Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 97

Kush was remains silent on the drive to home.Pragya Bulbul n Purab feels bad for him.Eventhough they r trying to change his mood he remains silent.As they reached the home,Abhi rushed towards the car as Kush got down of the car he took him in his arms n started to talk abt random things to swing away his sadness.But Kush remains silent.Abhi Pragya looks sad couldnt bear their naughty sons silence.Pragyas eyes wetted.Kush observed his Papa n Mumma for a while n started to giggle.Abhi Pragya looks confused.Kush laughs n asks,U all r trying to reboot my mood but na.Abhi nods.Pragya asks,Y u r laughing..u know I really feeling bad pls dont be silent like this I had never seen u like this before.Kush cuts off n laughs n says,Mumma..Hold on..Hold on..I just wanna see all ur reactions.Abhi asks,Matlab.Kush says,Papa u think Abhi The Rockstar son is that much weak..sitting on a corner n cry for this elimination..never..if u both think like that..Im sry to say this u r totally wrong..I just got of this round not from the show..I hav wildcard round..I ll strom wildly in wildcard round..If I cant I wont feel..I ll try some other show or even next year..Papa u told me na,If u get the success within a step it means u lose the opportunity to learn more..So thats the fact..I ll learn a lot in my failure..Mumma had told me,Should never consider Success n failure as the end..It goes on viceversa..Even when Im entering the show Mumma told me this..Whatever may happen but its all for gud..So its for gud..I think Im the onlu contestant to participate in all rounds even in wildcard..I have strong hope that I ll win this u ppl hav trust on me?(He asked with a cute smile)

Abhi n Pragya dumbstruck by hearing his naughty son is talking this much sincerely..this shows how he respect his he is passionate abt music..Pragya just says,I completely trust u.Abhi doesnt know how to react he just says,I trust u..more than anything.Kush says,Thats it..come in..he runs into the home.Abhi says,This is the best day in my life..not bcoz of my sons bday..I really feel proud of him..i could proudly say Abhi is father of Kush.Pragya rubs his shouder n says,U r ryt..Just proud to have son like him..he possessed high values.Abhi says,I think it all comes from my fuggi by wrapping his hands over her shoulder.Pragya says,from my ladoo too.They both laughs.Abhi says,Come lets celebrate the day n they all went in.Aakash was presenting a guitar to Kush.Kush says,Thank u chahu..I think this is my first own guitar..Abhi says,Oye..u had the guitar that I gave u na.Kush says,Haa..but that is urs na..Ur name ll b thr Abhi Mehra.Purab says,Kush I have gift for u can u guess.Kush says,I know u all ll gift me some music what instrument is?Purab says,Oh..thats cool..Bulbul says,Purab I told u na Kush is smart as my di..Purab says,No smart as my bro hey na Abhi.Abhi says,Ofcourse..Bulbul says,Jiju..Just b true atleast today.Kush says,Ufoo!!Maasi whr is my gift.Purab says,Here it is n gave a big parcel..Kush says,Haaa!!Ithna bada gift..Papa help me to unwrap.Abhi n Kush unwrapped the gift.Kush says.Wow..Music Keyboard..super thank u Maasi..thank u chachu..Purab n Bulbul kisses him.

Abhi says,Oh..I think I wanna allocate a new music room for my son.Kush says, need of new music room..I love ur Music room Papa..Abhi n Kush says in chorus,The best place in the world..Abhi says,Kush I didnt got anything for u.Kush says,Its k Papa..ur giving gifts no need.Abhi says,Arey Im just kidding I had bought Junior Drums set..U craved me for it from past 7 moths na.Kush says,Wow..Thank u Papa..finally I got my drums set whoaaa!!Aarav n Roshni comes thr n gives a hand made greeting and drawing chart by wishing him.Kush says,Thank u Aarav n Rosh..It was the best gift than all these.Aarav asks,Really uhh?Bhaiya?Kush says, chottu.Aarav says,U r the best bhai in the world.Pragya smiles.Alia n Peehu enters thr n says,No one is best that our bhai..hey na bhai.Kush gets extremely happy by seeing them n runs towards them n hugs them n says,My Aalu n Peehu whr is my gift.They presented a mini stereo music system with some music instruments and a PSP to Aarav n Roshni.Aarav says,Hey Aalu n Peehu note it my bhai is best in the world.Peehu says,Who told u?My bhai is best.Aarav pulls her dupatta n says,Hey..shut up..Rachu says,Aarav give respect to elders.Aarav says,First ask her to give respect to my bhai.All laughs.Peehu says,I wont give respect to ur bhai.Abhi says,Arey..Peehu u r fighting with him equally.Peehu says,Bhai actually Im on ur side but stares.

