Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 51)



UV stops the car in frnt of sarna’s
t-bhai ..y.hv ..u stoppd the car..here..i mean ..v cnt take him into sarna’s like..this..
uv-twinkle..i dont want to tolerate this guy anymore in frnt of my eyes..atleast sarna’s should know how kunj really is.,.n wse b hum isko or kaha le kr jaynge..
uv- no..no..i cnt keep him near u..v r takng him in ..
t- no..bhai ..plz undrstnd me..its midnight..n wat v gonna say..at the middle of the night..befaltu m a scene will b created..
t-pl z bhai lets take him to our house only..aftr ol he is my..
uv-he was …twinkle looks shockingly at uv’s face which has a determined look..she looks away n realizes yes he ryt he was my husbnd ..now he is no1 to me..n sighs with teary eyes .
uv takes him out ..bt he was not abl to hndl him..so she also hndles him n takes him to the guest room which was just nxt to twinkle’s rom..chinki also cms n hlps dem..bt dey didnt tell leela abt the drunk state thng..
they makes him lay on the bed ..
uv-twinkle, u will stay away frm him okay…twinkle nods..chinki n uv leaves ..n twinkle was just abt to shut the door to leave bt suddenly she hears sm1..she looks at kunj..
kunj was half awake n continuously taking her name..
k-twinkle plz dont leave me..
k-twinkle..she gets teary eyes looking eyes..she thnks to hrslf that chahe m kitna he strong banne ki koshish kr lu bt he always makes me weak ..i cnt see him in pain chahe ye mje kinna he pain de de…she gets teary eyes..
k-twinkle..i will die widout u..twinkle..
suddenly an aderaline rush of anxiety reaches in twinkle’s body n this word die brings hell out of her..now she wasnt abl to resist hrslf..she walks slowly inside the room..kunj slowly opens his eyes…n finds twinkle stnding in frnt of him..he gvs a sober smile..
k-twinkle..tears cms on the sides of his eyes..
k-twinkle plz dont leave me..he lifts his hnd in a meaning to take her hnd..he waits her to gv him hr hnd..twinkle looks at his hnd n den at his face..
k-plzzz..ah…twinkle closes her eyes n lifts her hnd slowly.n their fingers touches..shivers of satisfctn reaches their body …bt suddenly she remmbrs the kiss…she immediately pulls her hnd bck..
t- no ..i hate u..i just hate u..

k- twi.twinkkle..plz dont..leave me..twin..n twinkkle runs to leave bt kunj falls on the floor in order to hold hr..
k-ouuch,…ahhh..twinkle steps stops listening to kunj’s voice ..she turns to see ..him on the grnd..she cudnt resist now..n runs bck to him..
t-kunj..kunj ..get up ..she holds him by his shoulder..n gets him up slowly..kunj almost on twinkkle in hugging posture..twinkle was shaking holding his weight bcoz kunj wasnt abl to take his own body weight..
t-plz dont hate me..twinkle brings him to the bed bt suddenly falls on the bed due to his weight..twinkle on him..kunj opens his eyes ..twinkle looks at him..both lost in ech othr..kunj holding hr by hr waist..twinkle has hr hnds on his chest..kunj looks at her face with guilt n pain..twinkle eyes teary..both wanted to hug ech othr n forgt watevr hpnd bt reality cnnot b hidden,,
t-kunj leave me..
k-plz twinkle..
t-i said just leave me..n let me go..
k-if u wantd to go..den y did u get me up frm the floor..mje girre rehndeti..
t-ummm.wo..bs ..mne..
k- u did that bcoz u cnt see me in pain..
k- twinkle.
t-…just leave me..kunj loosens the grip..n let hr up..
twinkle composes herslf..n leaves angrily..

kunj- twinkle m kse yakeen dulayu tje..that i m srsly innocnt..i didnt wanted to do it intentionally..its just hpnd..that too bcoz i thot..shanaaya was u..i mean..i cud see u there with me..n got ovrjoud seeing u thts y i kissd,bt i didnt know that she wasnt u..oh babaji..plz i want my twinkle bck.babaji plzz..n he sobs ..softly..

