Manmarziyaan – There’s NO escape from LOVE ||CHAPTER – 3||

Manmarziyaan – There’s NO escape from LOVE ||CHAPTER – 3||

Nikki informed Samrat and Piyali that the partnership deed will be signed next Saturday in a party which is actually Radhika’s b’day party. The team was enjoying themselves but hey found Teji missing from there. Kritika saw Teji with Nikki in the corner hugging, talking, laughing. She asked everyone to look at them both.
Kritika:- guys just look at them. Yeh dono toh aise baat kar rahe hai jaise bahaut purane dost ho
Zubin:- yaar yeh Teji toh bada fast nikla I mean abhi tak toh hum bhi nahi mile hai usse
Neil:- yeaah u r right
Sam:- chalo lets hear them out.
Arjun:- no

Sam:- arrey Arjun don’t be a spoil sport yaar. They all went near them and were standing behind the gate and eavesdropping their conversation.
Teji:- yaar I can’t believe ki baby ne Bird Song k saath partnership karne ka decision liya hai
Nikki:- even I didn’t believe when she said but the next second ma’am ne kaha unhone yeh decision tumhari presentation k basis pe liya hai not b’coz of her past with u all.
Teji:- I know u made it very clear on the stage too. Waise baby hai kaha? I wanna meet her.
Nikki:- woh room mein hai. come I’ll take u there
The gang who were hearing them was a little confused as to how Teji knows the owner of PEARLS.
Neil (in a low voice):- Teji iski boss ko bhi jaanta hai.

Sam (in a low voice):- and what past does she share with us.
Arjun (in a low voice):- I think we should meet her. They all started following them both
Zubin (in a low voice):- but how there is a tight security outside her room as she is a princess and someone will kidnap her
Kritika (in a low voice):- yeah wherever she goes there is a tight security around her as if she doesn’t wanna show herself to the world.

Nikki and Teji reached Radhika’s room and entered without any security check. The others who were hiding saw this and were a little surprised as the security allowed Teji to enter without any checking. As they entered Radhika was in the washroom, SwaRon welcomed Teji. The others were wondering how to get in, then SwaRon came out of the room and Swayam asked the security guards to take a little break and have some refreshments and they both themselves went out for some work, only Nikki Teji and Radhika were left in the room. This gave a sigh of relief to others. They all came near the door and was trying to listen the trio’s convo. As soon as Radhika came out of the washroom she hugged Teji and congratulate him for the partnership. Outside NeSam and Arjun were shocked to hear the voice
Arjun:- Radhika… yeh Radhika ki awaz hai iska matlab….

Sam:- yeah yeh toh Chashni ki awaz hai.
There inside Teji got a call and he came out of the room to talk, others got a chance to go in and were really hoping that what voice they heard should turn out to be the expected one. Radhika was sitting in the balcony when her door bell rings. Nikki thought that it would be Teji so she opened the door. She saw NeSam, Arjun, Zubin and Kritika standing there with teary eyes. She was shocked and was about to close the door but Neil and Zubin didn’t allow her and they all came in. Radhika came in the room and both the parties were shocked to see each other. Radhika was numb and was feeling as if the floor just slipped from her feet she was about to fall when Nikki hold her. NeSam could not believe that their best friend their CHASHNI is in front of them. They both went near her, touched her face to know she is real and then they hugged her.

Sam (still hugging Radhika):- chashni I missed u so much. Kaha chali gayi thi tu humein chod kar, jaanti hai hum sab kitna miss karte thhe tujhe
Neil (he too still hugging her):- yes chashni humne tumhe bahaut miss kiya. Aisa koi karta hai kya apne friends k saath.

NeSam released her from their hug but she was still numb, standing there just like a live dead body. On the other side Arjun who was so happy to see her that his tears were not stopping from oozing out from his eyes, he walked towards her touched her to know if she is real or is he hallucinating. When he touched her, Radhika was loosing herself slowly, he immediately hugged her with full love and affection, at that same time Teji entered and was shocked to see the scene where Arjun was hugging Radhika. Suddenly Radhika jerked him back and start panicking Nikki was not able to control her (in my story Radhika gets panic attacks which sometimes is harmful for her), everyone was shocked at this sight.

Radhika (stepping back and panicking):- dur raho humse paas mat aana hamare. She was throwing all the things in the room and picked up a knife threatening them to back off otherwise she will hurt herself, Teji ran towards her, took the knife from her and took her in his arms and tried to calm her down, at that time SwaRon entered in the room and were shocked to see everyone there especially Arjun. Swayam is still angry on Arjun for what he did to his sister for his stupid revenge, on Sam for not trusting Radhika who sacrificed her happiness for Sam and on Neil for not standing by Radhika when she needed a friend.

Swayam (yelled a Arjun and NeSam):- aap log yaha kya rahe ho?
Sharon:- Swayam pls abhi nahi . jiji ki halat dekho hum baad mein baat karege
SwaRon, Teji and Nikki were trying to calm down Radhika (who was still in Teji’s embrace) and everybody else were just shocked to see her like this especially Arjun but Radhika’s situation was getting worse seeing Arjun in front of her. Teji was requesting everyone to get out of her sight but no one listened and this made the condition much worse, only last option was left.
Swayam:- jiji ko injection abhi hi dena hoga nahi toh inki halat aur kharab ho jayegi
Sharon:- yeah I have one in my bag (she took her bag and took out the injection from it)
Nikki:- sharon how u came to know ki aisa kuch hone wala hai

Sharon:- I just kept it as it can be required in case of emergency and I was right.
As Sharon was unable to inject Radhika b’coz of the fact causing her pain she gave it to Swayam who was also hesitating to do so finally Nikki took the initiative. Teji and SwaRon hold Radhika and Nikki gave her the injection and she calmed down and falls unconscious.
Teji:- Swayam ek kaam karo tum aur Sharon baby ko lekar ghar jao. Sharon tum jakar car peeche wale gate par lekar aao, waha se koi tumhe jaate hue nahi dekh payega
Swayam:- aur tum? Tum aur Nikki nahi aa rahe hamare saath?
Nikki:- Swayam abhi yaha toda kaam baki hai. u don’t worry tum log ghar jao hum bas thodi der mein aate hai ok.

Sharon went to bring the car at the back door, Swayam lifts unconscious Radhika and took her out giving an angry glance to NeSam and Arjun. Teji and Nikki went behind him. The security was covering them all the while. Sharon brought the car at the back door, Swayam laid Radhika at the back seat Sharon sat along side her and Swayam took the steering and drive off followed by the security. While NeSam, Arjun, Zubin and Kritika were still in the room not able to bear the condition of Radhika.

Manmarziyaan – There’s NO escape from LOVE ||CHAPTER – 3||


Manmarziyaan – There’s NO escape from LOVE ||CHAPTER – 3||

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