s it”
“What bondage yaar he didn’t even prapose me, sometimes he behaves strange sometimes he is so romantic iam tired”
“Then you speak on this topic”
“No feel shy” nandini blushed
“O nandu is blushing” navya stared teasing her.

Guys I need a break for manan; its Nandini my dream girl iam thinking about a twist which iam not getting in correct track last episode was just boring which I wrote I don’t want to repeat so sorry for inconvience and I regreat for writting badly sorry
Hope you guys understand love you

manik malhotra_its my love story (part-53)


manik malhotra_its my love story (part-53)


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