Manmarziyan: Happy Anniversary

Manmarziyan: Happy Anniversary

Dosti.. Yaariyan.. Manmarziyan started airing on 13th April 2015. Exactly one year has passed but the memory of the show still run fresh in my head.

Hello everyone my name is Ronnie and though am not Indian but my best buddy is and she has got the craze about Indian series. She watches almost every show and always succeeds in dragging me into her madness (in my defence she’s my bestie, i love her a lot, i’ve known her since KG and just cant say no to her)

By her grace i have seen many shows (and many indeed) and left most of them in middle whether be it excessive negativity, meaningless twists, butchering characterisation just to compensate silly plots or too much dragging. I have seen a few shows that were an exception and enjoyed immensely. But whenever my bestie would pester me (or sometimes blackmail me ) to watch with her a new show, i would watch with caution believing that they all look promising in the beginning but get messed up with time.

I started watching Manmarziyan with the same mindset (started from the second episode) but it only got better with time. Even though Starplus messed things by resurrecting Nandini and trying to add high drama the chemistry btn Arjun-Radhika kept me glued to my seat. Kavya my bestie would taunt me with her “i told u so ” line because by that time i was more into the show than her. We would read written updates before the show aired, watch the telecast, the retelecast and sometimes rewatch it on hotstar as well (crazy ryt? )
Oh Yes, we were n still are crazy fans of Manmarziyan. Don’t know if it was the actors, their acting, the story, the dialogs, the BGM, or the combination of all but i’ve never been this attached to a fictional show. But now when am thinking about it, it was relatable. Radhika’s fight to find her identity, her enthusiasm, her positivity and her sweet nature of bringing happiness to others. (She is Chashni afterall) Samaira’s pain over Jai’s death, her antics with Neil, her boldness and insecurities. Neil the cool guy, his happy go lucky attitude, his unconditional friendship. Nobody would be afraid to fall when they have a friend like Neil coz u know he will catch you no matter what. And Arjun the man who started on the road of revenge and ended up on the road to redemption, good at heart but wounded badly, living in darkness until he meets the light by the name of Radhika. There are many more aspects that made me a fan of the show. But what i loved watching the most was the friendship (esp. Sa-Ra friendship) maybe because i share the same bond with my bestie not forgetting the intense love story btn ArDhika (i am an ardhikian BTW), NeSam’s “nok-jhok”, Changu, Mangu, Naangu and dadaji’s antics.

When i read the news that the show is gonna end i was heartbroken, felt little relieved knowing i can rewatch the episodes on hotstar.The last few episodes were lil bit rushed but it was all compensated on fantastic final episode. It was too good that it left me wanting for more. But i didn’t have to be sad for long coz in this crazy fanatic period i came across many Manmarziyan fanfictions and my lips curved upwards again. I remember it was Farha (kfar) who started posting her stories on the comment section of the WU later on Thena, Tanya, Deepa, Anu, Natasha and others followed. When TU started the fanfiction section it was like heaven finally smiled to us fans as a result we have so many ffs today.

All i want to say is THANK YOU to all the writers, you’re all such amazing people if u could just see the smile u bring to our faces. You bring us immense joy with your creativity, beautiful words and fascinating story telling. You should never stop writing because u have not only kept the show alive but also united us all fans who a year ago didn’t know each other. You take time to entertain us and fulfill our wishes and i appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. I might not comment but i read every single ff and with each story i fall deeper n deeper n deeper in love with the show. If i could meet you all i would hug u, kiss u n throw u guys a party for such an amazing job. ??? God bless u all and May He reward you with abundance for all the happiness that you spread. Once again THANK YOU. Lots of hugs and kisses for u???????????????

Lots of love for my dym family

PS: Please do share ur journeys with Manmarziyan ur favorite scenes and what u miss the most about the show

Thanks for reading this. ?

Manmarziyan: Happy Anniversary


Manmarziyan: Happy Anniversary

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