Love Withstands All (Episode 6)

Hi guys! Thanks for all the comments! I hope you guys will like this episode!
The episode starts with Tanu, Shikar, and Ishani arriving at college. Ishani was wearing a red crop top and white skirt, while tanu was wearing a cut black dress with a flowery design. On the other hand, Ranveer was wearing a white shirt with a brown sleeveless jacket (like he did in the final MATSH episodes) and Rishi was wearing a black shirt and red sleeveless jacket.
Ranveer and Rishi were waiting for Ishani in and Tanu to come at the front of college.
They get mesmerized seeing Ishani and Tanu.
Ishani and Tanu also freeze seeing Ranveer and Rishi and think about how handsome they were looking. Ranveer and Rishi walk up to the girls.
Rishi talks to Tanu, while Ranveer takes Ishani farther away to talk to her and give privacy to Tanishi. Shikar goes and says hi to one of his other friends.
Rishi: Hi Tanu!
Tanu: Hey Rishi!
Rishi: You look amazing!
Tanu blushes.
Tanu: Thanks! But you are also looking dashing!
Rishi: I was wondering if you wanted to maybe hang out one of these days?
Tanu: Yeah, I would like that. We could even get Ranveer and Ishani to come!
Rishi: Sure!
Rishi : Even though I wanted to be alone with you, I am more comfortable if they come until I find out your feelings.
Tanu : Does he want to go on a date? Ugh.. I wish I knew so I wouldn’t have to make Ishani come..
Ishani: Hi Ranveer!
Ranveer: Hi Sunny!
Ishani: You look so amazing today!
Ishani : I wish I could hug you right now..
Ranveer: Thanks but you are looking very beautiful!
Ranveer : I wish that I could just look at you forever…
Shikar walks up to Ishveer.
Shikar: Okay see you Rv!
Ranveer: Bye Shikar.
Shikar hugs Ishani.
Shikar: See you later Sunny.. Don’t get lost again.. Because this time the goons won’t have Ranveer to save them from your beating..
They all laugh.
Ishani: Shut up idiot! Bye!
Ranveer gets jealous seeing Shikar hug Ishani.
Ranveer : Shikar is one of my new friends, but I get so irritated when I see him hug Ishani. Once I ask her if she likes Shikar, maybe then I can start acting normal with him.
Ranveer: Ishani, you wouldn’t mind if I ask you a question, right?
Ishani: Of course not Ranveer!
Ishani : Is he going to tell me that he loves me!?
Don’t be stupid Ishani, you don’t know if he even likes you..
Ranveer: Do you.. Do you like Shikar, as a boyfriend?
Ishani is shocked. Ranveer gets worried.
Ishani : I don’t like Shikar like that, I like you..
Ishani laughs.
Ishani: You are crazy Ranveer!
Me and Shikar!? Ugh.. I can’t even imagine. We are just best friends!
Ranveer gets really happy.
Ranveer: Sorry.. It just seemed like that..
Ishani: It’s okay! You know now, so everything is good..
Ishveer smile at each other.
Ishani: Do you want to hang out after class?
Ranveer: Sure! We can meet at the entrance.. What do you want to do?
Ishani: Let’s go watch a movie!
Ranveer: Yeah! Let’s go watch a horror movie!
Ishani : Okay..
The bell rings and both go to their classes. But through their classes, they just kept on thinking of each other and imagining each other in the classes.
At the end of the school day, Ishani texts Shikar that she will be hanging out with Ranveer. Shikar says okay. Ishani waits by the entrance for Ranveer. All of sudden, Ranveer jumps from behind her and scares Ishani.
Ishani: Ranveer! Why did you do that!
Ranveer: What happened! Did Sunny get scared?
Ranveer laughs, while Ishani annoys, but secretly smiles.
Ishani: Sunny doesn’t get scared..
Ranveer: Really? We will see.. If you don’t get scared in the movie and I do, you can make me do whatever you want. But if you do get scared and I don’t, then I can make you do whatever I want.
Ishani: Challenge Accepted!
They shake hands and then leave to go to the movies.
Tanu is waiting for Shikar in the front of the college. She calls him.
Tanu: Hello, Shikar! Where are you?
Shikar: Sorry Tanu, I have to stay later for a study group.. Do you mind going home alone?
Tanu gets sad.
