Swasan latest fan fictions analysis

Hey guys… Im a swasan fan and more os a Varunholic. I love him a lot….
We all read so many fan fictions here. But I want to bring out the best and the latest fan on Swasan which have started and are good enough to be read. I request all of you to catch them before the episodes pile up…

Number One
Fixing Broken Souls.
By Anu.
This fan fiction is just superb… Its tag line is “Its all about fixing each other.” Emotional, sometimes funny, all time romantic, Sanskar’s love for Swara, one misunderstanding and lots of unexpected things. Imagine you are going for the wedding of love of your life. (which is not gonna happen for sure) The story is so intriguing. I love the story and I rank it number one among the latest.

Stay Away… I’m not your husband.
By Sujata.
Another story. I thought of just going through and I seriously liked it. Sanskar’s businessman attitude got me head over heels. I’m in insanely in love with man. Mysterious plot. The girl calls herself his wife. God knows why? Sanskar doesn’t remember anything. His family is trying to hook him with her. Interesting na?
Ranking this number 2

The Yellow Rose
By Bishaa.
I came to know about this fan fiction through a friend and I simply loved it. Only one chapter out and im already crazy about this. I know Bisha because of her wonderful one shots. Though not much is revealed about Sanskar im the first chapter I’m sure its definitely superb. Sanky is a scholar in this ff who tries to be cool. Peer pressure, you know..

So, these are the top three. If you have anything else in your mind do let me know.

And for the old ones.

Swasan fan fiction by Vini
A path hate to love by Saba
Swasan acceptance by Sree
Fix you by Anu
Destiny by Anu
From darkness to light by Neha
Mr. Maheshwari and I by Anjali
Kuch iss tarah by Meher.
D3 by someone (idk the writer sorry)
You are mine!
Unexpected relations.
Tu Meri mannat
Do jism Ek jaan.
Meri Aashiqui.
Falling for you.
Kabhi paas kabhi door.
Modern tale of love.
The way you are.
Dr. Swara and mr. Maheshwari
Falling for you

Okay. I know there are so many but I could remember only this much. Sorry of I have missed out any ff. It was totally unintentional. Please tell me about the fan fictions you think I have missed out and write in your comments. And thanks to all the writers for taking out time and writing so beautifully. U all deserve many many hugs and a big thank you!

Swasan latest fan fictions analysis


Swasan latest fan fictions analysis


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