SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 33

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Swara’s POV:

It feel like moments pass in slow motion. No one says or does anything. But as soon as Sanskar steps into the kitchen, Karan quickly runs off saying, “Hey, MB…. I just remembered I have some work to do.”


Now it’s just me and Sanskar in the kitchen. He is staring at me and I don’t know what to do. He bends down, picking up the spoon and slowly walks over to me.

“S- s- s -sorry! I didn’t mean to hit you. It was an accident. It was supposed to hit Karan but…” I stutter.

“Take responsibility.” Putting the spoon on the kitchen counter, he stood inches away from me.


“Wipe it.” 

“Take a bath. It will wash away eventually.” I turn to the other shelve.

Instead of going back, he gets a hold of my hand and pulls me into a tight hug, burying his head in my neck. I gasped when the mixture came in contact with my skin. Now it is on my clothes and neck too.

It’s gross….

My body jolted as he licked the mixture off my neck. “Sweet revenge!” He whispered and pulls back with a satisfied smirk.

With that, he turns around on his heels and left, leaving me in utter shock. I stood still for a few more minutes until I hear Karan’s voice.

“Ehm…. How long will you stand like this?” He didn’t make eye contact.

Don’t tell me…..

Heat start rushing in me and I left the kitchen immediately. Closing the bedroom door, I lean against it and face palm myself.

So embarrassing…. How am I going to face him now…?

I was so lost in thoughts that I didn’t notice the reaching presence to me and when I did, Sanskar was already standing right in front of me, only in towel and a worried expression on his face. I quickly close my eyes because I am not in the condition to leave the room.

“Shona, are you alright?” His cold hands touched my cheek, sending shivers to my spine.

“Shona?” He calls out my name again when I didn’t answer.

“P-put some clothes on.” I stutter and received a deep chuckle.

“So that’s why you closed your eyes.” He stated.

“Good! Then stay like this because I will remain in a towel for a little longer.”


Suddenly, my feet left the floor and I was scooped up in bridal style. I gasped and open my eyes only to see his bare chest near my face.

Oh gog!

I quickly close my eyes back. Soon, my feet touched the floor again.

“Open your eyes, Shona.”

“Wear something.”

“Shona, open your eyes.” This time his voice held warning but I still choose to ignore it and the very next moment I regret it as cold water started pouring on me. I shrieked and open my eyes, only to find myself standing in the bathroom under the shower with Sanskar in front of me, still in a towel.

“Let’s enjoy this shower together.” He whispered, enjoying my startled state.

“No!” I quickly shook my head and wiggle to get free from his hands on my arms.

‘‘why not’’ he said with a smirk on his face and started to move closer to me making me shocked….

‘‘bcuz i don’t want….just go away….w-w-what are you doing…s-stay away…’’I said out loud..

‘‘No…I am trying to enjoy the shower with my wife…’’ still coming closer…and I couldn’t move back as my way was blocked by the wall…and the shower was still on…by now my dress was full wet hugging me tight showing my figure clearly…


‘‘sshhhh’’ he place his finger on my lips shushed me…and stood an inch away from me….i tried to leave but he placed both his hands on either side caging me between them…and his face turned serious now

‘‘you know that I don’t like it when you are close to someone other than me…..i get jealous…jealous of seeing you happy with someone else’’he said out of nowhere with a dangerous tone leaning closer to me…

‘‘w-what do you mean…’’

‘‘I don’t like the way you talk to Karan…the way you play around with him…and take his NAME..’’ he pressured the late word..

‘‘I already said Karan is a good friend and this is what friends do ad behave’’ I said in disbelief

‘‘ and I am your husband…do you know what a husband and wife does and how they behave? since I brought you here have you even once said my name….have you tried to talk politely with me even once….do you even know how much It hurts me when you call Karan by his name and when I see you talking friendly and laughing around with him….do you even know how I feel…it-it kills me inside…’’he says as he cupped my face and put his forehead on mine…I didn’t know what to say….i was shocked and speechless….don’t know for how long we stood like that under the running shower making both of use wet….

