Swasan FF: Devil and Angel (Episode 2)

Swasan FF: Devil and Angel (Episode 2)

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Sanskar give a winning smile to swara .. who is standing numb.. she hates him to the core.. and it will be better to die than marrying a devil like him.. that time she hate the world.. she hate everything.. she hates herself.. however she try to speak..

swara: give me some time .. i will say my answer in next week..

sanakar: (laugh loudly) oh god.. r u kidding miss gaddodia? am i looking a teenage lover to you? i don’t want your yes or no answer.. because i will marry you at any cost… and next monday we are going to marry..
( swara shattered.. next monday.. 3 days left.. how can i escape from his trp.. she look at him with a blank expression)

sanskar: don’t be sad baby.. don’t cry.. it will affect your beauty.. but i must say you are s*xy while crying.. my doll..

(swara gets angry by his words)

swara: stop it Mr. sanskar maheswari.. I’m not a doll whom you can play whenever you needs and throw it after use.. I’m a girl.. i have my own feelings.. if you can’t respect it don’t utter any words..

( her words make sanskar a bit angry.. but he controlled it and with an evil smile he approached her.. sanskar hold her waist.. swara became numb.. she feel irritated )

swara: what r u doing? take your hand away.. please..

sanskar enjoyed her facial expression.. he place his finger on her pink lips.. he started to rub his finger through her lips in a sensual way.. swara don’t understood what to do.. then his fingers caressed her neck.. swara tried to escape from him.. but he was strong.. tears fall down from her cheek..

swara: you want my body . so you want to marry me..

sanskar: half right swara.. half wrong.. i want your body.. but marriage is not only the way to get it.. if i want i will make you mine now.. but i want to watch you every day.. i want to enjoy your beauty every day..

swara: what the hell.. you don’t want my heart .. you don’t want my love. . you are really a devil ..

sandkar:baby I’m a devil.. i don’t want love from anyone.. i don’t know what is that.. i only want to enjoy my life.. now stop arguments and be ready to be my wife..

sankar leaves the room.. swara sit on the floor like a lifeless body.. she have two options.. one marry him..two kill her whole family and suicide.. which is the better option???..

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Swasan FF: Devil and Angel (Episode 2)


Swasan FF: Devil and Angel (Episode 2)

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