Hey ..guys ..I am back as I already told I am busy with my quiz preparations ….so I didn’t get time and ya my sister is working on her presentation so she is kinda more busy now ….hope she will ….I think u didn’t forget the story
So here is the story ,

Passenger : Swara !
Swara opens her eyes
Swara shocked : sanskar .!
She was numb seeing him .
Sanskar saw her lovingly
Swara turns her head …angrily …
Sanskar touches her cheecks ……Swara feels his touch .
Swara : sanskar ……
Suddenly some sound comes …
Swara wakes up ……(its her dream )
Swara was having tears …..
Swara saw the next person ….some girl was there …
Swara leaned to the window and saw …..she was flying in air .(flight)
Swara in mind : why sanskar …..y the hell u r torturing me …….y I am always getting ur dream .
I hate u ….I hate u like hell…….
Swara wipes her tears

@Kolkata .
A big mansion is shown .
With many black BMW
And Audi parked ……
There were many body guards surrounded …….
The mansion was really big and was in the middle surrounded by garden .
A young man in white shirt , black blazer , wearing black shoes and black cooling glass …
Comes out to the parking area
The man : did u finish the work
BG (BODYGUARD) : yes sir .
The man : good .
The man takes his gun and shoots the BG
The man : 132 pick him and bury (number is roll no. Of bgs )
132bg picks the BG and burys him
Another BG : sir y did u shoot him
The man : simply …..I love shooting that’s y … u want to get shot
The BG gets quiet and leaves ….
The man is none other than sanskar !
Sanskar evilly : this is my correct time to take rivarly from my so callled dad … Laksh and Swara r not there .
I am gonna establish my network in Kolkata ……I am coming Dp
He laughs evilly

@airport ..
The flight lands
Swalakrag boards a car and leaves to hotel ….

Laksh ; Swara u be with ragini and I will take seperate room
Swara : bro ….come yaar …..I am fine …u both be in a room
Ragini : but Swara ….u were alone in flight also ….and now also
Swara : bhabhi …..tomorrow while going out I will be with u both only know … obey my words
Laksh : Swara y u always want to be alone
Swara : bro …its just I like ….OK tomorrow I will be with u only ..OK
Laksh and ragini : promise
Swara : pakka promise ..
Raglak smile …..
Laksh registers
Raglak go their room opposite Swara room .

@Swara room
Swara keeps her bag and arranges her things in the cupboard .
She goes to washroom and gets freshned up
She comes wearing pink sleeveless structure top and white half above knees shorts ….
Swara opens her diary and writes all her incidents occurred ….
Swara phone rings
Swara : hi ma
Ap : how r u dear
Swara : I am fine
Ap : u reached
Swara : haan we r in hotel now
Ap : oh …is raginj staying with u
Swara : no …ma I said them to stay together
Ap : then u r staying alone huh !
Swara : ma …they r new couple ..u know ,
Ap : OK OK …but take care
Swara : OK ma
Ap : eat something an sleep
Swara : OK ma
Ap : bye Swara take care
Swara : OK ma …bye ….
Swara hangs up .
Her wallpaper appears ……
Swasan pic
Swara sees it with passionate ……
Swara kisses sanky picture

@Kolkata (sanky mansion)
Sanskar gets freshened up
He sits in his sofa and talks to someone ……
After talking the wallpaper appears
Swara pic
Sanky feels happy with knowledge (because Swara kissed his pic)
His heart feels light ….
Sanky kisses Swara pic

@Goa (Swara room)
Swara feels happy and her heart becomes light ….
Swara : sanskar ! …………

@Kolkata (sanky mansion)
Sanskar : Swara !
Both smile looking at the phone (without their knowledge)

@morning ,
@sanky mansion
Sanskar slept on sofa …keeping his phone to his chest …..
Sanskar wakes up and finds himself on sofa
Sanskar : swara…y can’t I forget u ……….I know u will hate me to the core but still …..
(Sanskar don’t forget she is the daughter of ur enemy control ) – inner voice said
Sanskar : I know …she should not come in front of me …otherwise I will lose all my strength and will become weak again ..
(Sanskar don’t they to meet her , or talk to her ……get ur revenge) – inner voice
Sanskar : OK .wait I have a plan …..Dp weak point is Swara …..if I marry Swara and torture her ….that’s enough for him ….
(Sanskar can u torture Swara ! ) – inner voice
Sanskar : I am sanskar …..I won’t change OK
(OK then ………mission starts ) – inner voice
Sanskar : Mr durga prasad maheshwari … u will see who I am ….
He smiles evilly ….

