Swaragini 14th April 2016 –

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The Episode starts with Annapurna asking Ragini to go and says Parineeta and Swara will do the work. She asks Parineeta to kneed the flour. Swara senses Parineeta is upset. Annapurna asks Ragini to call Durga Prasad in the evening and come with him. Utara asks Ragini to drop her to library. Swara thinks to talk to Utara about the guy. Annapurna asks Ragini to go and not to worry. Ragini goes home and tells Dadi and Sumi about the foreign delegates who are coming to house. Dadi says my both grand daughters are happy and prays for them. Ragini gets laksh’s message. Sumi teases her. Dadi asks her to talk to Laksh. Ragini goes to attend his call. She says she is busy and will talk to him later. Sumi and Dadi are happy. Swara is talking to Sanskar on phone and says she is busy. Parineeta asks Swara to do the work and end call. Swara disconnects the call. Driver comes and asks Parineeta to give Charles file. Parineeta sends Swara to get the file from Durga Prasad’s room. Swara gets the file. She happens to see his passport and says bade papa have hidden this big thing from us.

Parineeta thinks what to do, as if she stays at home then she will have to make dinner. Swara brings the file. Parineeta asks driver to go and says I will come and give it to Papa ji as it is important. She tells Swara that Annapurna and Sujata went to give food to foreign delegates and asks Swara to make dinner tonight, and do Ragini’s work also. Swara agrees. Parineeta thinks she is taking care of her position well.

Sanskar, Sujata, Annapurna, Parineeta, Durga Prasad and others come home and see the light off. Sanskar calls Swara and gets her phone off. Parineeta tells that she might have gone to Baadi as Ragini and Laksh are there. She says I will make food quickly. Just then electricity comes and Swara shouts surprise……Everyone is surprised. Swara turns back. They see happy birthday Bade Papa. Sanskar reads it. Swara says I went to your room to get file and saw Bade Papa’s birth date on his passport. Sanskar wishes him happy birthday. Sujata asks did you do all the arrangements alone. Swara says of course. Sujata says you are so good. Parineeta says I will order cake. Ragini, Laksh and Utara comes. Ragini says cake is here. She wishes him happy birthday. Durga Prasad says it was not needed. Ragini says it was your 60th birthday and need to celebrate. Durga Prasad cuts the cake while everyone sings happy birthday song. Durga Prasad makes Annapurna have first bite.

Durga Prasad is happy seeing his family happy. Utara asks Parineeta to take their photo with Durga prasad. Parineeta clicks the photo hesitantly. Swara asks her to sit and takes photo. Ragini sets the timer for group pic. Durga Prasad says I want to tell something to everyone. He says I have told this before too, but want to say again. He says Parineeta and Ragini are my bahus, and Swara and Utara are my daughters. He asks Swara to ask whatever she wants. Swara says no, it is your birthday today. Durga Prasad says yes, but I want to give something to you. Swara says ok, if I want something in future then will ask you. Durga prasad says okay and blesses her. Swara goes to serve dinner. Parineeta gets upset. Adarsh tries speaking to her, but she goes.

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Swaragini 14th April 2016 –


Swaragini 14th April 2016 –


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