Young love epi-40

The episode starts with apu checks for Ishaani and ranveer all places but she does not find.. She plays black magic and sees Ishaani and all are trapped under evil control.. Apu comes to indravathi and attacks her with her nail.. She dies… She brings ranveer to home and makes him sleep on bed.. Apu then comes to Dracula and preforms black magic and kills him also… She brings Abeer to house.. She then goes to mohini house and kills her and brings one more baby also.

Finally she comes to evil Paatali house and fights with her.. Ishaani gets up and sees this and gets shocked.. She sees paatali only.. She does not see apu… Akshara in the house thinks about naitik and smiles she thinks about plans…

Apu kill her finally.. Ishaani comes out and sees apu hand injured and comes to her and tells her to take care and thnx her for helping.. Apu tells I helped u becoz u need to die on my hands.. Ishaani asks did u say something??apu tells no

They both comes to house. Ishaani sees ranveer sleeping and comes to him and sits near him and kisses on his head.. Ranveer gets up and pulls her closer.. Apu leaves from there.. Ranveer kisses her.ishaani smiles and tell now it is my turn and she comes to kitchen and makes dishes..

Apu comes to kitchen and sees her and tells I will cook. Ishaani tells her to take rest. I will cook today and tmr u cook.. Apu tells OK and comes to room and tells I waited for many days so tmr will be their death day..

Ranveer takes Abeer in his hand and plays with him. Ishaani comes there and gives him milk and tells him to make him drink it. Ranveer tells it si very easy and gives it.. 2min later Abeer shouts. Ranveer takes him out but he cries..

Precap: Ishaani smiles seeing ranveer playing with Abeer.

Credit to: Narendran

Young love epi-40


Young love epi-40


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