Manan:it’s nandini dream girl (Episode 23)

Manan: it’s nandini my dream girl

Manik is in his room trying to recollect but no use just that his father gave information about himself and friends along with videos he is knowing them if not everything is blank for him.
Manik is in thoughts”all these acted with me as they don’t want me to trouble me. May nandini also doing same? But why?”
“Whom should I ask? My friends? No they will not say as doctor suggested not to stress my brain they will not, then whom?”
“Manik baba! Your juice” a man came
“Thank you! May I know your name”
“Hari chacha! From what time you are working here?”
“20yrs you were just born baby when I joined”
“So you know about me very well”
“Yes Manik baba”
“Can you say something about myself I think you know that I lost memory”
“Yes after accident when you came back you were good but loosing memory its nandini mam who took good care of you and took you to Denmark she is very nice girl. She cares you like a mom. He always comes here and cleans your room sits here for longtime crying. She is a sweet girl.”
“It’s nandini who took me to Denmark?” Manik is shocked
“Not soha and mom”
“No nyionika mam was not here after nandini mam had warned her”
“For what?”
“That its nyionika mam who planted bomb in car to kill nandini mam but unfortunately it’s you and cabir sir who affected.”
“Mom did it to kill nandini”
“Yes I heard it my ears. Manik baba you never called mom you used to address her nyionika malhotra always”
“Then why did nandini left me? Why is behaving as if iam stranger? Why is she not with me?”
“Ok baba shall I leave?”
“Chacha! Who is soha?”
“Soha ji is khurana’s daughter she came home twice you used to avoid her a lot”
“Thank you very much.”
“Manik baba Saab ji asked me clarify your doubts if not I would have never said because nandini mam said that your health may effect you are like my kid your health is most important”
Manik hugged him
Hari went on tears

Manik started to join all his doubts at one place and got a clear picture. “So Nandini murthy you are playing hide and seek with me ok! Here iam back”

Nandini is trying to figure out the manik’s behavior ” Manik didnot remember he just knew his past. Is he stressing his brain? If he is over stressed he may loose conscious no no! I can’t take risk. What should I do? Shall I go and check? I will Doctor”
Nandini called Doctor.

Manik came to nandini house. Rings the bell nandini opens seeing Manik she is surprised and shocked “you! Here?”
“Yes I need to talk to you”
Nandini comes out and lock the door and talks him out “look it’s toomuch you come and trouble me whenever you want and where ever you want? What’s your problem?”
“You are my problem. How dare you make me fool?”
“What the hell are you talking why do I make you fool?”
“You don’t know me before?”
“Look Manik! You are just heard from others about your past it’s not that you remembered your past so stop thinking and you should take proper rest. Take care of yourself”
“Really? How do you know?”
“I…., know… That’s it”
“Manik don’t change topic you go home and take rest”
“Why? I will not go. Frist you say why are you not saying truth? Why are you playing with me”
“What truth? What? You na Manik you are stubborn frist you go from here my chachi will see you”
“Nandini murthy iam not going from here till you say me truth” Manik is very stubborn this time.
Nandini in anger ” ok fine! Iam going in do what ever you want” Nandini turned back to go
Manik held her hand and draged her in anger she slipped, he took her in arms, he feared she might fell down both got eye lock.

Manan:it’s nandini dream girl (Episode 23)


Manan:it’s nandini dream girl (Episode 23)


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