Kalash 14th April 2016 –

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Scene 1
Ravi is beside devika. He says tell her God that i can’t see her like this. I really love her.She trusts you. Even if I am not with her take care of her. She talks to you like this. She says you listen without any connection medium.
Navi says to manju why are you so worried? Our plan will work out. Manju says what if she recovers and starts walking in front of me.Navi says can I stay here for tonight? I will be worried all night. She says okay I will ask monty to open guest room. She asks monty. He says okay.

Sakshi says di is not well. Should i tell maa? but she must be asleep. Where is monty? Monty comes in. She asks where were you? He says Navi will stay here. She says but why? he says she is worried for devika. Sakshi says why is manju giving her so much importance. he says its too late go sleep.

Next morning, devika gets up. Ravi brings her milk. he says don’t get up. She says why didn’t you wake me up?He says I will decide when you wake up. He says drink this milk. He makes her drink it. sakshi comes in and coughs. He says you are doing it right. She hugs devika. sakshi says we were so worried for you. devika says I am sorry I scared you all. Sakshi says its not your fault. Just take care. Ravi says she is right.

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Kalash 14th April 2016 –


Kalash 14th April 2016 –


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