Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other- Rewind (epi-15)

Thank u! Xiexie Ni! Danke schon and Harikato for all your support! I thank u all in some of the non indian languages that i am familiar with! ?

Here we go with the next episode….

Abhi reached his house and was shocked to see Dadi being normal and talking jovially to some people in the living room. Abhi ‘ Dadi I got news that u had heart attack but here u are talking to some people as if nothing happened!’

Dadi ‘ You won’t come to house if i never tell like that! That’s why i had to ask your Uncle to lie to u. Sorry beta but come here and seat! These are the parents and relatives of your future wife. Come and greet them!’

Abhi ‘ Dadi! First u lied to me and now u are doing something that i am not even interested in ! U know right i don’t like this nonsense all! Then y are u doing this again’.

Dadi ‘ Abhi! Why are u talking so disrespectfully? And what’s wrong in this u should get married one day and why not u just agree to this alliance?’

Abhi ‘ Dadi u know how tensed i was when i heard that u had heart attack! I felt that my world is gg to end and now u are talking like this by hurting my feelings!’

Dadi ‘ I am really sorry beta and i didn’t did all this to hurt u but u really need to settle down in life with a good life partner and that’s y i did all this’.

Abhi hugged Dadi and said in tears ‘ Never ever do like this again Dadi. I was so petrified that i am gg to lose u like my parents’. The people ovee there were touched by the bonding of grandson and grandmother. And one of them talked ‘ So Dadi can we fix this alliance? We really like Abhi a lot and his caring nature for u means that he would be caring to our daughter too!’

Abhi heard this and responded ‘ Sir i don’t think I can agree to this even Dadi agrees to it as I am
in love with someone else’. Dadi was taken
aback by Abhi’s words and apologised to the
relatives of the alliance there and spoke to Abhi
in his room.

Dadi ‘ So Abhi who is the lucky girl that is gg to
be the bahu of this hse?’ Abhi ‘ Her name is
Pragya but Dadi i can’t marry her!!!’ Dadi ‘ U love
her then u should marry her right? Does she
love u too? U want me to talk to her? ‘ Abhi ‘ Dadi
i know u are very happy that i love someone and
she also loves me but now we have some
misunderstandings btw us. And Dadi i am telling
u again i am not ready to marry! I dont want to
face the same situation as my Dad due to
marriage and commitments!’

Dadi ‘ What u are still thinking that marriage and
commitments was setback of ur dad’s career!!!’
Abhi ‘ Thats the truth right? Everyone including our relatives had said this to me and I don’t want to face that! Music is my passion and all my happiness is from it and i don’t want to lose it any cause!’

Dadi ‘ You are wrong Abhi! U never ask me what really happened in ur father’s life! U believed others but never really thought of asking me… I thought ur perceptions would have changed by now but u are still the same’

Abhi ‘ What u mean Dadi? What truth? So what really happened in my Dad’s life?’

At studio…
Pragya was consoling Harsha. Harsha ‘ Di! I am so unlucky thats y Abhi sir’s Dadi have sudden heart attack! I didnt expect my jinx will continue here too!’ Pragya ‘ What rubbish! Its nothing like that Harsha and i cant believe that u trust in unluckiness and all! Dont ever say like this, wait let me call one of his friend i know and enquire him about his Dadi’s health. And u stop crying like a kid! If someone is not feeling well it means something is wrong with their health and this got nothing do with luck.’ With that Harsha stopped crying as he knew that Pragya was angry with him for blaming himself for Dadi’s condition.

Pragya ‘ Purab i heard Abhi’s Dadi had heart attcak! Is she ok now? And how is Abhi?’ Purab ‘ Di its a long story and she didnt have heart attack. I will explain to u later and Abhi is fine but he is talking to Dadi in his room. I will update u later Di as I have some work to do now’. Pragya ‘ I am relieved to hear his Dadi is fine. Ok take care and update me soon!’

Pragya ‘ Harsha i have talked to the person and he said Abhi’s Dadi is absolutely fine she didnt even have heart attack! Apparently it was a misunderstanding and stop worrying for it!’

Harsha ‘Really Di? Are u telling the truth? U are
just telling me to convince na?’ Pragya ‘ Harsha
i no need to lie in this matter and do u think ur Di will lie to u?’ Harsha ‘ No di, its not like that and i believe u!’ With that both left the studio to
their respective houses. Pragya wondered what
really happened to Abhi and his Dadi. She was waiting impatiently for Purab’s call.

Abhi ‘ Dadi i cant believe that dad had gone through so much of pain!!!’

Ok guys thanks for the support and Pavi i just
remembered that i havent reply to ur long comment. Its so sweet of u to encourage me with ur experience in life. And it made me feel
better?. Actually i also wanna share with u
something, not only to u but rest of u all too. This incident may or may not be funny but i still share with u all…

It happened in my poly days. There was one lecturer who taught us and her way of teaching ia that she just read from the lecture slides
throughout the 2 hr lecture. And on top of that
she read damn fast as if she is gg to miss her train. So all he lectures will finish vry fast. Her biggest record was when the lecture finished
within 15 mins!!! Half the time we dont
undersand what she is talking. And the best part was after she finish the lecture she would say, ‘
So class i have explained u all the concepts and
u all just need to memorize it!’ Then me and my
friends will mumble when did she explain? She was just reading off from te slides and we can do it ourselves at home as we have a hardcopy
of the lecture slides. And all of us as a class unanimously agreed that she was always practising for some oral presentation in our lecture sessions. She was the only lecturer who we talked abt a lot in our class gp chat too….Sorry if what i shared with u all was irritating.

Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other- Rewind (epi-15)


Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other- Rewind (epi-15)


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