I could see the water running down his bare body….it was a dead silence between then he broke it and spoke at last…

‘‘you have hurt me…like always…..you have to pay for it’’ tried to change the mood and said it with a playful smirk and looking deeply into my eyes…

‘‘w-what do you mean’’ I guess I knew what he was thinking off as he started leaning closer towards my face…or should I say my lips….i was shivering from the cold water… my whole body was shivering even my lips were…and he ignored my questions and kept on leaning…

‘‘s-stay aw-….’’ Before I could continue he captured my lips into his and started kissing it gently and sensually… I tried to push him away but he encircled one of his hands on my waist crushing me into his bare and wet body and caressing it, while his other hand was on the back of my head pulling it more closely to his…the kiss was getting deep and passionate…and I struggled to free myself but in vain…

I didn’t respond to his kiss. At first, the kiss was small. But then, it grew bigger, and more intense. It was probably the most intense kiss that I have ever experienced. It was different from our first and second kiss.

Our kiss broke as he was out of air and I was too…but the next moment he pulled me back and our lips locked again, deeper this time and his cold fingers slipped off from my head to my body caressing it seductively.

He tasted my lips tentatively with his tongue as he traced it across the bottom of my lip. The caress of his lips almost seemed softer. Soon, he started swallowing me, making the kiss even more intense.

I let out a moan as his hot breath travelled down my cold body to my neck. His started kissing my wet neck and shoulder and did the same with other side sending shiver to my spine, while his gentle fingers prickled my skin with his touch. I moaned as he continued he continued tracing my back. My hands were on his bare chest still trying to get out of the kiss

Sanskar’s body thrusts against mine, causing a moan. I felt a little pain as he pressed his body on mine and mine against the wall, I still didn’t give up struggling to free myself. Although there was pain, I was patient, patient for freeing myself. The moment became sensational. I felt his finger traveling to the top of my dress trying to open the zip of it..it startled me and I quickly crashed myself more against the walls hurting his hand and making him moan in pain, and he quickly remover it from my back….and gave a deadly glare but his time I ignored it and sticked my back to wall like glue…

After he became tired of kissing, he rested, spooning me and his arms wrapping around me hugging me tight and still placing feathery kiss on my neck, shoulder, and collar bone…. I couldn’t take the cold water anymore…is he trying to kill me under the shower or something….god is bathroom even a place for romancing…stupid idiot…why isn’t he moving away…

‘‘plzzz turn the shower off…i-its cold…’’I said in shivery tone after a pin drop of silence…my body stopped shivering because of the warmness of his body on mine….

‘‘but we have not taken shower yet..’’ he said resting his head on my shoulder…

‘‘Please….turn it off and leave….’’ It’s hard to breathe or talk like this.

‘‘why should I leave..’’he said with a raised eyebrow

‘‘cuz I am no way going to take shower infron of you…or with you so just leave’ ’I said angrily and he sighed

“are u sure…. I Should leave?” I nodded. And he chuckled again

“Turn off the shower.” I scream this time and he immediately looked at me…straight into my eyes…dumbo

But instead of turning it off, he pulled me out of it. I was trying hard to catch my breath when he gently placed a kiss on my forehead for the last and started to dry himself with the spare towel hanging in the bathroom. Didn’t he have enough of kisses that he gave a last kiss on my forehead as well…

“Be quick, I really want to eat the cake.” He said and left the bathroom with the wet towel around his waist
Sanskar’s POV:

I was about to enter my office when I received Natasha’s call.


“hey Sanskar, are you free tonight?” 


“Great! Have dinner with me. Both of you.”

“Both of us?”  

“You and Swara, idiot…. I have to apologize to her.”

“For what?”

“She asked me to send her a few dresses for summer but I was so caught up in exhibition that I totally forgot.”

