Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th April 2016 –

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th April 2016 –

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenepisodes.com

Ishwari realizes her mistake adn tells Dev Sona may not come back, if she should call and apologize her. Dev nods yes and feeds her dinner.

Sona in her room sadly switches on and off night lamp. Saurabh enters her room and asks if Mr. Obodro told her anything. She says no. He asks then who. She says Dev’s relatives. Saurabh asks whose house got burnt. Sona says everyone are not innocent and Dev’s aunt Radha thinks she is looting Dev just for nothing, she does not know the meaning of nutrionist. Saurabh says she did right by leaving Dev’s job and says they don’t know how hard she studied for nutrionist degree. Dev calls her repeatedly. Saurabh asks her to pick call, but she does not.

In the morning, Radha prepares upma for Ishwari and says she loves south Indian food, especially one with curry leaves, in childhood Vicky used to steal curry leaves from neighbors for her and used to get beaten. She adds some on place and asks Radha to have it. Radha says she cannot have anything except on chart. Radha says she has prepared it accorign to chart. Nikki says she added 2 spoon ghee. Radha says only 1 and ghee is good for health. Nikki says she does not know anything about nutrion, Sona used to give 4 grain rotis and 150 g curd, brown rice, etc., to Ishwari. Radha fumes.

In the morning, on breakfast table Saurabh asks Sona not to worry about Dev’s mom as Dev must have given her breakfast by now and will take care of her well. He muches food hurriedly. She asks why is he in a hurry. He says he has to deliver orders on time. She suggests him to open website and receive order online and keep a delivery boy. He says she is genius and knows he likes to work smart than hard. She smiles. He says he does not know where he kept his spectacles. She sees them on his head and smiles. He rushes out. Mom says Sona that her cousin Elena is coming from Kolkota and she should receive her from airport. Sona gets excited.

Dev asks his secretary to cancel all appointment. Secretary says clients will get angry. He says he will meet clients personally and apologize. Sona gets Elena’s call who says that her flight got prepoed and she will reach home herself. Dev calls Sona. Sona picks call and says she does not want to work at his home. He says it is her decision, but should meet him today for 5 min. She agrees and says cafe Rozaro at 5 p.m. He says he will wait.

After class, Neha’s teacher asks her when will she come tomorrow. She says she will call an inform him and asks to give his phone number. He enters his landline number on her mobile and says he does not want to be disturbed by everyone except special ones and does not want to be busy always. She says how can he live without mobile phone, he can be in touch with his friends. He says he meets them personally. Their conversation continues and he says he will respect her thinking and she should respect his. She says okay. He asks her to give her mobile number and he will call her if he misses her call. She asks him to send her a letter via pigeon an leaves. He smiles.

Sona gets ready to meet Dev at hotel. Elena calls Sona and says her car broke down an she is stuck somewhere, she should come and pick her up. Sona asks her to ask people around where she is and not disconnect call. She gets into auto holding phone. Dev in cafe calls Sona repeatedly, but her phone is busy. He drinks multiple cups of coffee. Elena continues waiting on road. Vicky and his friends eve tease her. Sona hears their conversation. Elena’s battery drains and phone switches off. Sona gets tensed.

Dev continues waiting for Sona. His client sees him and says they can talk about business here. Dev says he will meet him tomorrow. Mom calls him and he picks call an asks where is she, thinking it is sona. Mom says at home and asks it is already 8 and why did not he come home. He says client has not come. She asks him not to drink much coffee and says he has asked Kichu to prepare food according to chart and not to worry.

Sona reaches Elena’s place and searches her. Elena comes and says some goons eve teased her, but she managed as usual. Dev continues waiting at cafe.

Precap: Saurabh tells Sona that Dev called 2-3 times. Sona sees 8 missed calls on her mobile, reaches hotel and does not find him.

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th April 2016 –


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th April 2016 –

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