my soul mate – swaragini – part 1

Ragini-sweet &kind hearted girl with her parents simi & sneaker & sweet sis swra sanskar mahaswari – a bsf officer he became rude after his mother ap got married to dp after his father’s death his

brother lucky son of ap& dp.
Dp loves lucky most & insulted San offentely he became rude without love
Ragini fill everyone life with love
She tell everyone God will fill everyone life with love
San at office came to know that terrorists have came to India to kill people & to release a important terrorist from jail
San is the leader of misson I to save India
Ragini got her first job at 5star hotel
She was the a*s manager of hotel h10
Swara studying Clg
She loves her family very much
Lucky look after dps business
He hate San believing dp blindly
San studied at residential hotel
For misson I he is going to kolkata
He returning home after 10 years
He came to kolkata
Going home by taxi remembering his childhood DAYS

At signal San saw a girl helping poor
He mesmerized at her beauty
She is none other then ragini

Recap:San at home

my soul mate – swaragini – part 1


my soul mate – swaragini – part 1


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