Searching for my love- laksh episode 2

i laksh
Aftr hearing my name from her.. I am really happy.. I was in cloud 9.. n again I made a mistke… this tym also I frgt to ask hr name….?… anyway I found her… so its not difficult to fnd her name… I thought an idea virat know her very well n I decided to ask but my mind stoppd becoz I never intrstd in any girls in my scl if I ask him he may be get doubt… but my heart want to hear her name… its small fight btwn my heart n mind… finally I decided my heart….. iam gng to my clasroom simply sit next to virat.
Laksh- hey dude
Virat- yea tel me

Laksh- juz now introduce the girl right?? Wats her name??? mam ask me to give the notes to her
Virat- ohh sry dude I thought u intrstd in her… never mind her name is ragini
Aftr hearing her name I called it so many times
Laksh- ragini I love u….
Screen freezed with smiling face of laksh…
Sry swalak fans… I am a huge fan of raglak….if u guys dnt lyk the story plz tell me i wont wrte nxt one….

Searching for my love- laksh episode 2


Searching for my love- laksh episode 2


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