@Goa .
Swara gets ready and knocks raglak room
Laksh opens the door
Laksh : so sharp …huh !
Swara : of course …ready
Laksh : I am ready before 10mins only …ur bhabhi is only taking to much time …..
Swara smiles
Ragini : u …dont lie …u know what Swara …I was waking him up last one hour …now only he woke and I am getting ready …
Swara : cheater ..
Laksh pouts ….
Ragini : can u help me Swara
Swara : sure bhabhi
Swara helps ragini to get ready …
Laksh : how much u will take
Ragini : 2 minutes ….
Laksh : offo
At last swarag come
Laksh was memerised seeing ragini ….
Swara smiles
Ragini : Laksh close ur mouth insects will go in
Laksh realises
Ragini : how am I looking
Laksh : awesome …my beautiful lady
Ragini blushes
Swara : ahem…….ahem …..I am hear
Raglak composes
Laksh : first where we will go
Swara : palolem beach …I heard its the most beautiful beach ..
Ragini : OK
Laksh : shall we leave …..
Swarag : sure ……

@Kolkata …
Dp and ap went to temple with 2 of his body guards ….
Sanskar and his 7 bodyguards comes …..
Sanskar comes in bmw followed by black audi back .
Sanskar gets out of the car ….
All the people were more scared seeing sanskar gang …..
Sanskar ; mission on track …(he says while removing his cooling glass )
Sanskar : go bring them ….(he ordered three bgs )
Sanskar bgs brings Dp and ap ….forcefully out ….
All the people were shocked seeing Dp and ap being dragged out as they were the most powerful first …now its sanskar .
Dp : leave me …….
Ap : leave me ……
Sanskar comes in front of them
Ap and Dp were shocked …
Ap : sanskar how are u ……
Sanskar : I am not anyones sanskar ……..and no one has the right to call me …..
Ap was shocked ….she has tears
Dp : sanskar what r u doing …..first listen to me
Sanskar : I don’t want to listen anyone …….its my decision ….shoot them (he orders a BG)
Dp and ap were completely shocked ….
Sanky BG holds gun pointing Dp and ap …
Dp and ap : really u r gonna shoot us sanskar ..
Sanskar moood was changing but he controlled
Sanskar : yes ……..shoot them …
(Sanky BG was about to shoot )
Sanskar shot sanky BG ……
This stunned everyone
Ap : I know u won’t let anyone to shoot us right
Sanskar : oh oh dont think like that OK ….I will shoot u ……but I will give options to u ..
Ap was numb
Dp : what options
Sanskar : 1 . I will marry Swara ……and u will give me all ur power …..
2 , if u don’t do this …I will kill ur daughter … u killed my parents
Ap and Dp were stunned …..
Dp : sanskar ….how can u stoop so low ……u better shoot us
Ap : haan shoot us ……..
Sanskar : oh daughter sentiment ….if I shoot u ….u will go to heaven and lead a peaceful life …no I don’t want that ……I want u to live and have a hell life thinking about ur daughter life …
It depends on u …..if option 1 she will live
If option 2 ……she will die …
That’s it ….I am giving one day time …….decide .

Dp : oh reallly ……u even don’t know where they r ….and how can u
Sanskar smiles evilly
Sanskar : yesterday night 8:30 flight to Goa …she gone …her seat no is 13 …a girl sat next to her …her name is sana …I seated up the girl ..
They r staying in beach resort and Swara is on room no 212 …..
She got ready just now and Laksh ragini and Swara r leaving to polelem beach …just now they boarded in a car and driver is my set up …
Dp u want any further information Mr durga prasad maheshwari …….
Dp and ap were stunned ….
Sanskar : leave them home … they have to think a lot …….(ordering a BG )
Sanskar does back to his BMW and drives off …
Leaving everyone frightnned ……who were watching ….
And Dp and ap were numb

@Goa …
Raglak and Swara went to palolem beach ….they did mast I and were driving back hotel ..

@hotel ..
Raglak waves bye and goes to their room ….
Swara waves bye ….

@Swara room
Swara was exhausted …..,.,she quickly changed and say down on sofa ..
She took the coffee mug and had a sip ..
The phone rang ..
Swara : hello .
No response
Swara : hello …
No response
Swara : I guess its wrong number …..
She was about to cut
Caller : don’t u dare to cut ….
Swara was shocked ……….
Swara puts the phone down …..
The phone falls down ………..
Swara faints ….

Precap : who the hell have called her ! ……..swasan marriage ……..swasan ki hate story

Hope u all like this part …and plz comment
Even though I have quiz …I am writing for u all so plz comment





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