Kaala Teeka 16th April 2016 –

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Scene 1
Prohit says this havan will kill all bad eyes on Garui. Vishwa says nothing dark can even touch her.
Leela comes to temple and sees them. Chulbul says don’t you think he is too much into this. Leela says this is not pooja,he is doing this to fade darkness away. But for whom? Whose kundli is that way?

Kali says what date? Garui says double date. You and aryan and me and yug. It will be fun. Kali says I wont go. Gauri says I have planned everything. Kali says i don’t like all this. Gauri says close your eyes. Now open it.She shows her a dress and says how is it? Gauri says wear it. Kali says i can’t. Gauri says I don’t know anything.

Leela asks pandit ji for whom is vishwa doing this? He says he didn’t tell anything. he said he will do everything on his own.
Gauri says where are they both. Yug comes and says I am here. Kali comes. Yug sees her. Aryan comes and reads a couplet. Gauri says you are poet. Aryan says no I am not words comeout when I see her. Gauri says Kali come here. Kali feels uncomfortable in her dress. She comes. Aryan says looking great. Now I know why they say black is beautiful.

Kali sits with Aryan. Aryan says I can’t get my eyes off you. Gauri says where is your mind?Why are you mentally absent? Yug says I am fine. She says come lets dance. She gets Kali and aryan up to. They dance in couples on ‘kahin tou hogi wo’. Aryan comes close to Kali, Yug doesn’t like it. Aryan gets a call.Yug comes to her and says don’t you feel any mercy on yourself? I can’t see this. How long will you bear all this? Gauri comesback and says what are you discussing. Yug says Aman’s mom is not well i need to rush. He leaves.

Photographer sees is seeing sangeet pictures, in background Yug sees aryan stealing the locket. He says so this is Kali’s husband to be. This is what Gauri has found.

Prohit says to vishwa today is a good day, if Kali gets married today, Gauri’s marriage trouble will wither away.
Kali sees her phone switched away. Vishwa says how is that possible. Prohit says we have to make it possible. It will kill all troubles in gauri’s life.
Kali comes and says what happened? Why are you all worried. Mad says come sit.

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Kaala Teeka 16th April 2016 –


Kaala Teeka 16th April 2016 –


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