The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Rain-Part 02)

Hey guys! Back with another part of this ff.

Adarsh bhai comes home late. So Swara sleeps with Parineeta bhabi.When Adarsh bhai comes back,he lifts her back to her room. Sometimes Adarsh bhai comes home very late,Swara by that time have slept. After coming, Adarsh bhai directly sleeps on the bed. He pulls Parineeta bhabi closer. Swara wakes up due to the sound. Parineeta bhabi being on Adarsh bhai’s chest says- What are you doing? Let me wake up Swara and send her to her room.
Adarsh bhai- Let her sleep,afterall she is a child.
Parineeta bhabi:She is no more child. If she wakes up and see us like this?
Adarsh bhai: she will not think anything.
Adarsh bhai then give a peck of Parineeta bhabi’s cheek. Seeing this Swara’s heart start to beat fastly. A sudden spine runs through her body. She feels like running away from that room. Only because of the fear of facing Adarsh bhai,makes her lie like that. Adarsh bhai then get up and switch off the lights.
Parineeta bhabi: Swara? Let me wake her?
Adarsh bhai: She is sleeping,let her sleep.
Parineeta: If she wakes up in the middle?
Adarsh bhai:So what? She is child,what will she understand? Nothing.

Lying there Swara listens Adarsh bhai and Parineeta bhabi’s talk and the sound of Parineeta bhabi’s bangles.
What so laughter in the midnight? Swara cannot understands anything. Her body under her dress start sweating and the body feels like cramp. When Adarsh bhai and Parineeta bhabi had slept,she is unaware. She wakes up to the sound of alarm. She then sees Parineeta bhai sleeping in the arms of Adarsh bhai. Parineeta bhabi looks more beautiful.
‘Issh’,Parineeta bhabhi is so big and she don’t feel shy to sleep in Adare bhai’s embrace.
Swara wakes up silently,opens the door and come out. She recalls the incident of previous night. She only understands that Adarsh bhai and Parineeta bhabi shares a very strong bond. Both love each other blindly and both are husband and wife.
Swara thinks that if she had a husband who would hug her the whole night,love her-she would not fear the darkness anymore. Swara fears darkness very much. At home ahe used to hug her mother and sleep,but here she hugs the pillow. If she had a husband,she would hug him ,and sleep peacefully.
She laughs at her own thoughts. Her cheeks become red. But then she suddenly remembers that her father had said her that she have to study hard. Then she realises that she is a child and she dont have to marry. Shaking her head she says-No! I should not think about this. Baba had said I have to read hard to secure the first position in class. I am a good girl. Adarsh bhai too says this.
Adarsh loves Swara very much. He becomes worried whenever she is ill. Parineeta bhabi leave all household chores and sit besides her. Adarsh bhai often press her head during headache to give a healing touch. He peels off the fruits and feed her. He forcefully make her drink milk.

Swara loves Adarsh bhai as her own brother. Respects him also. One day Parineeta bhabhi had gone to her friend’s house. Swara and Adarsh bhai were sitting in the courtyard.
Adarsh bhai: Swara,now you are growing up,you will study in college,will you still remember me and Parineeta?
Swara: What are you saying Adarsh bhai? You are greater that my own brother. I can never forget you and your love.
Adarsh: Everyone say like this. But it get lost in the time wave.
Swara: Okay! Adarsh bhai you will see Swara,weather she will forget her brother or not.
Adarsh bhai: May be during studies you would come here once,or twice but after that?
Swara: What after that?
Swara asked like a feather brained.
Adarsh bhai: After that you will be the wife of some official. And that time inspite of your wish you cannot cross your limit and come here. Adarsh bhai will stare you from distance and bring back his eyes. You will take off your eyes for your husband’s pride. I am saying the truth Swara. I cannot tolerate that. The sound of your wedding trumpet will tear my heart apart.
Despite of no tears Adarsh bhai’s face idicated agonize’s shadow.
Swara was shocked. What is she listening now? What is this type of language from Adarsh bhai today? What is this pain in his eyes today.

Sun was waving bye to the world welcoming the moon. Suddenly Adarsh bhai took Swara’s hand in his grip and looked at her. Adarsh bhai’s eye became red as blood. His warm breath fell in Swara. Swara was scared of seeing Adarsh bhai’s face.
“Leave my hand Adarsh bhai,its hurting”, Swara said in between her sobs.
Adarsh bhai: Swara! I love you.
Swara: Adarsh bhai,I love you too.
Adarsh bhai: No,your love is different from mine.
Swara: why? How?
Swaea released her hand from Adarsh bhai’s grip.
Adarsh bhai: You cannot understand. You are not so old enough.
Swara: why Adarsh bhai, I have inly two months ti complete my 10th class and I stand 1st in the class.
Adarsh bhai: This ia not in studies Swara,this is in mind,age.
Swara: Is my mind so small?
Adarsh bhai: Yes. Your mind is very small. Therefore you cannot understand my pain.
Swara: Pain? What pain do you have?
Adarsh bhai: If yoy can understand my pain….
Adarsh bhai got up and sat on the sofa with hia eyes closed and hands on his heart.

SO how was this? New readers I would recommend you to read the intro.
Love you all forever!

The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Rain-Part 02)


The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Rain-Part 02)


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