Raglak Journey- Rain Is Ours (intro)


Ragini- He hurt me everyday with the hatred filled in his eyes. He never loved me nor he will ever fall for me. I’m just a wife. Without the rights of being one. Still I love him. He will never love me back but a small hope that someday he will turn to me. And with that small hope in my heart I live everyday.

Laksh- How can she do that to her own sister? Disgusting. I hate her. I see her face everyday and think of the betrayal and lies she has within. Despise roils my stomach. But, I’m helpless and reluctantly and forcefully tied down to a farce of the marriage with her. I have to bear it. For my family’s love and respect.

Credit to: Riya

Raglak Journey- Rain Is Ours (intro)


Raglak Journey- Rain Is Ours (intro)


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