Vishkanya 15th April 2016 –

Vishkanya 15th April 2016 –

Vishkanya 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episoe starts with Nandita’s friend coming to meet her with her daughter. Nandita waits for Malay and calls his number repeatedly, but he does not pick call. Malay drives car looking at Apu. Kalpana follows her. A speeding truck rushes towards them. Malay suddenly sees truck and applies sudden break. Apu falls on him and her hair gets stuck in his shirt button.

Nandita continues calling Malay, but his phone is out of reach. Apu and Malay’s eyes stuck, Apu shies and Malay smiles. Apu frees her hair and sits on her seat. Kalpana calls and asks if she reached home. Apu says she is still in car and just escaped an accident, Malay is taking her somewhere and she will come late. Kalpana says okay and disconnects call.

Kalpana reaches home. Dida asks where is Apu and why did she ask her to wear bandages and be at home. Kalpana says Apu is with Malay and her plan is working as she thought.

Malay takes Apu to a lake park. Apu gets happy seeing lake and surrounding environment. Rain starts. Everyone run uner shelter. Apu enjoys rain. Malay asks her to come udner shelder. She says she is enjoying rain and asks him to join her. He joins her and continues looking at her face. He proposes her again and she gets shy. He finally gets Abhi’s call who asks him to rush home soon as Nandita is waiting eagerly with her friend and daughter and wants him to them. They both then get into car and start driving. Apu sees Tapur in a jeep with goons an pleading them to leave her. She asks Malay to follow jeep.

Precap: Apu speaks to Kumkum via phone. Kumkum shouts at Abhi what is Kalpana’s daughter doing with Malay. Malay and Apu go to rescue Tapur. Goon hits Malay’s hea with bottle.

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Vishkanya 15th April 2016 –


Vishkanya 15th April 2016 –

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