If destiny wants we will meet….few shots..2

Guys I never expected that I wud get so much love frm u people. I was jus overwhelmed by all ur cmnts n m happy that silent reader like dia also comntd. It means a lot to me. Sry to say I missed sm parts in the last episode so m going to add in this plz don’t get confused. Here I start.

As I had said swara n twinkle were besties bt nt that close. But yes twinkle was the one who played a vry imp role in swaras love story. She always risked herself n made swara n rohan meet. She did all sorts of tantrums to make swara escape frm her house to meet rohan . Sometyms at college twinkle got caught infront of teachers as the couple were talking. So was their friendship.
Smwhere twinkle had an intuition that rohan was nt a perfect guy fr her bt fr swara she nvr expressed that. Twinkle had obvious reasons fr such feelings cz rohan used to showoff a lot that he has a beautiful gf. He was quite rich n used to gift a lot of things to swara. But the worst part was whenever he gifted anything he calls twinkle n showsoff that see how pretty my gf is looking n howz my gift…..as if he is taunting her cz she is single, she had no one to gift her like this. He never did this wid rags at that moment twinki feels bad bt she becms happy fr swara. Swara understood everything bt cud do nothing as one side was her love n other was her bestie. Ragini felt that rohan is nt trustworthy bt twinkle used to console her that fr swara they hav to remain silent.
Rags twinki swara n sanskar were of the same class bt the other boys were their seniors.
Sanskaar loved swara a lot but as he knew she had a bf so he had controlled his love n remained till friendship.
Lastly I had missed kunjs intro which was necessary….

Kunj was a studious guy n always topped the exams. He was far better in studies than laksh n rohan. His family was too strict towards him. So strict that being a guy studying in college he didn’t own a personal mobile phn. He had to talk to his frnz via his moms phn which is nt allowed during study hours. He cannot b contacted during a particular time. He was sad fr this bt he was helpless. He nvr felt fr ny girl b4 meeting twinkle. This kind of family background had made him shy. His top priority was his frnds. He loved his frnds so much that he can give life fr them. His frnds (laksh n rohan) were the only persons wid whom he cud share his pain. He didn’t do anything widout asking laksh n rohan(especially him ).

Now lets start frm where I left out……
Kunj said yes I love her bt does she ….b4 he cud continue sanskar cut him short n said “she loves u like mad. U r her life. I have seen her cry fr u like hell. I hav seen her sleepless nights thinking abt u n Alisha being in relationship. I hav seen her swollen eyes. U give her secret glances n roam around the class fr her bt she thought it was all nt fr her. She consoled her heart that it was fr her n stayed silent. I don’t think u both shud stay apart fr long.”
Kunj was speechless knowing abt the unknown pain given by him to her. He cud nt decide wat to reply. At frst he had a wide smile bt he later he thought smthng n his smile vanished n just left the place. Sanskaar n laksh felt that he shyly went away bt kunj was thinking smthng else. While returning he saw twinkle standing infront of her class laughing her heartout at sm jokes of ragini. He stood there a sec to watch her laugh. He wanted that moment to stop. Then twinkle also saw kunj staring at her n she was too nt able to take her eyes off. Their eyelock was broken by laksh when he came n patted kunjs shoulders. Kunj came to reality n gave his serious look n went away. Twinkle stood there confused. Sanskar came there with a sad face. Twinkle was hell scared as wat happened betwn the boys.

