Only ROSID (Part 1)

Hi guys this is a new ff I am writing pls comment and I hope you enjoy

I’m starting from after the patali phase in the drama and writing the next part

Everyone is happy that their lives are back to normal and nothing is stressing them there are no problems anymore

Siddharth is happy as he remembers that the next day is roli birthday and he wants to throw her a surprise party

Later Roli leaves the house to buy some groceries and Sid tells his idea to everyone

Sid: everyone pls listen as its Roli birthday tomorrow I am planning to throw her a party

Mataji: this is a great idea sid she will love it

Simar: yes I will make a huge cake for my lovely sister

Prem: I’ll also help with preparations

Roli comes back

Roli: what’s wrong everyone wat where you talking about

Sid : nothing Roli just how everything is back to normal now

Later, Sid goes out to buy a gift for Roli he arrives at the shop and sees a beautiful locket with diamonds on it

He knows it’s the perfect gift where he can put both there pictures

He tells the shop keeper to pack this and wonders how he should start preparing

Pre cap: In the morning Roli asks Sid if anything is special about the day
He knows exactly wat she wants but says that he doesn’t know
There is a crash is one of the Windows
And a note saying “I am coming ” …

Only ROSID (Part 1)


Only ROSID (Part 1)


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