Tanu: I can.. But you should have informed me earlier..You better give me a gift or I will come after you!
Shikar laughs.
Shikar: Okay.. I owe you a gift! Got to go! See you later!
Tanu: Bye.
Tanu starts going to the road, trying to signal an auto.
Rishi was about to leave on his bike (Motorcycle), but then sees Tanu. He goes to Tanu on his bike.
Rishi: Hey Tanu!
Tanu: Hi Rishi!
Rishi: Do you need a ride?
Tanu: Well.. I am going home on an auto.
Rishi: No you aren’t. Let me drop you off!
Tanu: You don’t have to do that for me..
Rishi: I promise I have no problem.
They both smile at each other.
Tanu: Okay.
Tanu gets on his bike.
Rishi: You should hold on to me, otherwise you will fall off!
Tanu laughs and holds Rishi’s shoulder.
Rishi fixes Tanu’s arms to put around his body. Tanu blushes and Rishi smiles.
They drive off.
Ishani and Ranveer were in a horror movie. They were the only ones in the theatre.
Ishani: I love when it is an empty theatre!
Ranveer: Why?
Ishani: You can do whatever you want and make yourself at home!
Ishani dances and runs around the theatre. Ranveer smiles watching her play and gets lost in thoughts of her.
When he comes back to his senses, he couldn’t find Ishani. Ranveer gets worried and starts looking for her.
Ishani comes from behind and scares Ranveer.
Ranveer freaks out, while Ishani laughs a lot.
Ranveer: Ishani! Why did you do that?
Ishani: Because it was funny! And also for payback because of earlier.
Ranveer : You are so childish.. And that makes me like you even more.. I love you Ishani..
The movie starts and Ishveer sit in the middle of the theatre so they could see the movie in the best way. They take selfies and do masti. Half way through the movie, both of them get scared and hold each other’s hands.
Ishani again get scared and hides herself behind Ranveer. He looks at her lovingly. After a little bit, Ranveer gets scared and Ishani comforts him. They both have an eyelock.
Ishani : You are so cute when you get scared.. But, I want to always be there to comfort you.. I love you Ranveer..
The movie ends and Ranveer is driving Ishani home.
Ishani: That movie was good, right!
Ranveer: Yeah! And I am happy that it was actually scary at times.
Ishani: I guess we had a tie for our challenge..
Ranveer: I guess so..
Ishani: But that doesn’t matter.. What matters is that we enjoyed!
Ranveer: Exactly!! I enjoyed a lot with you Ishani!
Ishani: Same here Ranveer!
They reach the Mehra House..
Ishani: Thanks Ranveer! We should hang out like this again!
Ranveer: Definitely! See you tomorrow!
Ishani: Bye!
Ishani enter the house and Ranveer drives home.
Harshad was there waiting for Ishani to come home.
Harshad: There is my princess!
Ishani: Hi papa!
She hugs Harshad and is in a very happy mood..
Harshad: Wow! You are very happy! Did you enjoy?
Ishani: I had so much fun Papa! I hung out with my new friend, Ranveer and we went to see a horror movie.. Truth be told Papa.. I am always happy when I am with Ranveer!!
Harshad gets super happy..
Harshad: Sounds like someone is in.. love!
Ishani blushes.
Harshad: Does he like you too?
Ishani: I don’t know Papa.. But he is an amazing guy who keeps me happy!
Harshad: That is how I felt with your mom..
Ishani smiles thinking about her mom.
Harshad: And I am happy to know that my princess also gets to experience love!
Find out if he also likes you.. If he does, tell him to come over one day..
Ishani: Thank you papa!
They hug and Harshad kisses Ishani’s head.
They both go upstairs to their rooms.
Ishani changes and falls into her bed.
She looks at the photos of her and Ranveer.
Ishani: Ranveer.. I love you so much.. And I can’t wait to tell you..
Ishani fall asleep dreaming about Ranveer.
Precap: Ishani says, “Maybe Ranveer doesn’t love me, but Naina”.. She cries.
Guys! I hope you liked this episode! Pls don’t freak out about the precap because there will be a twist! Love you all and please comment below! That is how I know if you guys like my ff or not!

Love Withstands All (Episode 6)


Love Withstands All (Episode 6)


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