“Why did she ask you to send dresses?” I frown.

“Because she doesn’t have any summer dresses….. Why are you so blind when it comes to her needs?”

“I never stopped her from doing anything…. I also left my credit card in her drawer.”

“And did you tell her to use it?”

“Why is there a need to tell? She is my wife. She can use everything that belongs to me.”

“Listen, Mr. Genius. You have to tell her. Everything is new to her and any girl would be afraid to take the first step if her husband is the silent type of person with a gang leader tag on him.” She scolded me good for next few minutes and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I hung up.

That woman doesn’t know when to stop…..

Getting back to my room, I peeked inside the kitchen. Unaware of my presence, Shona is busy in giving final touches to the cake with full concentration.

“Is it ready?” She startled in hearing my voice.


“Can I taste it?” She nodded and cut a big piece for me.

I lean against the kitchen counter and start eating it. The cake tasted like any other home baked cake. Nothing different, except for the thought that it was made by my wife. Slowly eating it, I glanced at Shona, who was looking at me expectantly and I turned my face to hide my smile.

She looks so cute in light orange colour and I would love to stand here and watch her more, but right now I am really exhausted by continuous work and travel. So I put the remaining piece on the plate and hand it to Swara.

“Put this in the refrigerator, I will eat it later.”

“Don’t you like it?” She took the plate, looking dejected.

Swara’s POV:

I don’t know why I feel dejected when he didn’t eat the whole piece.

“No, I like it… but it’s nothing compared with the mixture I tasted earlier.” He smirked. I turn my face to the other side, too embarrassed to look at him.

“And I really want to taste it again someday.” He whispered.


“Get ready by five. We will be going shopping and dinner at Natasha’s house later.” He says, walking out the kitchen. 

I blinked twice at the entrance in confusion and then look at the plate on the counter. This man is so difficult…. He will be the cause if I lose my sanity someday. He imprisoned me in this house for two months. Not asking how I am doing, not caring about my needs and now suddenly wants to take me shopping??? Now he realizes that I am human too?

“Bhabi, do you have a minute?” I came back to reality in hearing Shaina’s voice.


“I am having problem in this chemistry numerical. Can you help?”

“Sure!” I quickly put the plate in the refrigerator and help her in finding the solution to her work. She didn’t stay long afterwards and I remain seated in Sanskar’s study room. I really admire how the maids who work here are serious about their education. Shaina told me that many of the maids left after completing their education and some were married off. It was all arranged by the Black Eagles. Even their education expenses are being paid off by the gang.

It all sounds so nice but the face I saw of the Black Eagles and Sanskar was horrible. I still remember how he killed Rahul and everyone in their gang stood silently, watching an innocent man die. Anger started boiling in me, recalling that day. I hugged my knees and rest my head on it. I’m going crazy. Few moments ago, I was feeling dejected, then embarrassed by his reply and now angry at him.

It’s all because of him…


I hate him…. I hate everything about him…. I hate how he disrespects my family…. I hate how he treated me like a doll…. I hate how he approaches me…. I hate how he is able to have affects on me…. I hate how he made me crave for his touch…..yes I do crave for his touch…but I hate it….hate it to the core….I hate everything about him! I hate him….. I hate Sanskar.

I lean back against the sofa and accidentally drifted into sleep not long after.

“Bhabi?” I was woken up by Shaina’s voice.


“Bhabi, wake up. Your tea will get cold.” 

“Huh? Oh, thanks.” I sit straight.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“Six.” I froze upon hearing her answer.

He is going to kill me…..

I rushed to the room to wake Sanskar up but found it empty.

No way….

“Bhabi, your tea….!” Shaina came running after me.

“You can have it…. Tell me, where is Sanskar?”

“Sanskar Bhai left fifteen minutes ago.”

“Left…? Where to?”

“I don’t know, bhabi.” She shrugged.

“Was he angry?” 