S: see twinki promise me u wont cry aftr u listen this ( winked at rags)
T: sanky don’t scare me plz tell wat did he say
S: the thing is…….(pause) (twinkle had her tears ready )..he loves u
T: I knew it (sadly) one min ……WAT ?????? (realizing wat he jus said )
S: yeah my sis he loves u a lot bt was scared to tell (hugged twinkle)
By now swara had cm to knw all this n she too hugged her. Rags had her tears of happiness to see her frnd happy after so long. Twinkle didn’t knw how to react at that situation it was as if she was the most happiest person of the world. She had her widest smile that she can hav till her cheeks pain.
Twinkles pov:- “omg omg omg I cant belive he loves me. Those glances he gave were fr me. He roamed arnd our class fr me. Till today I fake consoled myself bt today I knw it was all fr me. God plz stop this moment. I want to hug him tight. My wait is over. Soon we both will b together.” Bt later she thought smthng n said to sanskar—
T: btw sanky y shud I belive u ? I want to hear it frm his own mouth.
R: (teasingly) ohooo my darling wants to hear frm his mouth. U want him to propose u. okk m going to tell him this” n she quickly went to laksh n kunjs class. Kunj was sitting at his place thinking smthng deeply n laksh beside him cud nt understand anything…she went to kunj n said this kind of passing the parcel types proposal is nt acceptable…u have to say it on ur own. Kunj was silent n jus gave a fake smile n said ok. Ragini cud nt control her happiness n hugged laksh tight. Laksh said my dear I dnt think u were this much happy when I proposed u n btw dnt u think we r in clg (smilingly) ragini came to her senses n broke the hug …n went away shy n happily.
R: miss twinkle taneja today is ur happiest day….he said ok..
T: wat does that ok means ? y is he so formal I dnt understand..how did I fell fr him..
R: may b his ok means he is going to propose u directly…. twinkle was now on smwhere beyond the clouds…she jumped frm her place n felt like her heart will come out frm hr mouth out of happiness…
Every1 was too happy fr her. This went on fr two classes. The day was going to over.When the nxt bell rang two boys frm kunjs class came to twinkle n called her outside. Now she felt smthng is nt right. She was trembling out of fear. She cud nt move frm her seat.

When sanky forced her to getup. She didn’t knw bt she was feeling afraid that smthng wrng is going to happen. She came out of the class n looked back towards kunjs classroom. Yes he was standing there looking at her bt he didn’t smile he didn’t look happy. Now she slowly turned towards the boys full afraid.
B1: see twinkle kunj has a msg fr u. plz dnt feel bad fr it n try to understand him.
T:ttt…eeeelllll….(she stammered) sanky was behind her
B2: the thing is that…he doesn’t want to get into any relationship fr nw. plz try to understand him..he cant propose u..inshort he wants to stay away frm all these.. atleast fr now..
Twinkle was speechless. Several things went on her mind. She stood their numb. Then suddenly her vision blurred due to tears.
B1: see today mrng only he did so many things I dnt understand y he is doing so bt he sent us to tell u this…T: (shouted)then go and ask him wat does he think of me whenever he wants he can say yes n when he wants he can say no. does he think my emotions r game to play with…(she wanted to shout at him bt her voice choked) sanky hugged her tight to console her.
Twinkle pov:- why did he do this to me ? why did he give me happiness fr a such a short while? Aisa lag raha hai jaise meri khusi ko meri khudki hi nazr lag gyi. Y does god do this to me everytym..
By this tym rags n swara came n took twinkle to her seat n started consoling her. Her eyes had turned blood red. Bt still she was speechless.

Sanskar quickly went to kunj to ask him abt this bt to his surprise he was in the same condition as twinkle or may b bad than her. Laksh said “ I don’t understand y he did this he is numb since the last few hours…nt answering me” sanskar didn’t knew how to react n jus walked away.
That day in clg finished twinkle had cleared her tears washed her face so that her mom doesn’t catch her like that bt yes her eyes were swollen n red bt her mom didn’t notice this. Rags came to her room to console her.
R: twinkle plz dnt remain silent like this… plz speak ur heart out… I cant see u like this. Wat have u decided plz say..(aftr sm tym )
T: I ll talk to him directly tmrw…
R: wat will u say ?
T: I ll seek his answers to my quesns ..yes I ll get all my quesns answered. I will ask him everything
R (in mind ) I think that will b best…they will talk directly n sort out things…

So y kunj took such a decision ? will they b able to sort their problems ? wat was the pain that’s killing him inside….plz keep reading to knw ur answers…

Guys u people r my support system plz whoever is reading it plz comment….i need ur commnts badly…plz plz plz.. tell me if u r liking it or not….

If destiny wants we will meet….few shots..2


If destiny wants we will meet….few shots..2


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