Piya Rangrezz 14th April 2016 –

Piya Rangrezz 14th April 2016 –

Piya Rangrezz 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenepisodes.com

Arjun enters Aradhya’s room silently and sees dupatta on sofa. He sees bed on floor and his hand touches vase and he holds it before it falls. He then sees Aradhya coming out of bathroom draped in a bathrobe after a bath and he hides behind curtain. Aradhya stands in front of mirror anddries her hair. She sees door open and closes it. She then picks her suitcase and takes out clothes. He thinks they both don’t live like husband and wife, Aradhya sleeps on floor and Shamsher on bed. She goes behind net curtain and changes clothes. He watches her carefully. Someone knocks door. She wears her dupatta and opens door. Shamsher comes in. She slips on wet floor and falls on him. They both flal on bed on floor. Her mangalsutra entangles in his locket. He sidlines her hair. She frees her mangalsutra and they both walk away. Cook comes and tells Shamsher that bhavri called him for breakfast. He says he does not want to have breakfast and is going to factory. Arjun thinks he is sure now that Aradhya has not had any physical relationship with Shamsher yet, he will start a new relationship with Aradhya that she will not break at any cost.

Anjali comes to kitchen and sees Aradhya packing tiffin and asks if she prepared special again. Aradhya says Shamsher left for factory without breakfast, so she is carrying him breakfast. Anjali says she told Shamsher yesterday that she prepared lunch for him. Aradhya asks what did he say. She says he kept quiet. She further says that she knows she doesn to love Shamsher and is following her duties perfectly, soon Shamsher and she will love each other.

Aradhya takes tiffin to factory. Shamsher asks why did she come here. She says they married with lot of hatred, but she wants to follow all responsibilities of a wife and since he did not have breakfast, she brought it for him. She did not prepare it and if he does not want to have it, he should give it to poor child and not throw it and eat something at hotel. He nods yes. She sees Bhavri entering with mama and reminisces naani’s wordss that she should use saam, dand, bhed, etc. She slips on Shamsher purposefully. Bhavri fumes seeing them together. Their eyes lock. Aradhya reminisces Naani’s words that even stone will melt with love, Shamsher will so change and become good human. Bhavri gurgles. Aradhya asks Shamsher to finish breakfast and leaves. Bhavri fumes. Shamsher says Bhavri shecame on right time and says she has come after a long tiem. Bhavri says she has to tighten rope now and thinks she has to do something to kick laundiya out and should utilize Arjun.

Aradhya reaches home and thinks every task is a challenge and she finished it somehow, she has to think what to do next. She reminisces naani’s words again and smiles.

Arjun searches his diary in cupboard, looks at Aradhya’s gifted shirt and smiles. Bhavri enters and says she had gone to factory and felt bad that business he was handling are in loss. He says she is talking to a wrong person, he is a loser and lost everything. She says he is not a loser and is her pride. He cannot backoff and get his right at any cost with his hard work. She walks away smirking..

Shamsher comes home and goes to bathroom and sees hot water and his clothes hanging. He calls servant Manoj. Aradhya asks what happened. He shouts to do her work. He goes out and asks Manoj if he kept his night dress and hot water in bathroom. Aradhya says she kept them. Shamsher says Manoj he is fired. Manoj pleads that he has old parents to take care of. Shamsher says he should have thought beforehand and dismisses him. Aradhya says Manoj did not do anything, she did. He yells at her and leaves. Bhavri hears standing in ground floor and tells Munna to give English liquor to Shamsher tonight. Munna says Shamsher loses control with english liquor.

Precap: Shamsher shouts at Aradhya how dare she is to slap his brother and raises hand to slap her, but she holds his hand.

Update Credit to: MA

Piya Rangrezz 14th April 2016 –


Piya Rangrezz 14th April 2016 –

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