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the episode starts with harsh taking out the chair for ragini to sit , ragini smiles and sits while harsh sits on the opposite seat.
Harsh nervous yet smiling : what will you eat??
Ragini smiling : whatever you make me eat…..
She laughs saying this to lessen harsh’s nervousness while he too laughs with her.
Its a really formal type conversation which they are doing.

Harsh : ok , so i will order sandwich , same for you???
Ragini nods smiling while harsh orders the waiter to bring sandwich.
Sanskar is eyeing them with full concentration and noting their every activity while he suddenly eyes the waiter getting the sandwich , he smells something and suddenly runs to the waiter.
Swara is standing like a statue totally tensed when suddenly she turns and the person keeps hand on her mouth to prevent her from shouting , swara eyes the person while the person is revealed to be raj , they both eye each other tensed while raj’s one hand is on swara’s mouth and other on her waist. It is followed by an eyelock.
aaniye.. heeriye..
Jaaniye heeriye
Mere man yeh bata de tu
Kis or chala hai tu

Kya paya nahi tune
Kya dhoond raha hai tu
raj suddenly gets out of the trance and leaves her while they both stare each other shocked.
Sanskar runs to the waiter from back and stops him in middle.
Sanskar slowly to the waiter : can you help me??
The waiter eyes him from top to bottom and then nods in a “no”
Sanskar takes out a 1000 rupees and says : now…..
He eyes then note and nods in yes.
Sanskar gives him the note and they go somewhere.
After some time:
They both come out while sanskar is in the waiter’s uniform and waiter is in sanskar’s cloth , sanskar has even wore specs , had beard and wore a turban over his head , he is not at all recognizable.

At the same time harsh comes while the waiter hides and harsh says : where ‘s the food, we ordered long ago…..
Sanskar tensed : so….so…sorry si…sir….actually it has….
He was saying when harsh eyes the plate in his hand and takes it and says: these waiters na……….
Sanskar is shocked and eyes harsh taking the plate , harsh reaches the seat and ragini was about to eat when suddenly sanskar comes and holds her hand.
She is shocked while she eyes him , her eyes met him , she can’t recognize him but how can she not recognize the eyes of sanskar, they both have an eyelock .
o hai ankahee

Jo hai ansuni
Woh baat kya hai bata
Kahe dhadkan hai tujhse kya
Yeh khudse toh na tu chhupa
ragini suddenly eye harsh and gets her hand freed and eyes sanskar angrily .
sanskar : sorry ma’am but our restaurant has a policy , we first tell you the ingredients of the recipe and then make you eat.
Harsh and ragini both eye him questionably while he says : we can’t let you eat like this….
Harsh : ok , then speak the recipe but do it fast..
Raj to swara tensed : what are you doing here???
Swara angrily : what are you doing here??
Raj lowering his head : i was just passing by….
Swara angrily : oh , i am not mad ok na……

Raj still lowering his head : vo actually , i want to propose someone so got to know about this place and came here to check this place but they told that th is is closed but i had to see so i sneaked in like this……………..
Swara eyes him angrily and thinks : that day he was actually saying right to ragini , he wanna propose someone???
She eyes him angrily while raj eyes her questionably .
Swara angrily: you love somebody???
Sanskar eyes her smiling and thinks : swara are you jealous??
He stares at swara smiling while swara stares at him angrily thinking : why am feeling bad??
Mere man yeh bata de tu
Kis or chala hai tu

Kya paya nahi tune
Kya dhoond raha hai tu
Jo hai ankahee
Jo hai ansuni
Woh baat kya hai bata
Kahe dhadkan hai tujhse pyar
Yeh khudse toh na tu chhupa
Sanskar starts speaking and says : mushroom……
He stops after saying mushroom while harsh eyes him questionably but suddenly ragini says : harsh , i am having an allergy with mushroom…
Sanskar smiles and thinks : thank god , i smelled mushroom……
Harsh nervous : sorry ragini, i don’t know how…..
Ragini keeps her hand on his hand and says : no problem…….

Harsh smiles while sanskar was about to go when ragini says : by the way thanks , i got saved because of you…………………or else, i can’t even imagine…..
Sanskar smiles at her while it is followed by another eyelock.
Ga ma pa ri ni sa..
Sanskar goes from their smiling while harsh says : ok , till the time another food plate is coming , lets dance….
Ragini : dance???
Harsh nods while he takes ragini’s hand.
Raj says : yaa swara , i’ll propose her soon….
Swara eyes his bag and takes from his hand .

Raj tensed : swara….??
Swara opens the bag and finds a big card in which it is written : you know people admire stars at night but i have got that pleasure to admire one in the morning too , will my star always help me to admire stars in the moring too??
Swara smiles while reading card while raj smiles seeing her smiling face.
Jeevan dagar mein..
Prem nagar mein..
Jeevan dagar mein
Prem nagar mein
Aaya nazar mein
Jab se koi hain
Tu sochta hain
Tu puchata.. hain
Jiski kami thi
Kya yeh wohi hain
Haan yeh wohi hain
Haan yeh wohi hain..

Tu ek pyasa

Aur yeh nadi hain
Kaahe nahi, isko tu, khulke bataye

Ragini starts dancing with harsh while she is a little tensed at their closeness and is thinking continuously about the waiter.
Ragini thinks : why he looked familier??
She while dancing is eyeing the gate from where he came.
o hai ankahee
Jo hai ansuni
Woh baat kya hai bata
Kahe dhadkan hai tujhse pyar
Yeh khudse toh na tu chhupa
Sanskar suddenly comes and eyes raj and swara .
He thinks : raj ?? here??
They both are not moving while sanskar clears his throat.
Swara suddenly : what happened??
Sanskar smiling : don’t know , you would be knowing better….
He laughs as he too knows about raj’s feelings.
Raj shy’s and says : sorry , i guess i disturbed you both but what were you doing??
Sanskar shows him ragharsh from behind the bush while raj says : oh sanskar , what will happen yaar i don’t know….

Suddenly while dancing ragini’s slipper breaks and she was about to step on a thorn left there (from the roses ) but sanskar runs to her and pulls her from her waist while he looses balance and falls and ragini falls over him.
O.. teri nigaahen
Pa gayi rahe
Par tu yeh soche..
Jaaun na jaaun
Yeh zindagi jo
Hai naachti toh
Kyon bediyon mein
Hai tere paanv
Preet ki dhun par naach le paagal
Udta agar hai
Udne de aanchal
Kaahe nahi, isko tu, khulke bataye
Jo hai ankahee
Jo hai ansuni
Woh baat kya hai bata

Ragini gets up while sanskar says : th….there….wa…was…thorn….
Harsh eyes him angrily and nods while sanskar was about to go but gets pulled towards ragini due to his shirt button stick in ragini’s neck chain.
Kahe dhadkan hai tujhse pyar
Yeh khudse toh na tu chhupa
Mere man yeh bata de tu
Kis or chala hai tu
Kya paya nahi tune
Kya dhoond raha hai tu
Jaaniye.. heeriye..
Mitwa.. Mitwa..

The episode ends and swaraj (too close) spying on ragsanharsh while ragsan in that position.

No precap.

Guys how many of you like swaraj?? Guys , i guess some are liking them but please love raj but not swaraj because this is a pure swarlak ff…..





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