“Sorry, I don’t have any idea.”

I start pacing back and forth in the room. I have a feeling that he might be thinking that I don’t want to go with him and is probably really pissed off.

“Bhabi, why are you panicking?” She asked worriedly.

“Your brother is going to kill me…. He told me to get ready by five and wake him up.”

“Then, get ready before he comes back. I can help you.”

“Yeah. Right… Thanks.” I nodded.

I quickly pull out my blue jeans with white full sleeve top. Shaina presses the top for me while I rush to the bathroom to get changed. Within seven minutes, I was ready with the help of Shaina. 

More than twenty minutes had passed but Sanskar didn’t show up. So I stomp down the stairs to his office and as expected, he was there, working on his laptop. His head shot up when I slammed the door behind me.

“I thought you said we were going out for shopping?” His brows rise and a smirk instantly formed on his face.

“We are…. But why don’t you go and get ready instead of taking out your anger on the door.” I was taken aback by his answer. I didn’t realize I am angry until he mentioned.

But why am I angry???

“By the way, what made my wife angry so much that she comes stomping to me?” He asks the same question I had in my mind. Which I am unable to understand.

I raise my gaze, only to find him checking me out. Suddenly, I felt self-conscious and took a glance at my appearance. I don’t find anything different which would hold someone’s interest.

“W-what is it?” Here goes my confidence. 

“Nothing. Go and get ready.”

“I am ready.”

“You’re going to wear that?” 

“Why not?” 

“Hm… Let’s go then.” He closes his laptop, wears his holster, and pulls his coat over it. I gulped at the sight of him loading both of his guns and sliding them in the holster.

“Is it necessary to take them with?” I ended up asking him.

“I don’t like us surrounded by guards all the time. So, they are necessary.” He picks up his car keys and leads me to his car.

I give a longing look at the other cars parked in the garage of the house and slid inside the Prado.


It’s been almost three hours and we are still in the mall, trying on different things. The entire time, he didn’t let go of my hand for more than a few minutes and his grip tightened whenever a man looked at me twice.


He buys me three dresses of his choice with matching clutches and sandals. He was so picky about my dresses and when it comes to his, he just randomly chooses different clothes and most of them were black and grey. 

“You don’t like black colour?” Maybe he noticed something that made him ask.

“No…. But I think it’s too much.” I said, looking at the black button up shirts, t-shirts and a Kurta.

“Would you select for me then?” He asked out of nowhere.


“Go ahead and select clothes for me.” He pushes me to the racks and stood behind me.

Me??? Selecting his clothes???

My hands starts trembling, feeling his presence right behind me.

“Ah…. I don’t know what to choose.” I turned to him.

“It’s fine… Just pick whatever you like.” He says, looking at me with interest.

“But I don’t know anything about men’s clothing.”

“That’s why I am here to guide you.”

Why is he so persisting….?

I quickly choose three t-shirts and he silently buys it.

“Anything else you want?” He asks, as we leave the shop.

“Yes… I mean, no…. Nothing.” I mentally face palmed myself. How should I tell him that I need to buy some private things.

“What is it that you want?” He asks again, looking at me carefully.

“Nothing, really!” I shook my head.

“Hm… Then shall we leave?” I nodded timidly.  He takes the lead and biting my inner lip, I follow him. Suddenly, I bumped into someone’s back – Sanskar’s back.

“What are you thinking?”

“Nothing….” He sighed on my reply.

“You’re such an idiot.” He mumbles in irritation.

My eyes widened when he dragged me in front of a ladies shops.

“You could’ve told me. It’s not like I was planning to buy them for you.” He is annoyed.

Is it easy to tell….?

“Hurry up and buy whatever you want. I’ll be waiting here.” He handed over his credit card. I feel my face heating up. I didn’t look at him, just nodded and rushed inside the shop.

This is so embarrassing…..

precap: Swara: please don’t kill me……….

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SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 33


SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 33


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