nxt day-

kunj gets up …
k-ohh god , y my head is hitting so hard..oh..god..n y m i here..y dont.. i rmmbr abt ystrdy’s nyt..uff my head is paining so much..wheres twinkle?
He stnds in frnt of mirror n brushes his hair with his fingrs..
k-chalo lets go to my love..he goes out with a smile..
twinkle’s room
twinkle was getttng ready ..suddenly she feels arms arnd hr ..she turns hr face n sees kunj stnding with a smile…
k-my twinkle..i love u..
twinkle looks at his face with confusion that wat has hpnd to him , that he is behavng so easy..
k-btw hum yaha kya kr rei h..
t-so ur hangovr is still not ovr..
k-hangovr ..? kunj gvs a confused look..
twinkel- leave me..
t- isaid leave me..she says angrily..bt he wasnt ready to leave..
uv cms in angrily..
uv- U BASTARD ..LEAVE MY SISTER..he pulls kunj with full force n gvs a tyt slap to kunj ..which makes him fall on the bed side n he gets a cut on his forehead..
uv- now u will cm out of ur hangovr..
twinkle immediately rushes to him ..n kunj turns his face to hr..his forehead was bleeding badly..she gets tears in hr eyes..
t- bhai..hv u lost it..
uv – twinkle cm with me..
t- bhai..wait he is hurt.. ..
he grabs her arms..n picks her up..kunj all this was cnfused..
uv-kunj get out of our house immediately..
k-bhai wat r u sayng..
uv-dont dare to call me bhai..wat u did to my sister is unforgvabl..
kunj looks at twinkle with questned face ,,
uv- oh so u dont rmmbr..
uv- mr.kunj sarna..u kissd sm othr gl..twinkle closes hr eyes n tears falls hr eyes..
kunj- with wide eyes..he holds his head which was aching too much..he gets a flashbck where in he kissd shaanaya .n twinkle saw hr..he rmmbred evrythng now..
k- twinkle.now i rmmbr..plz listn to me..twinkle
uv-stay away frm hr..n get lost..
uv drags twinkle..twinkle had no othr optn so she walks with him like a dead prsn..
kunj gets up with difficulties..he runs to uv n twinkle..
k-twinkle ,,plz listen to me..u r takng me wrng..

leela n chinki cms..n cups their faces in shock looking at kunj’s face..n uv’s anger..
uv drags twinkle downstairs..
kunj also follows dem n begs dem..suddenly kunj leg gets slippd n he rolls on 2-3 stairs…twinkle turns to see …shockd to see his cndition..bt kunj igrns his pain n immediately gets up n looks at twinkle who was looking at him with tears..
Kunj cms n stnds in frnt of twinkle..
k-twinkle..ik u cnt live widout me also as i cnt live widout u..plz undrstnd me..i wasnt at fault..plz..forgod sake just listen to me once…
kunj parts his lips in shock…k-plz listen to me..bt twinkle was not ready to listen..
he kneels on his legs n begs in frnt of hr..
k- plz..twinkle..listen to me..once,..i thot it was u..srsly..i was vry drunk..i cnt evn imagn kissng..sm1.else..plz..twinkle i will die widout u…
tears rollng frm both eyes..

guards cms n drags him away..kunj kept on shouting bt no1 was ready to listen to hm…
both remained silent for the whole day..in their rooms locked..
twinkle was sittng in frnt of mirror n cryng hard.kunj’s family mmbrs also tried to xplain hr bt failed…she talks to hrslf.
T – ku.nj..u hv broken my t..rust..i alway.ys.thought.u were diff..frm ..othr boys..out der..dif..frm vivian..diffrnt frm evry 1..bt NO I WAS TOTALLY..WRNG.u r the..same..same ..as digustng…how could u kiss hr…how cud u just..frogt..the …momnts..v spnt…i hate..u…kunj i hate u.. she rmmbrs how they were kissng n how kunj has his hnd on his waist..she screams in angr..


On the othr side kunj was stnding in his balcony he tries to call hr mny tyms bt she didnt pick his calls..
k-twinkle..plz..atleast..talk to me..u cnt..gv me..such a ..big punishm.mnt..u alwaays..said u trust..me..den how ur..trust brokn..in such a short tym..how cn .evn thnk like tha..that abt me..u thot of..ur kunj ..how u evn imagn that i cn..evr do ..a thng like that..intntionally..u hv to talk me..i have to meet u..onc..yes..
he takes out his fon to call hr agn bt suddenly sm othr calls cm..
k-shanaya..he picks it up angrily..
s-kunj..kunj..i ..i want to..ask u onethng..idk y…frm the mrng..i m hvng this flashes..that..v ..v..idk how to evn put it..
k-shut up ..shanaya..u hv spoiled myslf..yes v kissd..idk how v cud do that..
s-kunj .dnt talk to me like that..i cnt evn thnk of doing that to yug(shanaya’s husband, kunj’s frnd) ..i was totally drunk..i also dont how it hpnd..
kunj realizes that just like him evn shanaya didnt do it purposely..
k- hv u told yug?
s-yes i hv told him..n i m so blessd that he undrstood n didnt ovrreated much..bt.wa..watt abt twinkkle?
k-she saw..us der..
k-yes..n she is vry angry that she hasnt talkd to me or listned to me frm that incident…i m sorry shanaya..i didnt wantd that..bt.idk…wen i lookd at ur face..it was twinkle’s..n i just…i m..soryy..
s-kkunnj.its ..okay..i undrstnd evn i m sorry i was so drunk..taht i didnt realizedthat wats hpning..
s-if u wan.t as in..i cn talk to twinkle..n explain hr wat hpnd..
k—umm thnks bt..i will try on my..own..i hv srsly f**kd it up..
s-kunj its not ur fault ystrdy v ol wre so drunk..that v went into our own wrld..twinkle really lvs u..she will undrstnd sooner or later..
k-hm..okay bye..
s-bye ya.n tc..n if u wnt ny hlp i m here only ..
k-ya thnks…n they keeps the call.
Kunj cries softly..he looks at her balcny n thnks of gng der…he immediately peeks out of his home..

