Swasan fanfictions analysis 4

Hi! I am Rama! I have read most of the ffs here on Swasan. I have read few Swalak as well, But my favourite is Swasan. I love Sanskaar too much.
Since Sadhna ji put up her first analysis, I have seen so many options and so many stories that I haven’t read. So I sat and read them. There are so many options to choose from but here’s a list of my top 20. I will elaborate on the first 5 alone.
1) Sree’s Acceptance
A most accomplished writer. With so many ffs already under her belt, she has started her final ff ( though I hope she returns with more) Acceptance. People who’ve read it will no doubt understand why it’s on the top. Her writing has only improved with each ff. And Sanskaar’s character is simply the best in her ff. She portrays him so well. With simple words, she has managed to win our hearts with her portrayal. congrats Dear!

2) Anjali’s Mr Maheshwari and I
A relatively new author to Swasan fandom. This is only her second ff, but people love her work. And why shouldn’t they? It is such a sweet story. The best part about her ff is that it’s realistic. I think this is the first one that’s so consistently real. Even the date and all was believable even if it was unconventional. And she clearly doesn’t have an idea of how good she is. She just updates it thinking it’s bad. lol. You are an excellent writer Anjali. And certainly the one with the best vocabulary and grammar. You know exactly which word to use. Great job!
3) Neha’s From darkness to light
Am reading this on facebook. It is amazing. No words. Neha is a really talented writer and could easily top everyone’s analysis, But I felt that Acceptance and Mr Maheshwari and I were better. But this story is amazing with a different plot and so emotional.
4) Anu’s Fix You and Fixing broken souls
Another one of my favourites. Her story is so heart touching. I don’t really have words to describe the emotional turmoil between the two. With simple but powerful words, Anu’s Fix You definitely deserves the fourth place in my list.
5) Namrata’s D3
While the first three are emotional and romantic ffs, This is a soft, light, fun ff. With dance, music, romance and sizzling chemistry between the four, This is my 5th favourite.

SO these are my top 5…
The rest of the ffs are
6) Neha’s Endless love, True love never dies and The hug that changed me
7) Aryna’s It’s not revenge, It’s love
8) Anu’s Destiny
9) Bushra’s You are mine
10) Meher’s Kuch Iss Tarah
11) Bhanu’s Tu Meri Mannat
12) Sha’s Falling for You
13) Rini’s Love is painful and is complicated
14) Sana’s I hate to love you
15) Nive’s The way you are
16) Dolly’s Meri Aashiqui
17) Alahna’s Realisation Exoneration and Acceptance
18) Jaf’s A piece of silence
19) Dolly’s Will you be mine forever
20) Anjali’s Swaragini – The path to happiness and Salluuz’s How many shades you have Swara.

I have not mentioned Vini’s or Saba’s ff because I think they are uncomparable to anyone’s, especially season 1.
character portrayal wise, credit goes entirely to Sree. Only she has managed to perfect the art of portrayal with Anjali following close behind.
Writing skills wise, no doubt it is Anjali. She has mastered the english language and through her story, You can learn many new words and their meanings. It is truly a treasure to find a writer like her in telly updates.
Emotions wise, Anu gets the trophy. Swara and Sanskaar’s brokenness and all has been so lovely and heart wrenching. She definitely deserves the trophy,followed by Sree.

Am stopping here now as my hands are aching. I am in final year in Delhi though am a South Indian. Nice meeting you all. I will not comment in any of ur chapters but will surely read them. all the best. Have a good day.

Do comment and let me know if my opinion is wrong. Thank you

Swasan fanfictions analysis 4


Swasan fanfictions analysis 4


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