Abhigya’s destiny episode 62

Abhigya’s destiny episode 62

Episode starts wirh rabul whispering to eachother, Purab says are you sure di would smile after seeing your this surprise… Bulbul says yes! You know i always surprise di by keeping this greeting card and chocolates under her pillow ,so she always at her birthday used to check her pillow and I m damn sure she will check and when she will find this she will smile! Purab says oh so don’t waste time we already are outside of her room i can’t whisper more go and place these! Bulbul says fine! Bulbul slowly opens door, she removes her slippers and slowly slowly goes towards couch where pragya is sleeping, she places chocolates and card under pragya’s pillow and slowly comes back, she wears her slipper and came out of room she took deep breath and shared hi-five with purab, they left and came to abhi, Abhi said work done? Bulbul said yes! Abhi says okay so we are gonna plan a surprise so pragya should be out of house so that we can easily do arrangements, Purab says don’t worry i have talked with surla maa … Abhi says fine, wait…let’s go back to pragya’s room she might have woke up we can’t miss her smile…. They trio left….

Pragya wakes up and yawns, she rubs her eyes, abhi and rabul werw watching her, pragya stood and went to washroom, it seems she forgot that it is her birthday today! Bulbul says how can di forget her birthday! Abhi says its bcoz of me i made her emotionless! Purab says don’t worry yaar let’s plan our surprise…..

Pragya came down, she greeted dadi, dadi said pragya, surla jii asked you to meet her so you can go, pragya with fine expression says Okay dadi, but breakfast, dadi says mitali would make it you go! Pragya says okay! Pragya left….. Abhi shared hi-five with purab…

Time passed, pragya was feeling bored as surla and jaanki were busy in talking with some ladies, surbhi wasn’t there, she was yawning continuosly, her eyes were filled up with water! Not tears! She wss that much bored, she said maa, jaanki maa, i m leaving! Surla says no pragya wait! Pragya says no maa i m going bye! Pragya left, surla called abhi, abhi picked up and said yes maa! Surla says pragya left she is coming back to mm! Abhi says okay maa, preparations are done, why can’t you come? Surla said i wish i could but it’s my flight at 7 00 and i should leave for airport along with jaanki and surbhi, abhi said fine take care…

Pragya didn’t took car or auto, she was going to mm by walking, She saw a couple cutely fighting, she flashbacked abhi and herself, the way they fought! She had no tears or smile, she continued to walk, a kid comes to her and gives her a chit, she opened it and it was written! SMILE PLEASE…. YOUR SOUL….. Pragya didn’t smiled, she just holded the chit in her hand and continued to walk, again a child came and gave her chit… PLEASE…. YOUR SOUL…. pragya didn’t smiled, with emotionless face, she had chit in her hand and continued to walk… Again she got a chit… WHY CAN’T YOU SMILE… PLEASE… IT’S YOUR DAY….. YOUR SOUL… she just continued her walk with no expression, she again got a chit. OKAY YOU WON’T SMILE RIGHT? LOOK FORWARD AND COME IN… YOUR SOUL… pragya looked forward, huhh she reached mm, she went in, it was all dark…. Pragya said is any body there…. Please answer me… After silence of two minutes, A voice came

Don’t worry fuggy your soul is here… The whole place got lit up, it was looking so beautiful, it wass decorted with blue and white color…. Pragya was stunned, she looked around there was no one but abhi! Pragya saw him, she then got sad…. Abhi smiled and gave her a bone crushing her, do you know why bcoz pragya got emotions, she ws stunned and then got sad, it means she had emotions what she did was that she only buried her emotions… Pragya broke hug, oh not again… She had no expression on her face, she was about to leave, abhi holded her hand and said not again pragya! Can’t you see pain in my eyes! Pragya said it’s only bcoz of me! Abhi said no stupid! This is bcoz of me, Sorry! Pragya said i can’t hurt you again….. Abhi said and i can’t leave you again! I love you…. Pragya closed her eyes… Abhi said it’s not imagination look at me! Pragya opened her eyes, abhi said…

Aansoon jo hain ruke huwe
Hans ke unhe baha bhi de
Jitne hain daagh pyaar ke
Ro kar unhe mita bhi de

The tears that refuse to come forth
Laugh now and allow them to flow
Whatever wounds of love exist
Weep now and thus let them be erased

Tune hai phir bana diya
Gham ko gale ka haar kyun

Why have you have once again allowed
Sorrow to become your constant companion?
Pragya, Please don’t behave like a life less body! Please let your emotions come out… Feel yourself …. Pragya says what emotions? I had forgot them! Abhi hugged her and still you don’t remember ! Pragya breaks hug and says no! Abhi said pragya why are u punishing me! Pragya says I m not punishing you but myself… Abhi says Oh you think i m not feeling pain! pragya says i don’t know! Abhi says I see your pain and i find myself wishing that I could take it away , It pains me bcoz I understand exactly how you feel, and when i was in your shoes All i wanted to hear was I UNDERSTAND, so i will tell you now I UNDERSTAND and it’s okay you are hurting bcoa it means you are human,(wise words extracted from Najwa zebian’s mindplatter)…

Pragya steps forward and says Will you still love me when I am no longer young and beautiful? Abhi says will you still love me when i have nothing but my aching soul… Pragya hugs abhi tightly and cries as much as she could, abhi too…. This hug continued for 10 minutes…. Just then everybody came and…

Happy birthday Pragya… They shouted, pragya broke hug and wiped her tears, She said my birthday? Pragya then realises oh it’s my birthday today… I forgot! Dadi kissed her over forehead and said wow u forgot your birthday, Not fair… Pragya smiles, she then goes to her room, all stood confusingly that why pragya went to room! Pragya then came back with greeting card and chocolates she said sorry bulbul! Bulbul hugged her and said Happy birthday to most wonderful person of my life… Pragya had wide smile oveer her face…. Bunty said can we cut cake now! Pragya nods, pragya blew candle and made a wish, she then made everyone eat cake… At last all were enjoying, they were dancing, pragya didn’t cared she was too dancing madly, she went to abhi, she was much happy! She widely opened her arms and screamed… I LOVEEEEE YOUUUUU ABHIIIIII! everyone stopped dancing, they were stunned that pragya who never said i love you to abhi ,now she was saying I love you by taking his name, Abhi got happy and hugged and said I love you tooo fuggyyy….. This time hug continued for 20 minutes, and screen freezed….

Pre recap: Abhi and purab are tensed waiting outside of room!

Guyz so sadness ends here in this episode…. No tension is there now but wait why are abhi and purab tensed let’s watch,….

Sana: to be honest i upload my episode every day but telly updates take time… Sorry…..

No way resham, reji, surbhi, don’t dare to call me Ms. Sorry, and shriti u too… Reji your ff is just ????????????????????? I love it…. Maya as you know i m fan of yours….

And finally guyz i will upload my next episode by today night! And it will have a message hope you support me in that!

And now last and least , Nivethetha, neither u can say sorry nor thanks…. Now what should i say, Thanks for helping me in searching songs… But here most are tamil na so i didn’t added any of song, as i don’t know tamil and most of you don’t know hindi….

So byeeee……. Bye……

Abhigya’s destiny episode 62


Abhigya’s destiny episode 62

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