He walks towrds taneja’s n peeps inside the gate n finds twinkle in the lawn ..
k-thnkew babaji..bs aise he hlp me ..he carefully peeps in so that twinkle doesnt doesnt sees him..he goes n stnds behind hr..hr hair strts fluttering n twinkle feels sm1 stnding behind hr..so she turns ..nd screams..
t – KKUUUNNJJJ…he gets shocked that sm1 will see..n if uv sees him there he will srsly chop him into 20 pieces dis tym..so he immediately covers hr mouth with his hnd..twinke holds his hnd n tries to get rid of him..
k-kitna tez chilati ho yr..kaan k parde he damage ho jaate aaj mere…
twinkle fumes angrily with eyes..kunj drags her out of taneja’s …widout sm1 looking at themm..n twinkle in btvn was tryng hard to get rid of him..by jumping..by hitting him..bt he wasnt ready to leave her…he keeps dragging her n looks here n der for sm shady place..so der was a small park near by..he takes hr der…
k-thnk god..no1 saw us…twinkle was fuming ..kunj keeps looking at hr face…n twinkle was struggling..
k-i m so sorry for bringing u here like this bt kya kru u were just not ready to listen to me..ab kuch bolo b ..twinkle gvs him a look..he realizes his hnd is still on hr mouth..
k- oh i m sorry..by removing his hnd…
t- U ..I HATE U.. I TOLD U RYT TO STAY AWAY FROM ME..STILL U R JUST SHOWING HOW CHEAP U CN B..n she turns to leave ..bt kunj holds her hnd..twinkle turns her face to look at him.
t-leave my hand..bt he pulls her towrds him .. n she rests her hnds on his chest ..with wide eyes..kunj pulls her hnd bck to hr bck in an twisted form to keep hr close to him n bcoz of which she cnt evn get out of his rid..
t-kunj leave me..both looking at ech othr,
k-first u hv to listen to me..wat i hv to say..
t-now der is no point of explanation ..u hv always just hurted me..n said i didnt meant to..
k- twinkle..plz..my intntions were not wat u thnkng i srsly kissd hr thinkng hr to b u..
t- u r hurtng me..kunj immediately leaves her hnd..
k- i m sorry…
twinnkle gets bit surprise that evn if she lied tht his hnd is hurtng bt still he left me..twinkle has her hnds on his chest still n kunj’s hnd on his sides..twinkle looks at his face..
k-u hv to trust me..
t- i dont trust u..immediately twinke gets bck..n stnds away frm him..
k- i love u twinkle..u gotta undrstnd me..
t- i dont lv u anymor…twinkle gulps in..
k- u askd me onc that wat cnt lie, ur words or ur eys..i said ur eyes..twnkle gets surprise that he still rmmbrs those wrds of hr wat she said in uv’s marriage..
k- n looking in ur eyes..i cn easily see..how much love u still do to me..ur eyes cnt lie twinkle..
twinkle looks here n der…in order to mke no eye cntct wid him..
t- watevr..u cheated on me..thats all i noe..n soon bhai will…file..a…di..vor..cee..
k-wat ? kunj gets hell shockd..twinkle gets teary eys..
k-twinkle u cnt do thi.s..u ..u know..how much u love me..how much love.. u..
t- i dont wan to ..hear.anythng..
k-acha..den..look at ..me..ha..look at my..face..ha..kunj gets bit hyper n holds her by hr arms n pulls hr tiwrds himslf…
k-look in m eyes…twinkle gets shock n looks at his face…
k- look in my eyes..tears falls frm their eyes..twinkle looks dirctly into his eyes..
k-n say that u ..u..dont..love me..

twinkle looks away ..
k- u cnt ..evn..say that. N u ,.r talkng abt..gvng.. me divorce..n finding new..husbnd for u..
k- u also noe..that..u cn nvr find a bttr..guy,..de n me…bcoz u lv me so much..
twinkle closes hr eyes..
k-twinkle…plz.dont do this to u..i just want u..u r my evrythng..i cnt thnk evn to cheat on u..u r takng me wrng ..plz..undrstnd …me..trust me..twinkle turns hr face to him ..n looks dircctly into his eyes..
kunj getss shokcd to hear such a detemrind n challngd voice..smwhee evn his ego gts hurt..
t- LEAVE ME.. he leaves her slowly..twinkle reazlizs wat she just said..
T- JUST WAIT FOR 5 DAYS..N she turns to leave..
K- U..WILL..CM..BCK..TO ME…she takes a deep breath..
K- IF..
T- I WILL CM BCK TO….U…both looks at ech othr face of lv n passion which now is takng sm othr turn..
Twinkle turns n clears her face..kunj looks at her gng with a smile n clears his face..
k- kunj just 5 days..u just h vv to wait for mor..5..days..aftr that u will hv ur twinkle bck..just waiting for that day to cm..

Keep cmmnting
Keep the love alive :)

Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 51)


Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 51)


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