A Story of True Love ch.2

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The balmy winds were quite enchanting and Sanskar was continuously reminiscing someone. “Still the thoughts of that girl is haunting you?”, asked Laksh. “Swara , Her name is Swara ,Lucky.”, whispered Sanskar softly. ”Bhai have you seriously become Devdas, please don’t tell me that!!! What will happen to me now? Oh God ! Sanskar Maheshwari, the most popular boy of the college has become a weeping philosopher and his brother Laksh, who is famous among the girls will slowly become mad after staying with this Devdas brother. Hai baghwan uthale re humko uthale(Oh God ! Please pick me up).” ,exclaimed Lucky.
“Sanskar , Laksh come down quickly, everyone has arranged for a bonfire.”, Annapurna shouted. “We are coming just now, ma. Bhai, forget these things and come with me.”, saying this he dragged Sanskar downstairs.
“What does that boy think of himself!!!? Only God knows from where these people come!!!! Does he need to poke his nose in every matter. You tell me Ragini, is this any way to behave?”,shouted Swara at the top of her voice.
Ragini Bose, a calm and quite girl who is extremely matured and sensible replied, ”Forget it Swara ,do not think about these insignificant people so much. Lets go downstairs , Ma told that there will be a bonfire within the next fifteen minutes.”
“You are right, chol(Lets go)”,said Swara. Swara always found cool breeze quite fascinating so she preferred to stay in the lawn alone for some time. As she was contemplating about the past incident she suddenly bumped into some one. “
“You”, both the persons exclaimed but Swara was horrified while Sanskar was elated. Casually he asked her, ”Oh! We are staying Iin the same resort!! What a surprise ! By the way, What are you doing in THIS dark??”
Swara: None of business!!! Mr……… Sanskar: Sanskar Maheshwari Swara: Yeah! Whatever!! Sanskar(smirking): So did you have something,Ms.Bhukkad or Ms.Swara Bose,I should say. I don’t know whether the students of fourth year will like a beautiful girl who is so rude!!!! Does’nt your class mates get quite irritated with you? Swara(who was quite tensed): I am again telling you that I am not bhukkad and how did you know about me! Sanskar: Well, Calcutta University is not a place where things can be kept as a secret. You must know it Ms.Bhukkad,right? Swara: I do not even care how did come to know about me but Mr.shobjanta gamchawala(It is a Bengali proverb . If a person is called as shobjanta gamchawala then it means that he CLAIMS to know everything and bhukkad means glutton) I think that it is high time that I should take your leave.
Sanskar(while picking up a rose): Wait a minute, Ms. Bhukkad take this rose. Do not think that I am mesmerized by your beauty or don’t even think that you are that beautiful that Sanskar Maheshwari will fall for you. Yeh toh sirf iss liye de raha hun ki agar bhuk lage toh kha lena( I am giving this so that if you will feel hungry then you can eat it)( In his mind he was thinking pls. accept it) Swara: I am taking this just to show u that I am NOT RUDE! Bengalis are supposed to be soft spoken. DO NOT EVEN THINK that I am taking this rose just because you are handsome!! Sanskar : I did not know that u people destroy these beautiful flowers on the pretext of eating. Swara: Tumhe toh mai……..(She again fumbled for words and then she walked away mumbling something under her breath.) Sanskar(in his mind): Oh God! She is again fumbling for words. She looks so cute. Seriously she cannot speak in any sort of abusive language. This girl is making me mad.
Near the bonfire, everyone was gathered and both the families were chatting. Suddenly Uttara exclaimed,” Sanskar bhai please sing a song. The ambience is becoming a little bit boring..” Sanskar agreed at once.
Swara and her family were sitting nearby.
He began his tune.
Likhe jo khat tujhe woh teri yaad mei.N
Those letters that I wrote to you
Hazaaro.N rang ke nazaare ban gaye
Became a wondrous sight of a thousand colors
Sanveraa jab huaa to phool ban gaye,
When morning came, they became flowers
Jo raat aayi to sitaare ban gaye
When night fell, they became stars
Likhe jo khat tujhe…
Koyi naghma kahii.N goonjaa kahaa dil ne yeh tu aayii
A melody resonated somewhere as my heart sensed your presence
Kahin chatki kali koyi main yeh samjha, tu sharmaayi
Somewhere a flower blossomed and it appeared as if you had blushed
Koi khushboo kahii.N bikhrii lagaa yeh zulf lehraayi
A fragrance filled the air and it seemed to me your hair had billowed
Fiza rangeen, adaa rangeen, yeh ithlaana, yeh sharmaana
The ambiance is colourful, your style is colourful, you sometimes swagger, you are sometimes demure
Yeh angaDaaii, yeh tanhaayii yeh tarsa kar, chale jaana
This preparedness, this isolation, this way you torture me, then walk away
Bana de ga nahii.N kisko jawaa.N jadoo yeh deewaanaa?
Who would not go crazy with your youthful magic?
Likhe jo khat tujhe…
Jahaa.N tu hai, vahaa.N main hoo.N, mere dil ki tu dhaDhkan hai
Wherever you are, I am there. You are my heartbeat
Musaafir mai.N tu manzil hai, main pyaasaa hoo.N tu saawan hai
I am a traveler, you are my destination. I am thirsty, you are the monsoon
Meri duniya yeh nazare.N hai.N, meri jannat yeh daaman hai
My world is held by the way you look at me, my paradise lies in your embrace
Likhe jo khat tujhe…

He was constantly staring at Swara while singing this song. While Swara looked on.

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A Story of True Love ch.2


A Story of True Love ch.2


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