Pragya says,ohh..hoo..just stop its getting late lets cut the cake.All nods.Kush cuts the cake.All claps n sings happy birthday..Kush first feeds the cake to Pragya then Abhi then Aarav n Roshni.The kidos were busy in taking photos by applying cake on their faces.Kush comes towards Pragya n asks,Mumma..whr is my gift..Pragya says,Why should I give u the gift..Im giving u a sibling na.Kush says,But Mumma..Pragya says,Kya but..Kush says,Kuch nahi..(In a sad voice)Pragya says,Arey dont wry..Go n take ur gift it was in ur cupboard.Kush gave a wide smile n runs towards the room.Abhi says,Arey..go slow..Kush falls by bumping to sofa.Abhi n all rushed towards him.Abhi makes him to sit n says,Arey..I told u na..Y u r u got any wounds.Kush says,Im k Papa..lemme go n runs from thr to room.Abhi holds Pragyas hand n climbs the step n goes to the room.Kush comes towards them n hugs Pragya n says,U r the best Mumma in the world..Thank u so much Mumma.Pragya says,Happy birthday..Meri jaan n kisses him.Abhi asks.Wht gift is that?Kush says,Cricket bat.Abhi asks,Cricket bat??with a great question mark in his face.Kush says,Haa..Papa my fav cricket bat..signed by Adam GilChrist..for years Im longing for this.

Kush asks,Mumma..How u got that?Pragya says,Thats suspense..I wont reveal.Kush says,Whatever I got the best bday gift I gonna show this to Aarav n runs down.Pragya says,Go slow else I ll get all ur gifts back.Kush says,Huhh?(In a scared kiddy voice)Pragyas voice turned stern n asks,Do u want all gifts r not?Kush says,I want..I ll go slowly n walks down.After he left Pragya laughed.Abhi was staring Pragya.Pragya says,U know na He loves cricket..thats y I bought such gift.Abhi says,U never told me that he love Adam GilChrist too.Pragya says,I thought u knew it already.Abhi pouted,How I know the secrets of Mumma n son.Pragya says,Suniye..Im really tired..I cant manage all the kids at same time.Abhi says,So ur two kids r important for u..u wont mind me right.Pragya says,I need Ice cream right now?Abhi says,Huhh?Ice cream this time?Pragya says,Ya..I need right now?Im not asking fa me Im asking fa ur baby.Abhi says,By saying like this u already ate 5 ice creams today so no more Ice cream.Pragya says,I dont know I want right now..she started to demand like a child.Abhi says,Fuggi..if u eat this much ice cream then u ll b look like balloon exactly.Pragya holds her bump n sat on sofa n says,See na baby..Ur Papa is not caring for us..There is no one to get ice cream for us.Abhi says.Ur Melodrama wont work now.Pragya says,Pls..I need an ice cream..pls..pls..pls..pls.Her pls is continuing for a while..Atlast as usual she won the game..he got an ice cream for her.Pragya says,U r the best hubby in the world.Abhi says,Stop buttering this is ur last ice cream no ice cream for u for a week.Pragya smiles at him naughtily n asks,Really?Abhi says,Pragya..u should not eat to much of ice cream na..just 30 days r thr for delivery.

Pragya says,What shall I do..Ur baby needs it.Abhi stares.Pragya laughs.The day ened very well for them.Almost 26 days passed.Kush had cleared the wild card round n he entered the finals.Tmrw his final day of the competition.Kush was rehearsing his best.The organizers invited Abhi as the chief guest n judge for the finale.But Abhi refused n says,I ll come thr as a father not as a Judge or chief guest.The night was really a really a tensed night for Abhi n Pragya they both tensed abt the finals.

Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 97


Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 97


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